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Monday, 7 January 2019

BROOKHOUSE INN, 3 Brookhouse Street

3 Brookhouse Street
Later, 2 Parker Street
1851 - 54           Thomas Moss   -  owned by him as well.
1860 - 65           Thomas Whittle   d. c26.1.1865 aged 73 years
1865 - 66           Margaret Whittle  - Thomas's wife.
1866                   Abraham Sharples
1869 - 70           John Shakeshaft
1870 - 71           Matthew (Nathan) Wilcock
1873                   Mrs Margaret Whittle
1877 - 85           Nathan Wilcock
1885 - 91           Elizabeth Wilcock
1892                  William Wardley
1892 - 95          Thomas Finch
1895 - 96           Richard Milner
1896 - 97           John Sergeant
1897 - 98           Ellen Woods
1898 - 99           Margaret Ellen Kerr
1901                  Thomas Dewhurst   (Ellen Dewhurst in Court Record)
1901 - 27           John Sherry
1932                   Wallace Edward Deaves
1936 - 44           James R. Grayston
1953                   ?  Flynn
Preston Chronicle  2nd September 1865
Preston Chronicle  22nd September 1866
Preston Chronicle  2nd August 1870
PRESTON SWIFT'S FOOTBALL CLUB - A GENERAL MEETING of the above CLUB will be held in the Brookhouse Inn, on Thursday evening, July 29th. 
All members are earnestly requested to attend.
Preston Herald   24th July 1886
To be sold by Auction, by Mr. HENRY SNAPE,by order of the executors of the late Mr. Thomas Whittle, at the Mitre Inn, in Preston, on Monday the 8th day of October, 1866, at 7 o'clock in the evening, subject to conditions to be then produced:
ALL that well-accustomed PUBLIC-HOUSE, called the Brookhouse Inn, situated at the corner of Brookhouse Street and Parker Street, in Preston, with the brewhouse and outbuildings belonging, together with the BAKEHOUSE and COTTAGE adjoining thereto, fronting to Parker Street, now in the respective occupations of Abraham Sharples and Anthony Harrison.
The premises are three storeys high, well-built, and in the immediate proximity of three large cotton mills, in a rapidly increasing neighbourhood.
The Public-house consists of bar and three parlours, kitchen and scullery on the ground floor, sitting room, large clubroom, and bedroom on the first storey, and five bedrooms on the second storey, and is cellared throughout.
The premises are freehold and free from ground rent.
The tenants will show the properties, and further particulars may be had at the offices of Messieurs R. and W. ASCROFT,  and Mr. W. J. PLANT, Solicitors, Cannon Street.
Preston,    17th September 1866
Preston Herald   22nd September 1866
Mr. W. Miller of the Wheatsheaf Inn, Preston, and Mrs. Wilcock of the Brookhouse Inn, were the promoters of the first meeting held in the above grounds on Saturday, and they were rewarded with an attendance of 500 and an entry of fifteen dogs. £2.10s, added to a sweepstake of 3s 6d each, being the sum to be coursed for. There was plenty of speculation on the different trials, and the affair passed off satisfactorily to all parties.
Mr. Duval fired the pistol, and 'Billy' Duddle was referee.
Details:  First Round
Grundy's Nell beat James's Old Joe;
Brown's Jack beat Mawdsley's Paradox;
Sayer's Jubilee beat Brown's Thickhead;
Kershaw's Kitty Free beat Dover's Old Dizzy; 
Sayer's Spot beat Kellett's Nipping;
Austin's Preston Jack beat Thompson's Stott;
Callan's Snow beat Wareing's Nelson;
Hargreave's Spot, a bye.

Second Round:
Jubilee beat Nell;
Kitty Free beat Preston Jack;
Snow beat Hargreave's Spot; 
Sayer's Spot beat Jack;

Third Round:
Jubilee beat Spot;
Kitty Free beat Snow;

Deciding Round:
Kitty Free won three courses in succession, beating Jubilee the best out of five trials.
Sporting Life   15th February 1887
Where were 'Swift's Football Grounds'?
Preston Chronicle 16th January 1892
BROOKHOUSE INN, Parker Street: full license; early possession.  Apply: Matthew Brown and Co. Ltd., Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post   11th March 1901
JOHN SHERRY (Late of the Swan Hotel, Blackburn),
BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public of Blackburn and the surrounding districts that he has taken over the BROOKHOUSE INN, Parker Street, Preston, and will be glad to meet Old and New Friends.
Lancashire Evening Post   20th April 1901
William Sugden Holmes (46) was proceeded against for being drunk on licensed premises.
Mr. Smith, who prosecuted, said that about 9.30 the previous night, P.C. Crook, who was on duty of the Brookhouse, went to the Brookhouse Inn, and there found the prisoner very drunk. 
Before that time the officer had notice the accused's condition, and had advised him to go home, but the latter still continued to linger on the premises, and in that condition, said Mr. Smith, he might have got the landlord into trouble.
A fine of 5 shillings and costs was imposed; in default, 7 days.
Preston Herald   24th July 1912
At the Children's Court, Preston, this morning, before Mr. Dunn and Mr. Barclay Clemesha, two brothers, a lap piecer, and creeler, aged 15 and 14 respectively, were charged with having stolen yesterday, from a little girl, aged 6, namely Emily Sherry, a purse, 3s 1d in money, and a Co-operative Store Cheque, of the total value of 4s. 11d.
The child was sent by her mother, Mrs. Sherry, Brookhouse Inn, Parker Street, to pay an account at the Co-operative Store in Eldon Street, and the case was that the prisoners took the purse off her as she was returning, ran away, and afterwards spent some of the money.
The theft was witnessed by another boy, Andrew Beetham, who said that the prisoners gave him a shilling out of the proceeds, and P.C. Sumner, who saw the lads run down Inkerman Street and enter a sweet shop in Water Lane, found, on arresting them,  that one of the lads had 11d in his pocket, a shilling in his left shoe, and the cheque in his pocket. The purse was found behind a hoarding, where it had been thrown.
The boys pleaded not guilty, but had nothing to say.
Superintendent Whitby related the record of the boys, which showed that they had worked at several mills, the elder earning in his last occupation 22s a week. They had a good home.
The Bench characterised the elder, who led the other away, as a bad lad, the terror of the neighbourhood, and sent him to reformatory ship Akbar, on the Dee, until he was 19, while the other boy was placed on 18 months' probation.
The boy Beetham, who was also on probation, was warned as to his future conduct.
Lancashire Evening Post   4th August 1917
Thomas Whittle                      69 years                  Licensed beerseller        b. Penwortham
Margaret Whittle                    57                           Wife                                         do

Matthew Wilcock                  25 years                  Licensed Victualler         b. Ribchester
Elizabeth Wilcock                  24                           Wife                                    b. Preston

Nathan Wilcock                    34 years                  Publican                         b. Hothersall
Elizabeth Wilcock                  33                          Wife                                  b. Preston
Alice Wilcock                         9                           Daughter                                do
Margaret Wilcock                   7                           Daughter                                do
Thomas W. Wilcock               6                           Son                                        do
Richard Wilcock                     4                           Son                                        do
Nathan Wilcock                      1                           Son                                        do

Elizabeth Wilcock                  45 years widow     Publican                         b. Preston
Alice Wilcock                        19                         Daughter                               do
Margaret Wilcock                  17                         Daughter                               do
Thomas Wilcock                    16                         Son                                       do
Richard Wilcock                     14                        Son                                       do
Nathan Wilcock                     11                         Son                                       do
Elizabeth Wilcock                    8                          Daughter                               do

Thomas Dewhurst                 60 years                 Publican                       b. Preston
Ellen Dewhurst                      60                          Wife                            b. Hesketh Bank

John Sherry                          60 years                  Publican                      b. Blackburn
Elizabeth Sherry                   57               Sister / Publican's Assistant                do
Arabella Dixon                     58                       Sister / Barmaid                        do

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