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Thursday, 7 November 2013

TURF TAVERN, Old Cock Yard

Old Cock Yard.
Probably synonymous with the Old Cock Inn.
1807 - 1809       Thomas Bradburn

  Note the connection with the 'Turf': 'Sworn Judge of the Races'
York Herald  13th June 1807 

Lancaster Gazette  24th June 1809
Lancaster Gazette  16th September 1809
DEATH:  On Monday 3rd December 1838,
Alice, wife of Mr. Thomas Bradburn, Great Avenham
Street, Aged 66 years.
Preston Chronicle  8th December 1838
There isn't 100% certainty that this refers
to 'our' Thomas Bradburn's wife, but it's a very
uncommon name in Preston.
In the 1841 Census, Thomas Bradburn, 68 years,
is still living in Great Avenham Street, with his son,
Thomas Bradburn, 40 years. Both are described
as 'Independent'.