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Saturday, 19 April 2014


153  (later 370)  North Road
 History is again being made!
Now Re-opened: 

The two shop properties to the left of the Moorbrook Inn were at one time the "Shepherd's Tavern."
1860 - 61             Robert Chadwick
1863                    Joseph Banks
1869 - 75             William Calderbank
1875                    James Lang
   ?                        Henry Lund
1878 - 78             Thomas Catterall
1878 - 85             Joseph Flintoff
1886 - 90             John Walmsley
1891 - 92             James Calderbank
1892                     Thomas Henry Carter
1893 - 1911         Joseph Prescott   - 1897 - 99 interrupted by Thomas Reid.
1913                     Arthur Ainsworth
1917                     Robert Grayston
1924 - 27             Thomas Blackwell
c. 1929.                Jack Kelly    wife, Anne Jane Kelly d. 28.5.1929
1932 - 36             George Harrison  -  Ex-P.N.E. player.  Info. from Ian Rigby - PNE Official Historian.
1940                    William Carroll
1944 -                  William Clarkson
1948                    John Yates
Mid-70s - Early 80s  George and Edna Lee
1997 - 2013         James Whiteside
2013    Closed.
May 22nd 2014    Re-opened               
I would think that the mis-use of the name 'Moor Park Inn' was
commonplace, particularly bearing in mind the close proximity
of Moor Park.
 Should read 'Moor Brook Inn'. Address also wrong!
Preston Guardian  21st November 1863
 Follow-up to previous article. Same mistakes! 
Preston Guardian  5th December 1863
In a case of obtaining food and drink by means of a
 threat, Ellen Catterall, wife of Thomas Catterall of
the Moorbrook Inn, said that ten men came into the
inn and demanded meat, drink and money. She told
them to come back when the master was at home. 
They said they had been to Mr. Ware's (the Church
Hotel), and he had given them three half-gallons and
two shillings.
She gave them a gallon of beer, and they went away.
She was afraid of them.
Preston Chronicle  25th May 1878
Preston Chronicle  21st June 1879
Preston Herald   25th July 1885

 Lancashire Evening Post  24th September 1903
Taken from the 1909 edition of Preston North End's Record Book.
Supplied by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian.
George Harrison played outside-left for Preston North End - hence the pun "left outside"
Taken from a Preston North End Match Day programme of 1932,
supplied by Ian Rigby, PNE Official Historian.
The above two advertisements on display in the Moorbrook in 2013 are indicative of the licensee's sense of humour.
A common sight in the locals of by-gone days, yet
they're still here at the Moorbrook Inn - a fine collection of their 'regular's' tankards.
Robert Chadwick                  28 years                   Beerseller                  b. Billington
Mary Ann  Chadwick            29                            Wife                          b. Preston
Elizabeth Chadwick                3                             Daughter                           do
Richard Chadwick                  1                             Son                                   do

William Calderbank               39 years                   Beerseller                  b. Chorley
Mary Ann Calderbank           41                            Wife                          b.     ?
John Calderbank                    14                            Son                           b. Preston
Daniel Calderbank                   4                             Son                                   do
Catherine Calderbank             2                              Daughter                           do
William Calderbank                 1                              Son                                  do
Ann Calderbank                     64                            Mother                     b. Guernsey

Joseph Flintoff                        45 years                  Beerseller                  b. Catforth
Jane Flintoff                            44                           Wife                          b. Preston
Richard Flintoff                       22                           Son                                    do
Thomas Flintoff                       18 ?                        Son                                    do
John Flintoff                             8                            Son                                    do

James Calderbank                  24 years                  Innkeeper                  b. Preston
Ann Calderbank                     30                           Wife                          b. Astley

Joseph Prescott                      47 years                 Innkeeper                   b. Preston
Mary A. Prescott                    45                          Wife                                   do
Christopher J. Prescott            24                          Son                                    do
Joseph A. Prescott                  21                          Son                                    do
Mary W. Prescott                   17                          Daughter                            do
Frederick S. Prescott              13                          Son                                    do

Joseph Prescott                      56 years                 Beerseller                  b. Preston
Mary Ann Prescott                 55                          Wife                                  do
Christopher J. Prescott           34                        Son / Assistant                     do
Frederick L. Prescott             22                        Son / House Painter             do
Margaret Readhead               26                           Domestic Servant     b. Workington, Cumberland
John Wells                             52                           Brewer                    b. Preston 


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