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This could take the form of family history details, stories relating to a property, or a photograph. All additions will be credited in the way you prescribe.

A new addition could benefit YOU! and vice versa; so, please keep it coming.

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"Preston Magazine"
Magazine, that deals with all matters relating to the history of Preston, is published on a monthly basis.
It can be found in most public places and some retail shops in the city centre,
but alternatively
you could request a copy in Pdf format
via email.
Send your request to Heather at
Click on the address.
If you would like to send a (6 or 12) book of stamps to:
"The Preston Magazine" 121 Broad Oak Lane, 
Penwortham, Preston  PR1 0XA

Heather will send you the next 6 or 12 issues
of the magazine by post.
Don't forget to give her your address!
If you'd like to see some past issues, click on the following links:
Issue 8  Feb / March 2013
Issue 7  January 2013
Issue 6 -   To follow shortly
Issue 5 - November 2012
Issue 4 - October 2012
Issue 3 - September 2012
Issue 2 - August 2012
Issue 1 - July 2012

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