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Friday, 28 September 2012

GRIFFIN'S HEAD, Lancaster Road

116 Lancaster Road North / 1 Fish Street
1841 - 43                John Worthington
1853                       Richard Sharples
1861                       John Parson
1869 - 71                Robert Charnley
1875                       Eleanor Hudson
1877 - 79                Rowland Marshall    d. 1879
1879                       Eleanor Marshall
1879 - 82                Thomas Hayton
1882 - 84                John Rigg
1884 - 85                John Walker
1885 - 94                John Massey
1894 - 95                Jane Massey
1897 - 99                Walter Mortimer Pegg
1899 - 1900            Roger Milner
1900 - 01                Thomas Burman
1901 - 04                Robert Kirkham
1907                        Samuel Briggs
This is a very interesting addition. Is it possible that this
house had previously been known as the "Queen's Head Inn"?
The order for the "Bell's Weekly Advertiser" a sporting paper, was written locally, by or on behalf of the editor of the Preston Chronicle, Isaac Wilcockson.

It is, of course, possible, that there is a human error
Dated:   August 21st 1841
George Sharples, landlord of the Griffin Head Inn, Lancaster Road, was summoned for selling drink during prohibited hours. PC Watson said that at 10 minutes to twelve o'clock the previous Sunday he was on duty in Lancaster Road, when he saw the defendant hand out to a man a jug of ale. He told the landlord that he would report him, to which he replied, "You must look over it this time. I am not in the habit of filling drink."
Mr. Edelston appeared for the defendant, and called a man who stated that he received the beer for a sick person. 
The Bench dismissed the case upon payment of costs.
Preston Chronicle   5th February 1870
Preston Guardian  10th August 1872
From around 1880
Robert Charnley           48 years              Beerseller                   b. Dutton
Elizabeth Charnley        38                       Wife                           b. Adlington
Mary Charnley              16                       Daughter                   b. Preston
Alice Charnley              13                       Daughter                            do
Lucy Charnley               9                        Daughter                            do
Frederick Charnley        7                        Son                                    do
Edmund Charnley          5                        Son                                     do
Elizabeth Charnley         3                        Daughter                            do
Annie Charnley             2                         Daughter                            do
Gertrude Charnley        11 months            Daughter                           do

Thomas Hayton            32 years              Lic. Vict.                  b. Walton-le-dale
Alice Hayton                 28                      Wife                         b. Preston
Jane Hayton                   5                        Daughter                          do
Mary Hayton                 2                        Daughter                           do
Lillie Hayton                  1                        Daughter                           do

John Massey                62 years              Lic. Vict.                   b. Preston
Jane Massey                65                       Wife                                   do
Sarah Massey              21                       Daughter                            do

Thomas Burman          22 years              Publican                     b. Hull, Yorks.
Matilda Burman          23                        Wife                          b. Fleetwood

BAY HORSE 18 Pitt Street

18 Pitt Street
1831                         Edward Hogan
1838 - 53.                William Whittingham (Brewer)
1861                         Philip Abbott
1865 - 69                 Christopher Alston
1871                         Robert Clarkson
1874                         John Rhodes
1874 - 89                 Mrs Fanny Houghton
1889 - 94                 Thomas Houghton  - son of Fanny Houghton.
1895 - 97                 Thomas Higginbotham
1897 - 99                 Charles Arthur Greenwood
c. 1899     PULLED DOWN

4th April 1900  An application to build a house across the street in place of this one was refused.
On Saturday, some men were engaged in shunting a wagon,
containing 6 tons of coal, on to a siding of the railway, in Pitt
Street, when the wagon ran off the rails and fell into the yard
beneath, six feet below the level of the railway. It alighted on
a pig sty, from which Mr Christopher Alston of the Bay Horse
Inn, had emerged only an instant before, and killed a sow and 
five young pigs
Preston Chronicle  1st December 1866
In November 1883, Riley was hanged.
William Whittingham            25 years              Labourer                           
Betty Whittingham               30                       Wife           
John Whittingham                 7                        Son     
Thomas Whittingham            3                        Son
Mary Whittingham                6 months            Daughter

William Whittingham           40 years               Beerseller                             b. Bolton-le-sands ?
B. Whittingham                   40                       Wife / Housekeeper              b. Walton-le-dale
J. Whittingham                    16                       Son / At home                      b. Preston
T. Whittingham                    13                      Son / Scholar                                do
M.A. Whittingham               10                      Daughter / Scholar                        do
E. Whittingham                    8                        Daughter / Scholar                        do
N. Whittingham                   1 month              Daughter                                       do

Philip Abbott                       34 years              Brewer                                 b. Broughton, Lancs
Mary Abbott                       34                       Wife                                     b. Preston
Ellen Abbott                         5                        Daughter                                       do
Jane Abbott                          3                        Daughter                                      do
Joseph Abbott                      2                        Son                                              do
George Abbott                     1 months            Son                                               do
Robert Clarkson                 27 years               Licensed Victualler               b. St. Michaels
    ?     Clarkson                  27                        Wife                                     b. Milnthorpe

Fanny Houghton                 64 years              Beerseller                              b. Wesham
Mary Houghton                  19                       Daughter                               b. Preston
Thomas Houghton              17                       Son                                               do

Thomas Houghton              28 years              Beerseller                               b. Preston
Agnes Houghton                30                       Wife                                              do
Arthur Houghton                 1                        Son                                               do
Further information or queries to     

HERMON HOTEL, Aqueduct Street

6 or 7 Elliott Street
14 Aqueduct Street / 7 Elliott Street
later  70 - 72 Aqueduct Street
1869                      Thomas Watson
1871 - 72               David Fenton
1872                      James Birtwell
1872                      Richard Moss
1873                      James Tickle  -  d. 27.11.1873
1877 - 78              Charles Lund  -  d. 19.6.1878   (Charles LAMB,  PC 10.3.1877 is erroneous)
1878 - 81              Dorothy Lund
1882 - 86              Reuben Hand   - Wine Licence issued 1882 to R.H.
1886                     John Patten
1887                     Mary Dobson
1888 - 97             Richard Dobson
1897 - 1901         William Swarbrick
1901 - 04             Thomas Jackson
1924                    George D. Clark
1907 - 17             Christopher Nixon (Nickson)
1926 - 27             John Kelly
1930 - 40             John Hardman
1944 - 48             John and Flora Wharton
1953                    Mr. and Mrs Harry and Florrie Gifford (Florrie was daughter of John and Flora Wharton, above).
Edward Hermon Esq., M.P.
After whom the pub took its name.
Preston Chronicle  18th March 1971
-DAVID FENTON having entered upon the HERMON HOTEL'
Moor Park, wishes to dispose of the above business,
successfully carried on by him for upwards of nine years.
Apply - 126 Lancaster Road, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  18th March 1871
Fenton only finished working at Hawkin's Mill in
March 1870, so had he had somebody running the
stationery business for him for the previous eight
or nine years?
Preston Chronicle 26th March 1870
To be sold by Auction on 19/10/1871
LOT 1.  ALL that newly-erected and spacious INN
or BEERHOUSE, on the north side of Elliott Street
(off Plungington Road), Preston, called
"THE HERMON HOTEL," and the Brewhouse and
buildings thereto belonging, now in the occupation of
David Fenton. Together with the vacant land at the
back, comprising 401 sq. yards.
This beerhouse was built purposely for an inn, is
exceedingly well built, and commodious, and is fitted
up in a most complete and comfortable style. It has
a vault and bar, bar parlour, sitting room, kitchen, 
back kitchen, and pantry on the ground floor, and
six bedrooms and a water closet, and is well cellared.
Preston Chronicle  7th October 1871
FOR SALE, PONY and turnout; suitable for fruiterer
or fish hawker. Apply, Nickson, Hermon Hotel, Aqueduct Street.
Lancashire Evening Post. 23rd April 1902
Grains to be disposed of weekly - Apply,
Hermon Hotel, Aqueduct Street, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post   26th August 1904
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian
Taken from the 1909 edition of Preston North End's Record Book.
Supplied by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian.

Dorothy Lund                  36 years              Lic. Vict.                b. Woodplumpton
Eleanor Lund                    7                        Daughter                b. Lea
Herbert Lund                   3 months             Son                        b. Lytham

Richard Dobson              54 years Wid'r    Beerseller                b. Oldham

Thomas Jackson             46 years              Publican                  b. Preston
Margaret Jackson           44                       Wife                                 do
Nancy ? E. Jackson        24                       Daughter                          do
Martha J. Jackson           22                       Daughter                          do
Agnes Jackson                21                       Daughter                          do

Christopher Nickson       40 years              Beerseller               b. Preston
Mary Ellen Nickson        37                       Wife / Assistant                do
Christopher Nickson        3                        Son                                 do


Moor Lane
Precise location of this Inn isn't known.
1818          Richard Warwick
Notes:   In 1818 Richard Warwick was also listed as being at the 
"WINDMILL INN" also on Moor Lane.
Further to the above, there is a reference in Anthony Hewitson's
"NORTHWARD," to the 'Canal Foundry' in Preston. Could he have
been referring to something connected with that?
To add some doubt to that theory, the 'Canal Foundry' was in
Barracks Street, off Marsh Lane.  From "Railways Around Preston"
by Gordon Biddle.
Bear in mind that the 'Sovereign' or 'Royal Sovereign' were
adjacent to the first mill in Preston, on Moor Lane, in Warwick Street.
Note the name of the licensee here - Warwick.
Notes added 28.9.2012
"Canal Factory" was a mill that was opened in 1799.
The old Friarage in Marsh Lane, formerly the House
of Correction, was converted into a cotton mill in 1799.
Could these two be connected?
Although the address I had was Moor Lane, it is not
impossible for that to be erroneous.
Certainly 'Canal Factory' sounds as though it was close
to the canal, and the Friary / House of Correction, was
certainly just to the west of the canal.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


31 Fishergate
The image is shown courtesy of Trevor Kirkham, Preston Historical Society.

1825                      William Dobson
1828 - 29              John Green
1831 - 32              John Porter
1833                      Benjamin Raby  -  moved from the Joiners' Arms in Lord Street.
1836                      Mr. Sutcliffe
1838 - 42              Mrs. Anne Hodgkinson (Hodkinson)
1850 - 54              Charles Utley
1854 - 61              George Parker  d. 28.8.1861 aged 59 years. An Auctioneer as well as an Innkeeper,
                                                                                he was, for 26 years, one of the Sheriff's Officers for the County.
                                                                                Came from the Mitre Inn, a few doors away towards the town centre.
1861 - 62              Mary Irvin
1862 - 63              Sarah Agnes Parker
1864 - 73              Thomas Heaps
1875 - 85              William Kenyon
1889 - 95              James Bowling
1901 - 13              Lawrence Fish
1917 - 19             John P. Kim
1920   Demolished at around this time, and Woolworths was built on its footprint.

NB. In the Preston Guardian 23.8.1879, there was a notice of a transfer of the licence for the Shelley Arms, from Mary Hannah Hardman to Helena Mary Barnett. Were they manageresses, or was there another explanation?


Lady Shelley wrote from 35 Belgrave Square, London, to James Teebay asking him to organise a celebration of her son’s birthday for her Lancashire tenants at the Shelley Arms in Preston. Preferably this was to be on 4 June, the happiest day of her life, the 23rd anniversary of her marriage. [LRO. DDPR 130/19]. The letter is undated but the context makes it 1830. We have no evidence of a reply. The Shelley Arms and Commercial Hotel was situated on Fishergate and was demolished in 1934 when Woolworth’s store was built on the site.    Contribution from: Trevor Kirkham, Preston Historical Society.

Preston Chronicle  24th March 1832
Manchester Courier  6th May 1843
Preston Chronicle  11th June 1853
Lancaster Gazette  23rd September 1854
Preston Chronicle  7th October 1854
 Preston Chronicle  7th October 1854
Author unknown,
PRESTON CHRONICLE 29th AUGUST 1863.  The licence
of the Shelley's Arms Hotel was suspended following
complaints made about the "Dancing Rooms" at these
Preston Chronicle 11th June 1864
Thanks to Heather Crook for the photograph. See enlargement of wording, below.
This is the gravestone of Thomas Heaps' father, also Thomas. 
Both were veterinary surgeons, and in the 1851 Census, both
were listed as 'druggists' at 149, Friargate, Preston

Presented to Mrs Sarah Agnes Parker,/ on her retirement into private life,
as a memento of the high esteem/ of a numerous body of friends/ & as a token
of approval of the manner/ in which she has catered for the comfort of/
COMMERCIAL & OTHER GENTLEMEN/ for a period of 27 years/ PRESTON, MAY 1864.

Courtesy of a relative of Sarah Parker - Nick Shippobotham of South Wales.
 Lancaster Gazette  11th March 1865
Preston Chronicle  29th April 1865
An example of a Sheriff's Court Case, held in the "Shelley's Arms"
RIMMER v RIMMER The Shooting of a Coursing Greyhound "Tramp".
Preston Chronicle 26th October 1867
Another item, courtesy of Trevor Kirkham,
Preston Historical Society.
 Leeds Mercury  14th June 1871
Preston Chronicle  19th December 1874
 Manchester Courier  7th May 1877
 Lancaster Gazette   21st May 1879
 Manchester Courier  5th June 1880
 Manchester Courier  19th September 1885
Manchester Courier  23rd June 1886
 Manchester Courier  24th August 1894
Lancashire Evening Post  3rd May 1899
 Lancashire Evening Post  6th June 1905
 Lancashire Evening Post  13th April 1918
 Lancashire Evening Post  7th September 1918
Lancashire Evening Post  16th September 1918
 Lancashire Evening Post  22nd April 1918
 Lancashire Evening Post  20th September 1918
Lancashire Evening Post  24th October 1918
Lancashire Evening Post  22nd August 1919
Anne Hodkinson               40 years                       Publican
John Hodkinson                22                                Son
Jane Hodkinson                20                                Daughter
Ellen Hodkinson                15                               Daughter
Elizabeth Hodkinson          14                               Daughter

Charles Utley                    34 years - widower.     Innkeeper         b. West Scrafton, Yorks.
Charles Utley                     4                                 Son                             b. Preston

George Parker                  51 years                       Innkeeper                   b. Much Hoole
                                                                     Sheriff's Officer, etc.
Sarah Parker                    46                                Wife                           b. Lancaster
Maria Parker                    22                                Daughter                    b. Preston
Fanny Beanland                24                                Daughter                            do
                                                                   An Innkeeper's wife.
Sarah Agnes Beanland       3                    Grand-daughter          b. Lower Boyton? Lancs
Fanny Beanland                 2                          Grand-daughter                      do
Maria Beanland              3 months              Grand-daughter          b. Preston

Thomas Heaps                 35 years                        Hotel Keeper             b. Preston
Maria Jane Heaps           32                                   Wife                                   do  (Daughter of George and Sarah Parker - see 1861).
Sarah Margaret Heaps      8                                  Daughter                             do

William Kenyon                31 years                     Hotel Proprietor         b. Preston
Margaret Kenyon             28                                Wife                           b. Liverpool

James Bowling                  60 years                       Hotel Proprietor         b. Leyland
Sarah Bowling                  54                                 Sister                         b. Walton-le-dale

Lawrence Fish                  34 years                       Hotel Proprietor         b. Manchester
Minnie Fish                       33                                Wife                          b. Cambridgeshire
Raymond Fish                    7                                 Son                           b. Fifeshire
Muriel Fish                         6                                 Daughter                            do
Kathleen Fish                     4                                 Daughter                            do
Harold Fish                        1                                  Son                          b. Blackpool

Lawrence Fish                  44 years                       Hotel Proprietor        b. Longsight, Manchester
Minnie Fish                       43                   Wife / Assisting in business     b. Coats, Cambridge
Raymond Fish                   17                    Son / Agricultural Student     b. Elie, Fife
Muriel Osborne Fish          16                               Daughter                         do
Kathlene Mans Fish           14                               Daughter                         do
Harold Sam Fish               11                                Son                          b. Blackpool
Kate Wallace                    49                                Visitor                      b. Coats, Cambridge
Mary Capper                    38                               Servant / Barmaid     b. Wolverhampton
Beatrice Deamley              25                               Servant / Barmaid     b. Manchester
Nellie Slevin                      26                          Servant / Chambermaid  b. Millom
Catherine Conroy              27                             General Servant          b. Harrington, Lancs
Marie McKernan              51                               Servant / Cook         b. Co Cavan, Ireland
Sarah Elizabeth Bennett     37                              Servant / Waitress     b. Bulwell, Notts
Janet Cannon                    32                       Servant / Kitchen Maid     b. Kendal, Westmoreland
William Thompson            22                               Servant / Porter        b. Preston

Monday, 17 September 2012

WELCOME INN, Duke Street East

16  Duke Street East  (renamed Queen Street)
later 122 Queen Street / 1 Vat Street
1852 - 64              William Wilkinson   - may have been at the 'New Legs of Man' in 1866 - 67 ?
1865 - 66               Edmund Taylor
1869 - 71               Edward Pearson
1873                      Mrs. Elizabeth Pearson
1874                      James Eastham
1876 - 77              Joseph Sim
1877 - 85              William Salthouse
1885 - 94              George Darwen
1894 - 97              Henry Mark Harrison
1898                      Mary Ann Harrison
1898 - 1903         Thomas Wilson
1903 - 18              Ellen Wilson
1918                     Thomas Noblett - married Mary, daughter of Thomas and Ellen Wilson, above.
1924                     Thomas Cooke
1926                     Henry France
1932                     Wiliam Burrows
1936 - 44              Thomas H. Mason  (Given as Thomas A. Mason in 1944)
Lodge 214 of the Ancient Order of
Druids, celebrated their anniversary
at the house of William Wilkinson,
Welcome Inn, Duke Street.

97 people sat down to an excellent
supper. The funds of the Lodge were
reported to be in a prosperous state.
Preston Chronicle 3rd January 1857
Preston Chronicle   9th April 1859
Edmund Taylor, landlord of the Welcome Inn, Duke Street East, was charged with a breach of his licence. PC. Stancliffe deposed that about 5 minutes to 11 o'clock on Sunday morning, the 2nd inst., he was on duty in Duke Street East, and saw a girl come out of the defendant's house with a gill of whisky in a bottle under her shawl. He took her back to the house, and the defendant said he had supplied the whisky because it was required for a sick person. The girl told him the same, but he believed the story to be incorrect..
Nancy Preston, the little girl alluded to, deposed that she had fetched the whisky, by direction of her mother, for a woman 83 years of age, who was ill in bed. The mother gave corroborative evidence.
Mr. Ascroft, who appeared for the prosecution, said the defendant had kept the house for two years and there had been no complaint against him. It was very likely that the whisky had been supplied for a sick person.
The case was then dismissed.
Preston Herald   15th December 1866
Preston Chronicle   11th November 1871
Preston Chronicle   3rd May 1873
Preston Chronicle   2nd August 1873
Preston Chronicle   9th December 1876
Mine Host in 1876 and 1877
Joseph SIM  b. 17.8.1842 at Turner Green, Salmesbury.
d. February 1922 in Blackburn.
In 1871 he had been the landlord of the Bay Horse Inn, Osbaldeston, and in 1881 was in charge at the Pack Horse Inn, Stalmine.
....and his wife
Elizabeth (Betsy) SIM nee Jackson, b. 9.3.1845 at Ribchester. d.June 1924 at Blackburn
The photographs and accompanying details come courtesy of the wider existing family, for which we are very grateful. Thankyou.
Preston Chronicle   3rd November 1877
Ellen Wilson's husband, Thomas b. 1857, was killed on  the 24th May 1903,
by a runaway horse and trap. Thomas tried to stop the horse, and the shaft of the trap hit him in the liver, causing fatal injuries. He was 44 years of age. Thomas had been a weaving manager
at Moon's Mill in Higher Walton, and later at a mill in Preston.  Thomas and Ellen moved to
the 'Bear's Paw, 38 Church Street, Preston, where he was the landlord in 1897

Ellen continued to run the Welcome with her son, Joseph, and two daughters, Alice Ann and Mary, 
until after the war.
Information from Thomas's great grand daughter, Clare P.
Thanks Clare.
William Wilkinson                   55 years                   Innkeeper                      b. Inglewhite
Ann Wilkinson                        55                            Wife                              b. Preston
James Wilkinson                     18                             Son                                       do
Ann Wilkinson                         9                              Daughter                               do

Edward Pearson                     42 years                    Lic. Vict.                      b. Hoghton
Elizabeth Pearson                   42                              Wife                            b. Blackpool
Lucy Pearson                          12                             Daughter                               do
Mary A. Pearson                     9                              Daughter                      b. Preston
James Pearson                        5                                Son                             b. Ribbleton

William Salthouse                    40 years                    Publican                       b. Freckleton
Mary Salthouse                       37                             Wife                            b. Ireland

George Darwen                      38 years                    Lic. Vict.                       b. Preston
Jane Darwen                           41                             Wife                                      do
Margaret Hackler                    12                             Adopted daughter                  do

Thomas Wilson                      42 years                    Publican                         b. Walton-le-dale
Ellen Wilson                           43                             Wife                                          do
Joseph Wilson                        20                             Son                                           do
Alice A. Wilson                      15                             Daughter                                   do
Mary Wilson                           12                            Daughter                                   do

Ellen Wilson                           53 years                    Publican                        b. Walton-le-dale
Alice Anne Wilson                  25                            Daughter                                    do
Mary Wilson                          22                             Daughter                                   do
Thomas Gillingham                 33                             Servant                         b. Preston
Amy Bertha Wilcox                26                             Servant                                 do