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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


167 Friargate
1 Plant's Court / Lowthian Street / Black Horse Yard
1, Orchard Street
One of the few premises in Preston with three addresses.
Had also been known as the "Black Horse and Rainbow"

This building was only erected in about 1898, but a 'Black Horse' has been
standing in this position since at least 1797.

Preston Chronicle 10th April 1880

You can see evidence in this photo that the alleyway
had had a previous name or names - probably
'Late Plant's Court' or 'Late Black Horse Yard'
A sketch showing the position of the Black Horse in relation to other licensed houses

Peter's Bar at the Black Horse. Named after one of its earlier landlords, J.S. Peters
1796 - 97              Thomas Holmes [Holms]  The 1796 Election Records of expenditure, gave the amount 
                                                                      of £104. 5s. 2d having been spent here by one of the parties.
                                                                                     And DP/201 Mortgage for £300
                                                                                              Both references at L.R.O.
1807                     Stephen Cross
1812                     Ralph Gill
1818                     Rebecca Gill
1825 - 29             James Wilkinson
?                           George Houlding  - wife, Rebecca, d. 6.9.1836 in Avenham Lane.
1838 - 54             George Longworth   (went to the Holy Lamb)
1854 - 57              Robert Preston
1860 - 61              Thomas W. Drury   (Drewry)
1865 - 81              Joseph Pritt
1881 - 85              James Bell
1889                     James Park
1891                     John Belger
1895 - 98              Edwin Drake
1900                     Ernest Jones                                    
1900 - 01             Robert Turner
1904                     John Samuel Peters   d. 3.3. 1904
1904 - 06             Sarah Hannah (Anna) Peters
1906 - 22             Mrs. Sarah Hannah Tunney 
1923                     Robert Rainford - also landlord at the Stanley Arms at the same time.
1926 - 31             Joseph Richard Wilson
1931 - 40             Thomas Churton Harrison 
1944 - 53             Richard Leo. Dunderdale
1970's                  Jack Whalley
1797 -  Sale by George Sims the Younger of
Preston, cabinet Maker, to James Gregson of
Walton-le-dale, Cotton Manufacturer.
All that messuage or dwelling house in 
Friargate in Preston aforesaid, known by 
the sign and name of the BLACK HORSE,
now in the possession or occupation of
Thomas Holmes.
Document in L.R.O.  Reference No not available.
DEATH  On Tuesday 17th November, 1807,
Mr. Stephen Cross, of the "Black Horse and
Rainbow" public-house, Preston. Being a 
member of the Rifle Corps he was interred
on Thursday with military honours.
Lancaster Gazette  28th November 1807 
MARRIAGE:  On the 4th inst., Mr. George Holding,
to Mrs. Gill, of the Black Horse public-house, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  15th January 1820 
At the Red Lion, Church Street.
LOT 9.   "ALL that CELLAR or Vault, situate under the Yard
behind the Black Horse Public House, in Friargate, and occupied
by the tenant of the said Public House."
Preston Chronicle  2nd April 1831
DEATH:  On Monday 5th February 1838,
Alice, wife of George Longworth, aged 39 years, 
Innkeeper, Friargate.
MARRIAGE - On Wednesday 12th August 1846
Mr. Miles Heap Dixon, provision merchant, Belfast, to Ellen, only daughter of George Longworth, Innkeeper, of Preston.
Preston Chronicle  15th August 1846
On 19th and 20th June 1858
Robert Preston, Publican, Preston
Preston Chronicle  26th June 1858
Caution to the Public
Shortly after 6 o'clock on Wednesday evening, a little boy named
James Moore, between 7 and 8 years of age, went into the Black 
Horse Inn, Friargate, for 5 pennyworth of gin. He produced a bottle, was 
supplied with the gin, and then tendered a crown piece in payment.

Mr. Drury, the landlord, at looking at the coin, saw at once that it was bad,
and asked the lad from whom he had got it. The lad replied that a man who
was standing in Orchard Street came to him, asked him to go for the gin, and
gave him a crown piece to pay for it. Mr. Drury, who told the boy to wait a little, 
then ran out to the police-station for an officer; but on arriving in Orchard Street,
the enemy of the Mint had vanished, thinking no doubt, that as the boy had
not come straight back with the gin, the fraudulent coin had been discovered.

The man was dressed in black cloth clothing, wears a hat, is about
5ft 9in high, and has a pair of red, bushy whiskers.
Preston Chronicle  14th July 1860
Preston Chronicle  10th September 1864

 Preston Herald  10th September 1864
The following was part of a report about a thunderstorm that caused much
damage across the region.

.............................About the time of the fall of hail, the water and a large quantity
of sand were forced into the cellar of the house of Mr. Pritt, the Black Horse,
Friargate, and caused a great amount of inconvenience and much loss. A brew of
ale that was working in the back cellar was all upset and lost, and another brew that had been bunged up the day before was much shaken. The bungs of several casks came out, and the liquor was, of course, lost. The water was about 5 feet deep, and all the barrels in the cellar floated about. A stillage and several barrels of beer changed positions, the stillage, which was previously supported the barrels, being deposited on top of them. An immense quantity  of sand was brought in by the  water, and when the latter had been got out it was found necessary to employ men to throw out the sand, three or four cart loads. In fact, so hard was the task of getting the cellar to rights, that workmen were engaged there until three o'clock the following  morning, and even then they had not completed the task.
Preston Chronicle  27th May 1865
Preston Herald   3rd June 1865
Preston Herald   21st July 1866
Trinity Church Girl's School - Mr. Pritt, of the Black Horse Inn, Friargate, 
has just painted a handsome flag for the Trinity Church Girl's Sunday School.
The flag is of blue silk, with a deep orange border. On the obverse side is a
representation, in an oval, of the Queen presenting a Bible to an Oriental Chief.
Preston Chronicle  8th June 1867
Preston Herald   8th June 1867
Preston Herald    15th June 1867
Preston Chronicle 28th September 1867
Preston Chronicle   9th May 1868
 Preston Herald   6th March 1869
Mr. Pritt of the Black Horse Inn, Friargate, has been engaged in 
painting a new banner for the Preston Branch of the United Order of 
Free Gardeners. The flag is of blue silk, which a rich crimson fringe border.
Several beautiful representations of the Order are painted upon it, and the 
whole is an admirable piece of art, and reflects the greatest credit on the taste 
and ability of Mr. Pritt.
Preston Chronicle   15th May 1869
Preston Herald   15th May 1869
Mr. H.C. Walton, will sell, at his Salerooms in Fishergate

LOT 5     The old-established Freehouse PUBLIC HOUSE and
SPIRIT VAULTS, known as the Black Horse Inn, with the Brewhouse 
and Premises let as an Umbrella Shop, in Orchard Street, behind the
same, the whole occupying a most important double-fronted corner site,
of great, present, and prospective value, in Friargate and Orchard Street,
in immediate proximity to the New Covered Market, and in the centre of the 
direct and busiest thoroughfare between the Market Place and the Corn
The Lot is in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Pritt, who holds the property
under a lease for the remainder of a term of 16 years, commencing 
1st May 1866 at the low annual rent of £50.
Preston Chronicle   14th October 1871
Proprietor of the Black Horse

Has made full provision for Christmas
Preston Chronicle 23rd December 1871
Longworth's Advertiser  1873
Preston Herald   25th September 1875


A petition has been filed by Mr. Charles Fryer, Solicitor, Guildhall Street,
at the Offices of the County Court, on behalf of Mr. Joseph Pritt of the
Stanley Arms Hotel, Lancaster Road, and the Black Horse Inn, Friargate,
Innkeeper. The liabilities amounted to near £2,200. A meeting of the
creditors has been summoned for Wednesday 14th inst., at 11am at the 
County Court Office.
Preston Chronicle  3rd July 1880
 Preston Herald   17th May 1890
 Lancashire Evening Post  26th September 1900
Manchester Courier  27th September 1900
 Preston Herald   3rd November 1900
 Lancashire Evening Post  17th December 1906
Lancashire Evening Post  5th March 1919
PETERS: In memory of John Samuel Peters, who
died March 3rd 1904, at the Black Horse Hotel,
Friargate, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post 3rd March 1920
This memorial appeared again on the same date
in 1921, and had probably appeared in the years
before 1920.
This is the man after whom 'Peter's Bar' is named.
Lancashire Evening Post  11th November 1931
 Lancashire Evening Post  9th February 1935
Lancashire Evening Post  9th February 1935
 Lancashire Evening Post 29th July 1935
Lancashire Evening Post  31st July 1942
Lancashire Evening Post  23rd January 1945
 Lancashire Evening Post  5th June 1945
 Lancashire Evening Post  4th January 1946
 Lancashire Evening Post  28th May 1946
 Lancashire Evening Post  17th April 1947
George Longworth                 35 years                 Innkeeper
Thomas Longworth                 6                           Son
Ellen Longworth                     15                          Daughter

George Longworth                47 years                 Innkeeper                   b. Preston

Thomas Drury                       44 years                 Innkeeper                   b. Kirkham
Jennet Drury                          38                          Wife                          b. Cheshire
George E. Drury                    15                          Son                            b. Preston
William H. Drury                    13                          Son                                   do
Thomas W. Drury                  10                          Son                                    do

Joseph Pritt                           36 years                Innkeeper                    b. Penwortham
F ?      Hardwick                   20                         Barmaid/Servant          b. Preston
Isabella Holmes                     15                         Domestic Servant        b. Ulverston

 In 1881 Joseph Pritt was an unemployed publican, living at 1, Park Terrace, near Moor Park ?
and Silverdale Terace.

James Bell                            34 years                 Licensed Victualler       b. Preston
Ann E. Bell                           30                         Wife                             b. Blackpool
Annie Bell                              2                          Daughter                       b. Liverpool
James W. Bell                        1                          Son                              b. Preston

John Belger                          28 years                 Licensed Victualler       b. Hull
Mary Belger                         40                         Wife                             b. Much Hoole
Elizabeth Pilkington               17                         Daughter                      b. Preston
Ellen Ann Pilkington              15                         Daughter                              do
William Pilkington                   8                         Son                                      do
Thomas Belger                       9 months              Son                                      do

Robert Turner                      27 years                Publican                         b. Preston
Alice Turner                         25                         Wife                                      do

Sarah H Tunney                   44 years               Hotel Keeper                   b. Preston
George S. Cartwright           47             Brother  /  Insurance Agent                do

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  1. This is my favourite pub in Preston. I had my stag do there in 2011. Always a great atmosphere and rarely any bother. I guess the old world charm scares off the disco loving binge drinkers :)