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Machine Makers' Arms, North Road.
Malt Kiln Tavern, Mill Bank, Church Street.
Malt Shovel, Patten Street.
Man and Shoe, Turk's Head Court.
Mariners' Home, Marsh Lane.
Market Tavern, Orchard Street.
Market Hotel, St. John Street.
Market Inn, Market Street.
Market Tavern, Lune Street.
Marsh Lane Tavern, Marsh Lane.
Masons' Arms, Mason Street.
Mattie's Whim, Chapel Walks.
Maudland Bank Inn, Maudland Bank.
Maudland Inn, Pedder Street.
Meadows' Arms, Meadow Street.
Mechanics' Arms, Fish Street.
Mechanics' Arms, Bridge Lane.
Merchants' Arms, Oak Street.
Mill Stone Tavern, Moor Lane.
Mill Tavern, North Road.
Miners' Home, Marsh Lane.
Mitre Inn, Market Place.
Mitre Inn, Fishergate.
Mitre Tavern, Moor Lane.
Moor Brook Inn, North Road.
Moor Hall Inn, Hammond Street.
Moor Park Inn, Garstang Road.
Morning Star, North Road
Morning Star, St. Austin's Road.
Moss Rose Inn, Fylde Road.
Moss Tavern, Fylde Road.
Moulders' Arms, Edmund Street.
Moulders' Arms, Turk's Head Yard.
Mountain Stag, Mill Bank, Church Street.

Nag's Head, Churchgate (now Church Street)
Nag's Head, Friargate.
Napolean Inn, Bushell Street.
Navigation Inn, Marsh Lane.
Nelson's Monument, Ribbleton Lane.
Neptune Hotel, Strand Road.
New Anchor Inn, Marsh Lane.
New Baths Inn, Melbourne Street.
New Beef Inn, Friargate.
New Bridge Inn, Ribbleside.
New Britannia Inn, Heatley Street.
New Cattle Market Inn, Brook Street.
New Cock Inn, New Cock Yard.
New Cross, Saul Street.
New Duke, Edward Street.
New Fighting Cocks, Fylde Street.
New Fleece, Meadow Street.
New Gas Inn, Lawson Street.
New Hall Lane Tavern, New Hall Lane.
New Harbour Tavern, Spring Street.
New Hollins Inn, Paradise Street.
New Holly Inn, Sizer Street.
New Inn, North Road.
New Inn, Heatley Street.
New Inn, Queen Street.
New Lamb Inn, 115 Park Road.  
New Legs of Man, Fishergate
New Park Inn, Brackenbury Street.
New Park Inn, Great Hanover Street.
New Quay Inn, Marsh Lane / Strand Road.
New Royal George, North Road.
New Ship, Marsh End
New Sun, Ribbleton Lane.
New Tiger, Stanley Street.
New Town Hall Tavern, Main Sprit Wiend.
New Weavers' Arms, Carlisle Street.
New Welcome Inn, Sizer Street.
Night Hawk Inn, Plungington Road.
North End Hotel, Corporation Street.
North Euston Hotel, Moor Lane.
North House, Fishergate.
North Road Hotel, North Road.
North Star, Great George Street.
North Star, Hawkins Street.
North Street Inn, Hawkins Street.
North Union Hotel, Butler Street.
North Union Railway Hotel, Butler Street.
North Western Hotel, 33 Lancaster Road South.
North Western Hotel, Fishergate.

Ocean Monarch, 7 Sidney Street East.
Oddfellows' Arms, Ladyman Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Fox Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Mount Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Gorst Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Leeming Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, Lancaster Road.
Oddfellows' Arms, Park Road.
Oddfellows' Arms, Adelphi Street.
Oddfellows' Arms, London Road.
Old Black Bull Inn, 35 Friargate.
Old Cock Inn, Old Cock Yard.
Old Dog Inn, Church Street.
Old England Hotel, Ribbleton Lane.
Old House at Home, William Street.
Old House at Home, Salter Street North.
Old King's Head, Friargate.
Old Legs of Man, Fishergate.
Old Oak, Ribbleton Lane.
Old Oak Tree, Marsh Lane.
Old Pump Inn, Albert Street.
Old Quay Inn, West Strand Road.
Old Red Lion, Church Street.
Old Royal George, North Road.
Old Ship Inn, Swansea Terrace, Water Lane
Old Sir Simon, Friargate.
Olive Branch, Back Canal Street.
Oliver Cromwell, Shepherd Street.
Oporto Wine Stores, Church Street.
Ormskirk Tavern, High Street.
Oxheys Hotel, Plungington Road.
Oxford Tavern, Bowker Street.

Pack Horse Inn, Heatley Street.
Pack Horse, Walker Street.
Packet Boat, Ashton-on-Ribble.
Pagannini Tavern, Hope Street.
Painters' Arms, High Street.
Palace Inn, Grimshaw Street.
Palatine Hotel, Avenham Lane.
Paradise Tavern, William Street.
Park Hotel, East Cliff.
Park Road Inn, Park Road
Park Tavern, Dover Street.
Parkers' Arms, Manchester Road
Park Place Tavern, Park Place.
Paviors' Arms, Fylde Road.
Pedder's Arms, Wellfield Road.
Pedestrian Arms, Heatley Street.
Peel Hall Hotel. Peel Hall Street.
Peel's Arms, New Hall Lane.
Pet Dogs Inn, Green Street.
Pied Bull, Scotland Road (Park Road)
Piel Castle, Brougham Street.
Pilot Inn, Addison's Yard.
Pioneer Inn, Victoria Street.
Plasterers' Arms, Oak Street.
Plasterers' Arms, Glover Street.
Plasterers' Arms, Hope Street.
Pleasure Boat Inn, Ribbleside.
Plough, New Hall Lane.
Plough Inn, Friargate.
Plough Tavern, Orchard Street.
Plumbers' Arms, Fylde Street.
Plumpton Brook Inn, Snow Hall / Lawson Street.
Plungington Tavern, Plungington Road.
Pork Market Tavern, Ratcliffe Street.
Port Admiral, Lancaster Road.
Preston & Longridge Railway Hotel, Deepdale Street.
Prime Jug, Back Lane.
Prince Albert, 65 Pleasant Street.
Prince Albert, 101 Ribbleton Lane.
Prince Albert Tavern, London Road.
Prince Albert Hotel (Sumner's), Watling Street Road.
Prince Arthur Hotel, Moor Lane.
Prince Arthur Inn, Avenham Lane.
Prince Consort, Aqueduct Street.
Prince Consort, Stanley Street.
Prince of Peace, Turner Street.
Prince of Wales Feathers Inn, Back Lane.
Prince of Wales Inn, High Street.
Prince Regent Tavern, Egan Street.
Princess Alexandra, Fylde Road.
Princess Alice Inn, Hammond Street.
Princess Royal Inn, Byron Street.
Public Hall Hotel, Ratcliffe Street.
Punch Tavern, Ribbleton Lane.
Punch Bowl and Grapes, St. John Street.

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