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Monday, 27 April 2020

PLOUGH INN, Friargate

115 Friargate
An extremely interesting website has been created by the current owners of the new Plau Inn, looking at the last 350 years of the premises' history. It's well worth a visit:
1670                        Alderman Worden                        
1796                        John Leach  - 1796 Election expenditure here...£187. 0. 6d
1804                        Mrs. Leach
1810                        Richard Sharples
1812 - c.22             Simon Proctor   d. February 1822, see below.
1825                        Robert Hindman
1826                        William Hind
1833                        William Mossop
1837                        James Thornley     d. 21.10.1837 at Burton, Kendal, aged 44 years
pre-1838                 Richard Wilding
1839                        George Topham
1839 - 41                John Craven - believed to be born 1804, son of James and Nancy Craven. d.1845
1841 - 42                Henry Etherington    d. 13.1.1842 aged 43 years
1842                       Margaret Etherington 
1848 - 52                George Richardson
                                It is believed that there were 3 tenants after Richardson and before Taylor.
                                Property owned by David Anderton. 
1852 - 60                James Taylor
1861                       James Stirzaker
1861                       James Ferguson
1862 - 65               Thomas Walton       d. 
1865 (May)            Ann Walton
1865 - 68               Thomas Crane
1868 - 69               Joseph & Elizabeth Turner
1870                       Richard Waterhouse
1870 - 71               Robert Richardson
1871                      William Ireland
1873 - 74               William Beesley
1874 - 81               John Gregson
1882                      William Bradshaw
1883 - 90               John Harrison
1890 - 92               John Duckworth
1892                      Thomas Graham
1893 - 94               James Gradwell
1894 - 95              Ann Gavin
1895 - 96               Catherine Cheevers
1896                      Anthony Kelly
1897                      Mary Clitheroe
1897 - 98              J. Earnshaw
1898                     James Michael Fender

The "PLOUGH INN" was renamed as "HOTEL NATIONAL". I have a note that indicates that that
occurred around the turn of the century (1901 Census), but the Licensing Court Register indicates it as early as 1882.

Whatever, I'll repeat the licensee holders after the above date of 1898.

1899 - 1901          Michael Tommony
1901                     John Bullen
1902 - 04              Henry Atkinson
1907                     Michael Tommony
1910                     Mrs. Elizabeth Tommony
1911                     Jane Baldwin  -  BUT, see Census details at the foot of the page.
1913                     James McDonough

Court Leet Records:
1670......Alderman Worden for seller stairs, pales, and sign post at the sign of the Plow .... amerced 1 shilling 
The following were election expenses paid by Jno Watson, to John LEACH, Plough Inn, 1796:
To 4 days eating for the musicians on the canvas, at 1/6 per day   =  £1. 4. 0

9 musicians, 4 days at dinner at 1/- each  = £1.16. 0d

Liquor to above    =   £2. 4. 6d

11 days eating for Committee and attendance at 30/-     = £16. 10. 0d

Sundry liquor during the Poll, as per book £163. 6. 0d

On the Saturday before the taps were stopped  £2

TOTAL:   £187. 0. 6d
Lancaster Gazette  31st March 1804
DEATH:  On Thursday se'enight, aged 37 years,
Mr. Simon Proctor, formerly of the Plough
public-house, in Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  2nd March 1822 
And possession to be had on May-day Next.
THAT  well-accustomed PUBLIC-HOUSE, 
known by the sign of the "PLOUGH,"
together with the DRAM-SHOP attached, 
eligibly situated in Friargate, and well-adapted
for carrying on an extensive business.
The Taker may be accommodated with the Stock
and Fixtures at a fair valuation.
Apply on the Premises.
Preston Chronicle c. 1831
All that old-established and well-accustomed
INN or PUBLIC HOUSE, situate in Friargate,
known by the sign of "THE PLOUGH," in the
present occupation of William MOSSOP as
tenant thereof.
Preston Chronicle 20th April 1833
The Court for the Relief of
Insolvent Debtors
RICHARD WILDING, formerly of Swarbrick Hall, Weeton, near Kirkham, Lancashire, Farmer; then of the Woolpack public house, Back Lane, Preston, Publican and Farmer, part of the same time carrying on business in co-partnership with Thomas Myerscough, as Hay Dealers; then of the 
PLOUGH INN, Preston, aforesaid, Publican only; and late in lodgings in Lancaster Road, in Preston, in no business.
Preston Chronicle 27th October 1838
On Monday, at the Town Hall, a young man named William Arch, a soldier in the 44th Regiment of Foot, was charged with stealing a tin box and a sum of money, the property of George Topham, Innkeeper, of the Plough Inn, Friargate.
The prosecutor stated that early on the Friday night preceding, he went to bed, and there was in his trousers pockets, which he placed on the floor, a tin box, containing one pound nineteen shillings and sixpence in silver, three sovereigns and four half sovereigns. He got up again about eleven o'clock the same evening, and missing his money, followed the prisoner (who he has reason to suspect) to the Ram's Head public-house, in Gin Bow Entry; he met with him there and took him into custody.
On the way to the lock-up, the prisoner gave him the tin box, containing the sovereigns and half sovereigns, but the silver was gone; he asked to be forgiven, and admitted he was the thief. 
The prisoner was fully committed for trial.
Preston Chronicle   12th January 1839
John Craven, beer-retailer, of Friargate, was charged with selling six penny-worth of rum, on the 25th January. Mr. F. Armstrong appeared in support of the information, and Mr. J. Armstrong for the defendant. The witnesses were Mr. McNaughton and Mr. Elney. They stated that on the evening in question, they went to the defendant's house, and after taking some ale, they enquired for some rum to be mixed with the ale, which was supplied to them without hesitation. 
Mr. Armstrong, having ably addressed the Bench for the defendant, called witnesses to show that the Excisemen gave a woman who was in the house the money to send out for the rum, and it was fetched purposely for him, without the defendant's knowledge. 
The case, having gone through, the magistrates consulted for a few moments, and the Mayor announced their decision for a conviction, in the mitigated penalty of £12.10s.0d, and costs.
Preston Chronicle  18th May 1839
Preston Chronicle  18th January 1840
Preston Chronicle  26th June 1841
Preston Chronicle  25th July 1840
ENOCH ETHERINGTON, who is employed
at the Plough Inn, Friargate, a house well-known to
the police as a disreputable one, was on Wednesday
last committed from the Town Hall to the House of
Correction, for a month, on a charge of deserting 
his family.
Preston Chronicle 22nd January 1842

 Preston Chronicle - 26 March 1842

Preston Chronicle  2nd October 1852
Valuable freehold property in Preston
by Mr. FARNWORTH, at the Plough Inn,
Friargate, on Tuesday 11th April 1854 at 7.30pm
LOT 1.    All that old and well-accustomed FREEHOLD
PUBLIC HOUSE, situate at the top of Friargate Brow,
in Preston, known by the sign of the "Plough Inn,"
together with the cottage adjoining. There is a large
Vault connected with the Public House, which is doing
a first-rate business.
Mr. Taylor, the present occupier, will show the premises.
Preston Chronicle 1st April 1854
Preston Chronicle  4th July 1857

Preston Chronicle  23rd February 1861 

A young man, named Patrick Hobin, was charged
with assaulting a man named Bamber, and P.C. Bell. 

On the previous night he went into the Plough Inn,
Friargate, where he wanted to have a game at dominoes.
Being refused the use of the dominoes, he went out of 
the house, but soon returned, and finding the door
closed, burst it open and went into the house. 

He then commenced kicking and abusing Bamber, who
was in the house at the time. P.C. Bell was called in, when 
the prisoner began to kick him also.

Fined 40s and costs for assaulting Bamber, and 10s for
assaulting the policeman.
Preston Chronicle  1st February 1862

Bolton Chronicle – 20th September 1862

Edgar Lofthouse, a young man, was charged at the
police court with stealing a quantity of whiskey from
the Plough Inn, Friargate. Sarah Hollin said she was
at the Plough Inn on Monday night, when she saw the 
prisoner in the bar. When he went into the house he 
was quite sober, but when he left he was in a state of
intoxication. He could not have become so inebriated
from the liquor he had paid for, as he only had one
glass of beer, that he ordered and paid for. 

Mr. Walton, the landlord of the house, said that from
information he had received on the night in question,
he went into the barn, and found some whiskey running
from a keg, in consequence of which he had lost about 
a gallon of the coveted liquor.

As soon as he had ascertained the cause he sent for
a police officer, who eventually took the prisoner into
custody. The prisoner, who pleaded guilty to the charge,
was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment with hard labour.
Preston Chronicle 9th January 1864
Preston Herald   4th May 1867
Preston Herald   11th April 1868
Preston Chronicle 30th May 1868
 Preston Herald  30th May 1868

Preston Chronicle 22nd February 1869
 Preston Herald   27th August 1870
William Ireland, landlord of the Plough Inn, Friargate, was summoned at the instance of Police Detectives Charnley and Dawson, for selling beer during prohibited hours, on Sunday August 6th. The defendant was fined 20 shillings and costs.
Preston Chronicle  19th August 1871

Preston Chronicle  25 April 1874

Preston Chronicle  28th November 1874

Preston Herald – 25th August 1875


Preston Chronicle  5th February 1876

Preston Herald   9th February 1876

Preston Herald – 22nd July 1876 

Preston Chronicle  9th November 1878

 Preston Chronicle  3rd September 1881

Preston Chronicle  17 February 1883 

Preston Herald   23rd December 1896
John Craven                        37 years                          Innkeeper
Agnes Craven                     35                                   Wife
Nancy Craven                     12                                   Daughter
Margaret Craven                  3                                    Daughter                     
Mary Craven                       10 months                       Daughter

George Richardson              37 years                         Publican                         b. Preston
Charlotte Richardson           21                                  Wife                               b. Knightsbridge
Harriet Mary Richardson      1                                    Daughter                                     do
George Mayor Richardson   3 months                        Son                                             do

James Ferguson                  41 years                          Lic. Vict.                       b. Wigton, Cumberland
Anna ? Ferguson                38                                   Wife                              b. Cockerham
Susannah Ferguson             11                                   Daughter                       b. Liverpool
John Ferguson                      9                                   Son                                          do
Robert Ferguson                  8                                    Son                              b. Preston
Joseph Ferguson                  6                                    Son                                       do
Mary Ferguson                    4                                    Daughter                                do
Margret Ferguson                2                                    Daughter                               do

Robert Richardson             60 years                          Publican                        b. Preston
Jane Richardson                 34                                      ?                                       ?
William Tyson                    72                                   Spade Labourer            b. Boston, Lincs.

John Gregson                     45 years                          Innkeeper                 b. Walton-le-dale
Elizabeth Gregson               55                                  Wife                               b. Farington
Robert Gregson                  15                                  Son                                b. Walton-le-dale
Maggie Gregson                 17                                   Daughter                                      do

John Harrison                     62 years                          Publican                        b. Much Hoole
Mary A. Harrison               61                                   Wife                             b. Preston
Anne Harrison                    14                                   Grand-daughter                    do
Ellen Thompson                  19                                  Grand-daughter                     do
Mary J. Thompson             15                                   Grand-daughter                    do

1901  (Indicated the "Hotel National")
John Bullen                        31 years                              ?                               b. Preston
Margaret A. Bullen            29                                    Wife                                       do
Aloyisius Bullen                  7                                     Son                                        do
John Bullen                        6                                      Son                                        do
William Bullen                    1                                      Son                                        do

Jane Baldwin                      38 years,  widow.      Servant to Licensed Victualler   b. India

Thomas Tipping had been the landlord of the Roast Beef Tavern, but in the census he is shown at that address, but shown as 'Manager of Public House'.  I believe that he was managing the Plough Inn, so until I find otherwise I'll put the details on here:

Thomas Tipping               47 years                   Manager of Public House    b.  Preston
Anne Tipping                   47                                   Wife                               b. Manchester
Mary Francis Tipping      21                        Daughter  /                                b. Preston
John Tipping                    19                               Son  /  Invoice Clerk                   do
Elizabeth Tipping            17                         Daughter / Student                            do

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