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Friday, 26 March 2021

           SADDLE INN         

        Almost certainly synonumous with the Saddle in Blelock Street                  

9, Leeming Street

Mine Hosts:

1851                        Thomas Strickland                                                                                      1851                        Thomas Catterall

DISORDERLY HOUSE - Thomas Catterall, of the Saddle Inn, Water Street, was fined 25s, and costs for permitting prostitutes and other disorderly persons to frequent his house.

Preston Chronicle   5th April 1851 



Thomas Catterall                43 years               Beerseller                          b. Inskip

Ann Catterall                      33                        Wife                                          do

William Catterall                 6                         Son / Scholar                            do

Peggy Catterall                    4                         Daughter                                   do 

Ralph Cookson                  27                Lodger / Farm Labourer            b. Roseacre