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As time goes by I will show on this
page all the recent additions that  I've made
to the site, together with the appropriate links.
  By doing so, I will make it possible for those
viewers who have 'visited' a public house before,
to re-visit it to see what's new.
It may be the addition of a sentence or two, or
it could be a whole new story.


(latest at the top) 
These are just significant additions.

Red Lyon, Fryergate
Snow Hill Tavern, Snow Hill.
Seven Starrs, ffryergate.     New premises found in Court Leet Records.
Above added  10.9.2016 
Eagle and Child, Friargate. Found in original copy of Court Leet Records.
Barley Mow, New Hall Lane.  Large number of items added.
Barley Mow, Pitt Street.    Large number of items added.
Old Black Bull Hotel, Friargate.  Large number of items added.
Dog and Partridge, Friargate.  Large number of items added.
Black Horse Hotel, Friargate.   Large number of items added.
Spread Eagle Hotel, Lune Street.  Large number of items added.
Above added w/c 11th January 2016
Port Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Road. Large number of items added.
Lamb and Packet Hotel, Friargate.  Numerous 19th and 20th century items added.
Above added w/c 4th January 2016
Balmoral Hotel, Manchester Road.  Numerous 20th century items added.
Above added w/c 21st December 2015 
 Adelphi Hotel, Fylde Street. About nine items added
Above added w/c 7.12.2015
Springfield Inn, Marsh Lane.  Several new pieces added.
General Lee Inn,  Duke Street.  Several pieces added.

New Anchor Inn, Marsh Lane. Four articles added
Above added w/c 16.11.2015
Old House at Home, William Street. First image of pub added.
Morning Star, North Road. Image of beerhouse from 1902 Preston Guild added.
Above added w/c 26.10.2015
Navigation Inn, Marsh Lane. Improved photo and 5 new items/articles added.
Above added w/c 5.10.2015
Port Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Rd. Over 70 items added to this 
                                                                   (re-constructed)  page.

Nag's Head, Friargate.  4 or 5 new items added.

Above added w/c 15.6.2015
The Great Britain,Friargate.  Fantastic reflection on Friargate 
                                                       added (1940, looking back to the 1800s)
Hoop and Crown, Friargate.  Several newspaper clips added.
Amby Power, Dale Street. Evidence of where the name derived.
Above added w/c 8.6.2015
Waterloo Hotel, Friargate.  Interesting 1876 article added.
New Cock Inn, off Fishergate.   Several (5) items added.
Above added w/c 25th May 2015 
Jerry Lobby Inn, Salmon Street. Several items added.
Above added w/c 8th December 2014
MITRE HOTEL, Fishergate. Several 20th century items added.
Exchange Hotel, Fox Street,  Several 20th C. items added.
Sir Charles Napier, Edgar St.   Seven new articles added.
Above added w/c 1st December 2014
BANK HOTEL BEERHOUSE, Butler's Court.   NEW.  See next item as well
ELDER'S BEERHOUSE, Butler's Court. 1st NEW one for several months!!
Above added on the 5th August 2014.
BAND OF HOPE, Richmond St. Should this read 'Bud of Hope'???
Brunswick Hotel, Charlotte Street. Info required.
Above added 13.4.2014
New Park Inn, Great Hanover St. Fantastic memories added.
Brewers' Arms, Harrington Street.These two are synonymous with one
Harrington Hotel, Harrington Street. Photo added
Above added 5th January 2014
Public Hall Hotel, Corporation Street/Ratcliffe St. Photo added
Prince Consort Inn, Aqueduct Street.  Photo added.
Port Admiral Hotel, Lancaster Road.  Better photo added.
Oddfellows Arms, Adelphi Street.   Two photos added.
Navigation Inn, Marsh Lane.  Photo (a poor one) added.
John O'Gaunt, Avenham Lane.  Two photos added.
Falcon Inn, Adelphi Street.  Photo added.
Durham Ox, Park Road.   New photo added.
Craven Heifer, North Road.    Photo added.
Commercial Inn, North Road.  Photo added.
Mechanics' Arms, Fish Street.  Photo added.
Moorbrook Inn, North Road.  New photo added.
Harrison's Hill Tavern, Harrison's Hill,  New photo added
Garth's Arms (Duke of Windsor). Avenham St.  Photo added.
Albert Inn, Ribbleton Lane.  Photo added.
Neptune Hotel, Strand Road.  Photos added.
Bridge Inn, Maudland Bank.  Photo added.
Above added 10th December 2013
King's Head, Friargate. 1806 advert added. 12 years added to knowledge.
Above added 3rd December 2013 
Jerry Lobby,  Salmon Street. Photo of arched cellar added
Sun Inn, Friargate.Several items re. Clowes family, early 1800's
Above added 28th November 2013
Turf Tavern, Old Cock Yard. 1st 'NEW' addition for 8 months!!
Above added  7th November 2013
Pleasure Boat Inn, Riverside. Nearly 30 new items added.
Above added 5th November 2013
Morning Star Inn, St. Austin's Rd.,  Evocative old photo added.
Above added 29th October 2013
Ram's Head, Gin Bow Entry.Corrections from Perth, Australia 
Virgin's Inn, Anchor Weind.  Fascinating photo added
Moorbrook Inn, North Road. Some modern additions.
Black Bull Hotel, Cheapside.  18th century material added.
Bull and Royal Hotel, Church St. Some early material added.
Above added 1st August 2013
Waterloo Hotel,  Friargate.  Some early material added.
Above added  18th June 2013
Park Road Inn, Park Road.  1953 photograph added.
Above added  5th June 2013
Union Inn, Albyn Bank Street.  1950's photograph added.
Above added  24th May 2013
Grey HorseChurch Street.    Several pieces of new material added
Crown Hotel, Church Street.  Large amount of material added.
(New) Red Lion Hotel, Church Street.  Early material added.
Old Legs of Man, Fishergate.  A lot of early material added.
Eagle and Child, Church Street.Large amount of material added
Above added Thursday 23rd May 2013
York Castle, Adelphi Street.  Huge amount of material added.
Woolpack Inn, Back Lane.  Three small 1890's additions.
White Lion, Syke Hill.  Three articles added
White Bull, Church Street.Notice from 1755 added, (London paper)
White Boar, London Road.  First two pieces added for here.
Royal Hotel, Church Street. New article added (1887)
Millstone Inn, Moor Lane.  Same article as 'West Riding' added
West Riding Railway Hotel, North Street. Long article added.
Above added Tuesday 21st May 2013
Wellington Inn, Glovers' Court.  Several new items added.
Welcome Inn, Duke Street East.  Lots of new stuff added.
Virgin's Inn, Anchor Weind.  Several new items added.
Vine Tavern, High Street.  Several new items added.
Victoria Inn/Hotel, Adelphi Street.   Several items added.
Victoria and Station, Fishergate. Several items added.
Above added Sunday 5th May 2013
Union Hotel, Maudland Bank. Large amount of material added.
Fylde Tavern, Friday Street. Article re: "Cave" family added
Above added Wednesday 1st May 2013.
Rawsthorne Arms, Fylde Road.Long and detailed article added.
Above added Monday 29th April 2013
Preston Guild 1822      Click here
Above added  Saturday 30th March 2013
Park Hotel, East Cliff.Material re Preston Grasshoppers added.
Church Gates, Church Street.    ***NEW***
Above added Tuesday 19.3.2013
York Castle, Adelphi Street. Not exactly NEW, but seems to have become the 
                                                                      victim of a technological aberration, and disappeared!!
Highland Lass, Canal Street.      ***NEW***
Stone Cottage,  Egan Street.  Several new items added.
Star and Garter, Brook Street. Several new items added.
Stanley Vaults, Stanley Street. Widely covered trial added.
Above added Tuesday 5th March
Stanley Arms Hotel, Lancaster Road. Several new items added.
Spread Eagle Hotel, Lune Street.  Several new items added.
Above added Monday 4th March
Springfield Tavern, Marsh Lane.  Several new items added.
South Meadow Street Tavern, Edmund Street.  **NEW**
Weavers' Arms,  King Street. Large amount of material added.
White Bull, New Street.  Large amount of new material added.
THE TUB, Turk's Head Yard.  A NEW retail brewery.
George Inn, Friargate.  A lot of early material added.
Mitre Inn, Fishergate.  A lot of early 1800's material added.
Old Red Lion, Church Street. Several 200 yr old pieces added.
Sailors' Home, Marsh Lane.  Large amount of material added.
Albion Hotel, Church Street.  Interesting new material added.
Royal Consort, Meadow Street. New material added.
Rosebud Hotel, London Road.Large amount of material added.
Above, added after Wednesday 26th February
Rifleman Inn, Water Street.  Large amount of material added.
Railway Hotel, Butler Street.  Lots of new stuff added.
Regatta Hotel, Fishergate Hill.Some interesting material added
Ribble View Inn, Wellfield Road.  Several items added.
Ribbleton Mill Tavern, German St. Lots of material added.

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                                                                   all about it.

Park Hotel, East Cliff. Two plans and a photograph added.
Queen Adelaide, New Hall Lane. New material added.
Queen's Arms, North Road. Lots of new material added.
Market Inn, Orchard Street.   **NEW**
Prime Jug, Starch Houses.     Large amount of material added.
Port Admiral, Lancaster Rd.   Large amount of material added.
Piel (Peel) Castle, Brougham Street.   NEW material added.
Pet Dogs,  Green Street.     HUGE amount of material added.
Peel Hall Hotel, Peel Hall Street.    New material added.

Green Man, Back Weind.      **NEW**
Rose and Crown, Friargate.       **NEW**
Seven Starrs, Friargate.           **NEW**
Plough (Plow), Churchgate.       **NEW**
Talbot Inn,  Back Lane.              **NEW**
Old Spread Eagle, Chapel-walks.        **NEW**
Duke of Cumberland, Chapel Walks.    **NEW**
Mattie's Whim, Chapel-walks.      **NEW**
Old Pump Inn, Albert Street.       **NEW**
Longton Lass, 79 Saul Street.     **NEW**
Old Legs of Man, Fishergate.SENSATIONAL story added (1904)
Pleasure Boat Inn, Ribbleside. At least NINE articles added.
Palatine Hotel, Avenham Lane,  Interesting CENSUS material added.
SUN INN, Main Sprit Weind.  Answer to MYSTERY FACE.
North House (Albert Hotel) Fishergate. LOT of material added.
Old Dog Inn, Church Street. Significant amount added.
Oddfellows' Arms, Park Road. Small, but significant additions.
North Union Hotel, Butler Street. New material added.
North Western Hotel, Fishergate. Lot of new material added.
New Inn,  Queen Street.  New material added.
New Inn, North Road.  Quantity of new material added.
New Cross,  Saul Street.   First articles added.
New Cock Inn, New Cock Yard.Huge amount of material added
Moor Park Inn, Garstang Road.Large amount of articles added
Merchants' Arms, Oak Street.
Cattle Market Hotel, Brook Street. Some great photos added.
Crooked Billet, Green Street.      (NEW)
Castle Hotel, Market Place.      Interesting plans added.
Old Legs of Man, Fishergate.    HUGE amount of material added.
New Legs of Man, Fishergate.    Large amount of material added.
Stanley Street Tavern, Stanley Street.     (NEW)
Lady of the Lake, St. John Street.  Large amount of material added.
Sailors' Home, Marsh Lane.    Some marvellous new images.
Birmingham Arms,     ?          (NEW)
White Cross, Saul Street.       (NEW)
Happy Cottage, Ribbleton.     (NEW)
Fazackerley Arms,  Oxford Street.
Quebec Hotel, Moor Lane.
Sumner's Hotel, formerly the Prince Albert Hotel, Watling Street Road.
                                    Strictly speaking it's 100 metres outside the borough boundary.  
East Lancashire Hotel, Butler Street. Large amount of material added.
Dusty Miller, North Road.   Huge amount of material added.
Durham Ox, Park Road.     Large amount of material added.
Duke William, Church Street.  Large amount of material added.
Dog and Duck, Marsh Lane.      (NEW)
Dog and Pheasant, Grimshaw Street.
Crown and Thistle, Friargate.
New Tiger, Stanley Street.
Railway Tavern, Tithebarn Street.    (NEW)
Railway Hotel, Moor Lane.          (NEW)
Spinners' Arms, Marsh Lane.      (NEW)
Corporation Arms, Lune Street / Wharfe Street. Huge amount of
                                                                                                                        new material added.
Whittle's Arms, Hope Street.           (NEW)
Craven Heifer, North Road. Huge amount of material added to this page.
Chorley Tavern, Butler Street.                        (NEW)
Cotton Tree, Lancaster Road / Appleby Street.    (NEW)
Shovel and Broom, Bridge Street.              (NEW)
South Meadow Street Tavern,  Edmund Street.   (NEW)
Blind Fiddler, North Road.
Junction Inn, Dunderdale Street.
Cross Keys, Adelphi Street.
Continental Hotel, South Meadow Lane.
Corporation Arms, Lune Street. Long article re 'fearful' accident, 8/10/1853.
Green Street Tavern, Patten Street.            (NEW)
Church Hotel, North Road / Lancaster Rd. Huge amount of material added
Duke of Magenta Inn, Patten Street.   (NEW)
Ravenswood Castle, Patten Street.     (NEW)
Greenbank Tavern, Victoria Street.
Sun Inn, Main Sprit Weind.
Buck i'th Vine, Bow Lane.
Th' Elephant, Brieryfield Road.
Brunswick Tavern, Brunswick Street.
Balmoral Hotel, Manchester Road.
Brunswick Tavern, Canute Street.
Market Inn, Back Lane (Market Street)
Duke of Cambridge, Hammond Street.
Navigation Inn, Spring Street.
Anchor Inn, Nile Street.
Cloggers' Arms, Fylde Road.        (NEW)
Continental Hotel, South Meadow Lane.
Crown and Shuttle, Crown Street.
Sitting Goose, North Road.
Gardener's Arms, Turk's Head Yard.        (NEW)
Flying Horse, Church Street.
Ring O'Bells, High Street.
County Arms, Deepdale Road.
Mitre Inn, Market Place.
Spotted Cow Inn, High Street.
Pleasure Boat Inn, Ribbleside.
Twin Sisters, Marsh Lane.                (NEW)
Burns Tavern, North Road.
Bold Venture, Ribbleton Lane.
Bowling Green, Edward Street / Friargate.
Hunt's Tavern, Park Lane (North Road)     (NEW)
St. Mary's Hotel, St. Mary's Street.
Bird-in-Hand, North Road.
Three Legs of Man, 'Over by the Town Hall'  (NEW?)
Badger, The   Church Wiend.                           (NEW)
White Horse, Fishergate.
Kittys Whim, address unknown.                  (NEW)
Prince Arthur Hotel, Moor Lane.
Grey Horse & Seven Stars, Fishergate.
Bay Horse, North Road.
The Falcon, Leeming Street.
Baths Hotel, Saul Street.
Bakers' Arms, Lawson Street.
Talbot Inn, Chapel Yard.
Old Dog Inn, Church Street.
Woolpack Inn, Back Lane.
Spindlemakers' Arms, Lancaster Road.
Black Tiger, Church Street.
Anchor Inn, Nile Street.
Blue Bell, Church Street.
Black Swan, Water Street.
Queen's Palace, Gorst Street/Clayton Street.
Guild Tavern, Tithebarn Street.
Griffin Inn, Water Street.
New Hollins Inn, Paradise Street.
Plough Inn, Friargate.
Pleasure Boat Inn, Ribbleside.
New Legs of Man, Fishergate.
Griffin Inn, Water Street (now Manchester Road).
Boilermakers Arms, Lancaster Road.
Soldiers' Welcome, Patten Street.
Swan Inn, New Street.
Globe Tavern, Heatley Street.
Three Crowns, Stanley Street.
North Union Railway Hotel, Butler Street / Fishergate
North Western Hotel, Fishergate.
Star and Garter, Brook Street.
Mitre Inn, Fishergate.
Ferret Tavern, Friargate.
(Prince) Albert Inn, Pleasant Street.
Albion Hotel, Church Street.
Allies Inn, Vat Street.
Amby Power, Dale Street.
Bowling Green Inn, Edward Street / Friargate.
Anglers' Inn, Pole Street.
Morning Star, St. Austin's Road.
Shelley Arms Hotel, Fishergate.
Pilot Inn, Addison Court.
Golden Ball, New Street.
County Arms, Deepdale Road.
Spread Eagle Hotel, Lune Street


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