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  1. Steve. I dont know if it is possible to solve a problem for me, but
    here I go. during the late 50s to 60 my father was a steward
    at the Ribble Motor's social club situated in Laurel Street
    which ran between Sheperd Street and Oak Street.I have been
    trying to find any history of this venue but have unable to
    do so.any help would be very much appreciated. here's hoping,
    Many Thank's
    Bill Alton

  2. Just to acknowledge receipt of you enquiry, Bill. I don't know anything about it, but I will try and find something out. There were, 150 years ago beerhouses on the corner of Laurel Street and Shepherd Street, and licensing magistrates tended to regard premises that had had some form of licence more 'leniently'. That's not really the word I was looking for, but they seemed to think it was the plot of land that had the licence rather than the actual building. It would be interesting to learn whether the Club was on that same land. I'll be in touch.

  3. Hello Steve

    Brilliant site.

    Have you seen this?

    would be good to link all your hard work to this project, with some pins on their map! But I’m not volunteering!


    Andrew Hobbs

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  5. My name is Katy Morgan and I am a journalism student at UCLAN. In one of my modules a project that has been given to me is 'Storytelling'.

    I have to chose a subject and get various amounts of media on the subject which are pictures, audio and video. My chosen subject is 'Local History in Preston' and I was wondering if you could be one of the interviews in my project.
    The end goal of my project is to have a series of interviews from people that love history. It will be their stories, their memories on why they love history and how they got into being associated with the local history.
    I really hope that I can interview you as I find any history interesting but I would be more interested in knowing why you love history.

    Thank you