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Saturday, 23 February 2013

PORT ADMIRAL, Lancaster Road

156  (later 132)  Lancaster Road

1854 - 60                James Gardner   -  (Owner - William Bond    d. 1859)
1861                       Agnes Gardner
1861                       Alice Turner
1862 - 66               William Robinson
1868 - 75                Jonathan Westray
1875 - 76               John Wearden
1876                       John Dun and Joseph Lindsay
1876 - 77               Thomas Henry Miller  - son to T.H. & Mrs Miller born on 18.6.1877 
1878                       Peter Wearden  (Worden)
1878 - 81               Joseph Edwards
1881                       Stephen Cranshaw
1882 - 87               William Lees   d. 28.6.1887 aged 37 years.
1887 - 88               Eliza Lees
1889 - 92               Thomas Cartmell
1892 - 96               William Gorse
1896 - 97               Charles Robert Halton
1897 - 98               John Henry Waddington
1898 - 99               George Jackson
1899                       Ellen Jackson
1900 - 02               Thomas Askham
1902 - 10               John Pearson
1911                      Joseph Hesford
1913 -14                Edward Watt
1917                      William Henry Gornall
1932                      Thomas Woodacre
1936                      Thomas S. Clarkson
1937 - 40              Hubert (Bert) Hartley
1940                      Mr and Mrs Monkhouse
1941 - 65              Charles Hallett
1969     CLOSED.
Preston Chronicle  27th February 1858
Preston Chronicle  13th March 1858
                        Preston Chronicle 11th June 1859

Pursuant to an order of the High Court of
Chancery - The estate of William Bond, late of
Ashton-on-Ribble, contractor, deceased, at the
Port Admiral, Lancaster Road, Preston,
on 27th June 1859.
The "PORT ADMIRAL HOTEL," (freehold) in
Lancaster Road, Preston, with the Brewhouse and 
Stables, in the occupation of Mr. Gardner, as lessee;
and seven freehold DWELLING HOUSES adjoining
thereto, one in Saul Street, and four in High Street,
and two being bake-houses.
Preston Chronicle 11th June 1859
William Bond was a ship owner, which probably accounts 
for the choice of name for the house?             Preston Chronicle 19.11.1853
It goes further than that; he seemed to have a lot of connections
with things maritime. See the next advert, after he had died:-
DEATH - On 3rd May, ELIZA, wife of 
Mr. James Gardner, Port Admiral Hotel, 
Lancaster Road, aged 53 years.
Preston Chronicle 5th May 1860
DEATH - On 3rd May, ELIZA, wife of 
Mr. James Gardner, Port Admiral Hotel, 
Lancaster Road, aged 53 years.
Preston Chronicle 5th May 1860
TO BE SOLD, By Private Treaty, a
 good BLACK MARE, 4 years old,
15-3 high, suitable saddle or harness.
Apply at the Port Admiral Hotel, 
Lancaster Road, Preston.
Preston Chronicle 11th March 1865
At the Borough Police Court yesterday, Mr. W. Robinson
landlord of the Port Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Road, was
charged with permitting a ferocious sheep-dog to be at large.
The dog had bitten a little boy, named Wilfrid Whiteside, on
the arm. The defendant was ordered to pay 8s 6d - 5s for
Doctor's fee for attendance on Whiteside, 2s 6d the cost of
the summons, and 1s for a witness.
Preston Chronicle 30th June 1866
DEATH - On the 13th inst., William,
son of Mr. Jonathan Westray, innkeeper, Port
Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Road, aged 7 months.
Preston Chronicle 17th April 1869
Preston Chronicle  23rd July 1870
Preston Chronicle  26th November 1870
Preston Chronicle  6th May 1871
Preston Chronicle  16th September 1871
Preston Chronicle  6th January 1872
Joseph Conroy, a young man, was charged with stealing three
bottles of port wine, value 18s. the property of Mr. Jonathan
Westray, Port Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Road,

Mrs. Westray stated that on Monday last, the prisoner was 
employed at their house in getting out some dry ashes from
a cellar near to the one in which the wine is kept. From
information she received, she went out and saw the prisoner
with something wrapped up in his coat, and upon her asking
him what it was, he replied, "It's only some ale."She then 
requested that he allow her to examine it, and he did so,when
 she found it was three bottles of port wine.

She instantly communicated with her husband, who gave him
into the custody of P.C. Higgs, who charged the prisoner with
the offence, when that worthy replkied, "All right." The prisoner
pleaded in defence that he had found them buried in some dry
 ashes, but subsequently admitted that he was guilty.

He was committed to the House of Correction for two calendar
Preston Chronicle 23rd August 1873
Preston Chronicle  3rd January 1874
Preston Chronicle  17th October 1874
Preston Chronicle 7th November 1874
Preston Chronicle  2nd January 1875
Preston Chronicle  2nd January 1875
Preston Chronicle  3rd April 1875
Preston Chronicle  1st May 1875
Preston Chronicle  29th May 1875
Preston Chronicle  4th September 1875
Preston Chronicle  9th October 1875
Preston Chronicle  27th November 1875
The Port Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Road,
was last week offered for sale by Auction,
by Mr. J. B. Jones, and after the bidding 
had been run up to £2,500 was withdrawn.
Lytham and Kirkham Times Wednesday 17th May 1876
A meeting of the Creditors of John Wearden, landlord
of the Port Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Road, Preston, 
was held on Monday at the offices of Messrs. Houghton
amd Myres, Solicitors, Winckley Street. Mr. Joseph
Lindsay, (of the firm Messrs  Robinson and Son, Spirit
Merchants), was voted to the chair. From a statement
put before the meeting it appeared that the claims of
unsecured creditors amounted to £878, and the assets
to meet these claims £530.

A rewsolution to liquidate the estate by arrangement, and
not in bankruptcy was carried by the meeting. The chairman,
and Mr. John Dun, accountant, Chapel Street, were 
appointed Trustees,  and Mr E. Myers was authorised to
register the resolution.
Preston Chronicle August 5th 1876
Preston Chronicle  5th August 1876
Preston Chronicle  12th August 1876
The Port Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Road,
was sold by Auction on Wednesday 16th 
August, 1876, by Messrs. Watson & Son,
to Mr. S. CRANSHAW, oil merchant,
for £2,960.
Lytham and Kirham Times 23rd August 1876
Preston Chronicle  23rd June 1877
Preston Chronicle  3rd November 1877
Preston Chronicle 27th April 1878
Preston Chronicle  12th October 1878
Preston Herald  25th January 1879
Lancaster Road, Preston
Under Liquidation - Removed for convenience of sale.
Mr B. TREASURE, has received instructions to sell by 
Auction, at the above address, about 40 sets of silver and 
brass-mounted HARNESS, of various sizes; whips,
Brushes, Ponies, Traps, Spring Carts, Butcher's Traps, &c.
Preston Chronicle 6th December 1879
Preston Chronicle  17th December 1881
Preston Chronicle  2nd July 1887
Mr. P. H. EDELSTON applied on behalf of Mr. Thomas
Cartmell, landlord of the Port Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Road,
Preston, for an occasional licence to sell spirits at the Pleasure
Gardens, commencing from today until next Saturday.
A licence was granted on Mr. Cartmell undertaking to provide
premises other than those licensed for beer for two days, viz. 
today and Monday.
Preston Chronicle 29th March 1890
Preston Chronicle 29th October 1892
 John Pearson - landlord from 1902 to 1910
Thanks to Janet Rigby for the image.
James Gardner                58 years                       Innkeeper                    b. Preston
Ann Gardner                   27                                  Daughter                              do
Ellen Gardner                 29                                  Daughter                              do
James Simpson.                1                                  Grandson.                            do       

Jonathan Westray                  48 years                       Lic. Vict.                     b. Workington
Ellen Westray                        37                                Wife                            b. Liverpool
Henry D. Westray                 17                                Son                             b. Preston
Martha Westray                    15                                Daughter                              do
Hannah Westray                    13                               Daughter                               do
Margaret Westray                  6                                 Daughter                              do
Nina Westray                         4                                 Daughter                              do
William Westray                     1                                 Son                                      do

Stephen Cranshaw                48 years                       Innkeeper                     b. Mellor
Mary A. Cranshaw               48                                Wife                             b. Preston
Mary A. Cranshaw               12                                Daughter                               do

Thomas Cartmell                  54 years                       Innkeeper                      b. Preston
Alice Cartmell                      63                                Wife                                        do

Thomas W. Askham            42 years                       Hotel Proprietor             b. Thurlton, ? Norfolk
Tirsa??   Askham                40                                 Wife                              b. Penistone, Yorkshire
Effie Askham                       21                                Daughter                                  do
Collin Askham                      3                                 Son                                          do

Joseph Hesford                   58 years                       Publican                         b. Bolton
Mary Ellen Hesford             58                                Wife                              b. Hyde,Cheshire
Jane Jackson                       28                                Daughter                        b. Farnworth
Frank Jackson                     6                                  Grandson                      b. Bolton
Ada Jackson                        4                                  Grandaughter                        do
Can Bradshaw                    21                                 Boarder / Machine fitter         do
By the way, we all know there were some
dubious names given to this pub, particularly 
relating to one of the statues.
Please don't use the comment box to
air them. I'll delete any that I deem

There follows some more modern information
that covered the closure of the Port Admiral
in the 1960's:-

The statues were carved by the grand-father of Mrs. Elizabeth Cook of Hardcastle Road, who was 80 years of age in 1969. His name was WILLIAM BRADSHAW, who lived in Aqueduct Street. The statues are of Lord Nelson, Napolean and Lady Hamilton.
Lancs. Evening Post  20th February 1969

Lancashire Evening Post

One of the two lions from the Port Admiral Hotel, spent all
its future years gazing over a quiet road in Ashton.

The statue of Admiral Nelson, which for more
than a century looked out over Preston from the
roof of the Port Admiral, was later housed  in
the "Trafalgar Hotel," Railway Street, Nelson.
Charles Hallet, after his retirement he lived in
a cottage at the corner of School Lane,
Bamber Bridge.


Chris Miller's mobile crane helps to
lower the statues to the grouns.


  1. 1868 to 1875 Jonathan Westray was my great Grandfather.

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      If you have any relevant information or photographs you are prepared to share, I will acknowledge all that I use. I presume you know he was at the Sun in Main Sprit Weind, the Edinburgh Castle in St. Paul's Square, and the York Hotel in Church Street.

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