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Monday, 13 November 2017

HESKETH ARMS, Lancaster Road

43 Lancaster Road (South)
1861                       John Barnes
1865                       Ellen Grundy
1866 - 67               Mr and Mrs. Robert Grundy - daughter, Elizabeth Ann, 22 years, died 12.12.1867
1869 - 71               James Watts
1873                       Robert Clarkson
1877 - 81               Alfred Walmsley
1882 - 85               William Preston
1885 - 89               William Moon
1889 - 95                George Terry
1895 - 97                William Rhodes
1897                       George Foster Morris
1897                       Marian Baring
1899 - 1900           Alfred Greenwood
1901                       William Southworth#

# On March 15th 1901 Southworth had been given a 'Temporary Authority Licence,' but on April 3rd 1901, the Full Transfer was refused, because Alfred Greenwood was awaiting trial for receiving stolen goods. On the 10th he was convicted, and disqualified from holding a licence. On the 12th April 1901 permission was refused to continue business until Transfer Day.

On 5th May 1901 an application for a licence was refused.
On 3rd July an appeal was made against the refusal, Dismissed with costs.

I'm not sure what was going on here, unless Southworth was involved with the case against Greenwood.
Lancaster Gazette  22nd August 1883
Committal of Accused
At Preston yesterday, Henry Cornwall, 26 years, labourer, and Alfred Greenwood, landlord of the Hesketh Arms, Lancaster Road, Preston, were charged on remand, the former with stealing, and the latter with receiving property to the value of over £116. The stolen property, it was stated, included 66 rings, 480 cigars, 23 pipes, and a number of cigar and cigarette holders, along with 40 to 50 watches which had not been traced.
When Cornwell was arrested, he confessed to breaking into five shops, and informed the police that the whole of the property would be found at the Hesketh Arms.
Greenwood said that he had bought some stuff from Cornwall, but he had paid market value for it. A search resulted in the police finding all the property mentioned, but the watches they failed to recover.
Both prisoners were committed for trial.
Manchester Courier  16th February 1901.
At Preston Quarter Session yesterday, Alfred Greenwood, 33 years, publican, for receiving stolen property, was sentenced to 5 years' penal servitude; and Henry Cornwell, 24 years, labourer, for breaking into several shops and stealing goods to the value of £117, at Preston, was sentenced to 4 years' imprisonment.
Manchester Courier  12th April 1901
John Barnes                 35 years                        Victualler                 b. Walton-le-dale
Alice Barnes                30                                 Wife                        b. Withnell
   ??   Barnes                 5                                  Daughter                 b. Preston
   ??   Barnes                 3                                  Daughter                          do
John Barnes                  1                                   Son                                 do

James Watts                46 years                         Publican                  b. Ireland
Jane Watts                   46                                  Wife                       b. Preston
Jane Watts                   18                                  Daughter                          do

Alfred Walmsley          31 years                        Lic. Vict.                 b. Preston
Emily Walmsley             9                                 Daughter                 b. Poulton-le-Fylde
Ealioee? Walmsley        7                                 Daughter                           do

George Terry               45 years                        Lic. Vict.                 b. Rawtenstall
Eliza Terry                   40                                  Wife                       b. Preston
Gertrude Terry              1                                  Daughter                          do


  1. A photo of the former Hesketh Arms in use as Singers Army Stores

  2. Alfred Greenwood was my Gt Grandfather. I can't find any trace of him following his sentencing. :(

    1. Sue, I'm sorry about this, but I've just done some searching on old newspapers and uncovered your Great Grandfather's fate. I've transcribed the articles from the Manchester Courier and put them on the website. Don't worry, nobody will bother too much about it...sometimes needs must!!