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Saturday, 16 July 2016


23  (later 185)  Fylde Road
a.k.a. "TH'OLE IN'T WALL"

One theory as to why the place got the name "Th'ole in't Wall" was because
beer was served to passing train drivers, who pulled up adjacent to the pub,
and were served through 'Th'ole in't Wall.' There are other theories, which
are equally as likely to be true (or otherwise). 
1869 - 71              Evan Bretherton
1877 - 81              John Taylor
1882 - 83              Robert Helm(e)     d. 23.9.1883 aged 30 years.
1883 - 86              Sarah Ann Helm(e)
1887                     Thomas Stephen Swindlehurst [Sarah Helm was a Swindlehurst. Is this her brother? NO! Although she was born Swindlehurst, she coincidentally married, following the death of Robert Helm, an unrelated man of that name.] Courtesy of Gillian Armour, great-great-grand-daughter.
1888 - 1907          Edward Taylor
1910 - 13              Richard Taylor
1917 - 27             Thomas Walter Poole
1932                     Thomas Martin
1936                     William Dobson
1940                     Thomas Butcher
1944 - c.1950       W. G. Davies
Late 50's.             William Pickthall
                              Alfred Kent ?
                              Jean Robertson
At the BREWSTER SESSIONS, Evan Bretherton had his
licence objected to, on the grounds that he had breached
the Sunday Act. It was stated that the man had promised 
to keep his house more orderly in the future.
Application granted.
Preston Chronicle  18th September 1869
Henry Johnson, a negro, was charged with being in the
beerhouse, the Princess Alexandra, Fylde Road, for an
unlawful purpose. Evan Bretherton said he was the
landlord, and that at about twenty minutes past two o'clcok
that morning, his wife awoke, and heard someone striking 
matches in the room. She said, "Evan, there are thieves in
the room," and he instantly jumped up and followed the
prisioner up and down the room.They got half-way down the 
stairs when they fell together. The prisoner bit the landlord 
on his arms and legs.

Bretherto'n wife called for help, and two lamp-lighters came,
and bound the prisoner with rope. He had entered by a bedroom 
window that had been left open.

Johnson was remanded until the following Wednesday.
Preston Chronicle 26th August 1871
On the 30th June, at Christ Church,
Preston, by the Rev. Raymond Firth,
Mr. Robert Helm, to Miss Sarah Ann Swindlehurst
Robert Helm(e) died from typhoid fever at the age of 30,on 23.9. 1883, 
shortly after becoming the landlord. In the 1881 Census he was listed 
as a 'railway points-man', living in Euston Street, Preston.
 In 1882 he was the Vice-President of the PERSEVERANCE
Robert Helm(e)'s widow, Sarah Ann, who didn't stay many more
years after her husband's death. She was succeeded by Thomas Stephen
Swindlehurst - Sarah married him!  John Swindlehurst was the captain
of the cricket team mentioned above.

Both the above photographs are courtesy of Gillian Armour,
great-great-grand daughter of Sarah Helm.
Left to Right: WG  ( Bill ) Davies ( licensee ) David Davies (son ) Walter (?)?????,                          Peggy Davies (wife ),       ? ,       Herbert C ( Bert ) Tyson 
Photo courtesy of Bernard Tyson, who was 8 or 9 years old at the time, hence the queries regarding some of the characters. ALSO, anyone know the man standing between Peggy Davies and Bert Tyson? And who was W
Evan Bretherton                  36 years                   Beerseller                       b. Chorley
Elizabeth Bretherton            35                            Wife                               b. Clayton
Mary Bretherton                 16                            Daughter                         b. Farrington
Margaret E. Bretherton       14                            Daughter                                   do
Thomas A. Bretherton         11                            Son                                b. Chorley
Sarah A. Bretherton             9                             Daughter                         b. Preston
Ada Bretherton                    3                             Daughter                                   do
Edward Bretherton               1                             Son                                          do

John Taylor                        39 years                   Beerhouse Keeper          b. Ireland
Alice Taylor                       34                             Wife                               b. Bolton

Edward Taylor                   44 years                   Beerseller                        b. Preston
Mary E. Taylor                  36                             Wife                                       do
Elizabeth E. Taylor             14                             Daughter                                do
Ann Taylor                         13                             Daughter                                do
John Taylor                        11                             Son                                        do
Richard Taylor                    8                              Son                                        do
Jane Taylor                         6                              Daughter                                do
Mary A. Taylor                  4                               Daughter                                do
James Taylor                      2                              Son                                         do
Helena Taylor                   10 months             Daughter                                do
   The Census actually says that they were all born in Southport, but I doubt it.

Edward Taylor                 54 years                     Beerseller                      b. Preston
Elizabeth Ellen Taylor       24                              Daughter                               do
John Taylor                      21                              Son                                       do
Richard Taylor                 18                              Son                                       do
Jane Taylor                      16                              Daughter                               do
Mary Agnes Taylor          14                              Daughter                               do
Helena Taylor                  10                              Daughter                               do
Gertrude Taylor                8                               Daughter                               do
James Taylor                   12                              Son                                       do


Wednesday, 13 July 2016


In the Preston Court Leet records for 1699 (the original - not Hewitson's transcription) there is

The psons for letting their Middings lye at or near before their respective doors at ffryergate end to the anoyance of the Kings publick high way & do order them to remove the same before the first of May next on paine of 6s. 8d. a peice. vizt.
Wm Tomlinson at Eagle & Child, John ffisher, John Hatch, John Jameson, John Helme, Henry Barnes junr, Hugh Gurnall, Hugh Swansey on at the Back of the house, John Green, Wm Tomlinson & James Kitchin in the same lane. 
So, it appears that there was an Eagle and Child somewhere in Friargate.

1699       Wm. Tomlinson