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Eagle and Child, New Street.
Eagle and Child, Church Street.
Eagle and Child, Friargate.
East Lancashire Hotel, Butler Street.
Edinburgh Castle, St. Paul's Square.
Elder's Beerhouse, Butler's Court.
Eldon Hotel, Eldon Street.
Elephant, The   10 Brieryfield Road.
Elephant and Castle, Bridge Lane.
Empire Hotel, Tithebarn Street.
Empire Wine Stores, Friargate.
Engravers' Arms, Salmon Street.
Euston Hotel, Euston Street.
Exchange Hotel, Fox Street
Exchange Tavern, Lune Street.
Express Inn, St. Paul's Square.

Falcon Inn, Adelphi Street.
Falcon, The  Leeming Street.
Farmers' Arms, Back Lane.
Farmers' Home, Back Lane.
Fat Scott, Avenham Lane.
Fazackerley's Arms, Oxford Street.
Ferret Tavern, Friargate.
Field Marshall Lord Raglan's Inn, Harrington Street.
Fighting Cocks, Fylde Street.
Fighting Cocks, Moor Lane.
Fisherman's Cabin, Duke Street.
Fishwick Road Inn, Fishwick Road.
Fitters' Arms, Fletcher Road.
Fitters' Arms, William Street.
Fleece Inn, St. John Street.
Fleetwood Arms, Bridge Lane.
Fletchers' Arms, Fletcher Road.` 
Fly Boat Tavern, Marsh Lane / Bridge Lane.
Flying Dutchman, Queen Street.
Flying Horse Inn, Church Street.
Foresters' Arms, Avenham Lane.
Foresters' Arms, Newton Street.
Foresters' Arms, Ribbleton Lane.
Forresters' Arms, Shepherd Street.
Fortune of War, Mill Bank, Church Street.
Foundry Arms, Shepherd Street.
Fountain Inn, Water Lane.
Fox and Duck, Croft Street.
Fox and Duck, Kilshaw Street.
Fox and Goose, Bolton Street West.
Fox and Grapes, Fox Street.
Fox and Grapes, Ribbleton Lane.
Fox Street Tavern, Fox Street.
Freemasons' Tavern, Nile Street.
Free Gardeners' Arms, Park Road.
Free Gardeners' Arms, Bridge Lane.
Free Gardeners' Arms, Avenham Lane.
Free Trade Inn, Guy's Row.
Frenchwood Tavern, Avenham Lane.
Friar's Gate Inn, 82 Friargate.
Friargate Inn, 82 Friargate.
Friendship Tavern, Ashmoor Street.
Fruiterers' Arms, Tithebarn Street.
Fulwood Railway Hotel, Ribbleton Avenue.
Fylde Tavern, Friday Street.
Fylde Tavern, Fletcher Road.

Garden Gate, Queen Street.
Gardener's Arms, Turk's Head Yard.
Garden's Inn, Hudson's Brow.
Garrick's Head, North Road.
Garth's Arms, Avenham Street.
Gas Inn, Lawson Street.
Gas Tavern, Avenham Lane.
Gas Works Inn, Green Street.
Gas Works Tavern, Avenham Lane.
General Codrington, New Hall Lane.
General Havelock Hotel, Plungington Road.
General Lee, Duke Street.
Geoffrey Arms, Maitland Street.
George Inn, Friargate.
George Inn Concert Hall, Friargate.
George Hotel, Church Street.
George Hotel, Market Street.
George the Third, Brook Street.
Gibraltar Inn, New Hall Lane.
Glass Barrel Hotel, 23 Church Street.  
Globe, New Street.
Globe Inn, Grimshaw Street.
Globe Tavern, Heatley Street.
Glover Street Tavern, Glover Street.
Goat Tavern, 79 High Street.
Golden Anchor, Anchor Weind.
Golden Ball Inn, Main Sprit Wiend.
Golden Ball, New Street.
Golden Cross Hotel, Shambles.
Golden Cross Hotel, Lancaster Road.
Golden Lion, Ward's End.
Golden Lyon, Cheapside.
Golden Lion, Friargate.
Gordon Street Tavern, Gordon Street.
Goulborn Inn, Golbourne Street.
Grand Junction Hotel, Watery Lane.
Grapes and Punchbowl, St. John Street.
Grapes Inn, Church Street.
Great Britain, Friargate.
Great Hanover Tavern, Gt Hanover Street.
Grecian Inn, Lord Street.
Green Dragon, Lancaster Road.
Green Man, Lord Street.
Green Man, Back Wiend.
Greenbank Tavern, Aqueduct Street.
Greenbank Tavern, Victoria Street.
Green Street Tavern, Patten Street.
Grey Horse, Church Street.
Grey Horse and Seven Stars, Fishergate.
Greyhound, Park Road.
Greyhound Inn, London Road.
Griffin Inn, Water Street.
Griffin's Head, Lancaster Road.
Grove Inn, Fylde Road.
Guild Hall Tavern, Library Street.
Guild Concert Hall, Library Street.
Guild Inn, Ribbleton Lane.
Guild Tavern, Park Road.
Guild Tavern, Tithebarn Street.
Guy's Row Inn, Guy's Row / Park Road

Halfway House, New Hall Lane.
Happy Cottage, Higginson Street.
Happy Cottage, Ribbleton.
Hare and Hounds, Avenham.
Hare and Hounds, North Road.
Hare and Hounds, Five Lane Ends.
Hare and Hounds, Porter Street.
Harp Inn, Church Street.
Harrington Hotel, Harrington Street.
Harrison's Hill Tavern, Harrison's Hill.
Hawkin's Arms, Adelphi Street.
Hay Tavern, St. John Street.
Haymarket Tavern, Clayton's Court.
Heart and Shamrock, Back Canal Street.
Hearts of Oak, William Street.
Hearts of Oak, Adelphi Street.
Hen and Chickens, Bridge Street.
Hen and Chickens, Fox Street.
Her Majesty's Hotel, Moor Lane. 
Hermon Hotel, Aqueduct Street.
Hero of Vittoria, North Road.
Hesketh Arms, Lancaster Road.
Hesketh Arms, Preston Quay.
Hesketh Arms & Cemetery Hotel, New Hall Lane.
High Street Tavern, High Street.
Highland Lad, North Street.
Highland Laddie, Avenham Street.
Highland Lass, Canal Street.
Holy Lamb, Church Street.
Holy Lamb, Fishergate.
Holy Lamb Tavern, King Street.
Hoop and Crown, Friargate.
Hornby Castle, Brook Street.
Hornby Castle, Park Road.
Horrock's Arms, Bedford Street.
Horrocks's Arms, Butler Street.
Horse and Farrier, Top of Lord Street.
Horse and Farrier, Melling Street / Kilshaw Street.
Horse Shoe Hotel, Church Street.
Horse Shoe, Back Lane / Orchard.
Hotel National, Friargate.
Humphrey's Clock, Addison's Yard.
Hunt's Arms, King Street.
Hyde Park, St. Paul's Road.

Imperial Hotel, 23 Church Street.  
Imperial Hotel, Lord Street / St. John Street.
Imperial Tavern, Friargate.
Important Fact, Ladyman Street.
Iron Duke, North Road.

Jenny Lind, Church Street.
Jenny Lind, Patten Street.
Jerry Lobby Inn, Salmon Street.
John Bull, Heatley Street.
Jolly Miller, Crown Street.
John O'Gaunt, Avenham Lane.
Joiners' Arms, Lord Street.
Jolly Sailors, Stanley Street.
Jolly Tars, Mount Pleasant.
Judge and Struggle, Ormskirk Road.
Junction Inn, Dunderdale Street.
Jutland Street Tavern, Jutland Street.
Joiners' Arms, Moor Lane.

Kendal Castle, Ladyman Street.
Keystone Inn, Brook Street.
King Street Tavern, King Street.
King William IV, London Road
King's Arms, Stanley Street.
King's Arms, Church Street.
King's Arms, New, Miller Arcade.
King's Arms and Woolpack, Church-gate.
King's Head Hotel, Friargate.
Kittys Whim, address unknown.
Knowsley, The,  Lancaster Road
Knowsley Hotel, Knowsley Street.

Labourers' Arms, Canal Street.
Lady of the Lake, Tithebarn Street.
Lamb Hotel, Church Street.
Lamb Inn, Park Road.
Lamb Tavern, King Street.
Lamb and Packet Inn, Friargate.
Lancashire Lasses, Brook Street.
Lancashire Leaper, Brook Street.
Lane Ends Hotel, Blackpool Road.
Lane Tavern, North Road.

Lark Hill Tavern, Richmond Street.
Latham House, St. John's Place.
Legs of Man,  Gin Bow Entry.
Lime Kiln Inn, Aqueduct Street.
Little Bridge Inn, Ribbleside.
Little John Inn, Atkinson Street.
Liver Hotel, Friargate.
Liverpool House, Shepherd Street.
Lodge Bank Tavern, Leeming Street.
Longridge Railway Tavern, Deepdale Street.
Lord Hill Inn, Adelphi Street.
Lord Napier of Magdala, Adelphi Street.
Lord Nelson Inn, North Road.
Lord Raglan Inn, Harrington Street.
Lovat Road Hotel, Lovat Road.
Lune Bridge Inn, Malt Street, Breweryfield.
Lutwidge Arms, Peel Hall Street.


  1. I cant find any reference to the Lancaster Pub in Lancaster rd Preston, it was opposite the Spindlemakers arms I was a waiter there in 1962 I would love a picture of this pub where I worked.

    1. Hello Tom, Sorry for the delay. The original idea was to include all those that were in existence up to WW1, but I've since added available material after that date. I remember the Lancaster well, although I didn't go in it more than a handful of times. I have included the Brunswick because I spent far too much time in there, although material for either place is thin on the ground. If you can tell me much about the Lancaster, I'll try and get round to adding it. Thanks for your interest anyway.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.