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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

NEW LEGS OF MAN, Fishergate

127  (later 121)  Fishergate
1817 - 28               Richard Tuson   -  wife died 12.4.1817 aged 32 years.
1829                      Rachel Tuson   - either a daughter or a second wife?
1831 - 52               James Pickering  -  His father, John Pickering, farmer, Penwortham, died, aged 95 years 2.2.1847.  James died 2nd November 1866 in Chaddock Street.
1852 - 61               William Harrison
1866 - 67               William Wilkinson
1867                       John Whitehead
1868 - 69               Joseph Banks
At the house of Mr. Richard Tuson, 
the Legs of Man, Fishergate.
Mr Tuson retiring from business.
Preston Chronicle  15th November 1828
DEATH - Pn the 25th February, 1840,
Mr. WILLIAM TUSON, of the Eaves
Cottage, Woodplumpton, aged 71 years,
for many years a highly respected landlord
of the LEGS OF MAN, Fishergate, Preston.
Preston Chronicle 7th March 1840
Was he the father of Richard Tuson 1818 - 28 ?
Preston Chronicle  21st February 1846
Yesterday, there was exhibited to a large number of
persons at the NEW LEGS OF MAN INN, in this town,
an Angel Fish, or Ray Shark, which was caught on the
previous afternoon in the mouth of the River Lune, 
between Sunderland and Glasson Dock. It is 4' 11" in
length, has a very large mouth, the latter being furnished
with numerous sharp teeth. This fish, which is an exceedingly
voracious one, is frequently met with on the Southern Coast 
of England, and occasionally on the eastern side, but is seldom 
found on the western shores.
Preston Chronicle 14th March 1846

Preston Chronicle  30th March 1850
Preston Chronicle  6th December 1851
Preston Chronicle  31st January 1852
Preston Chronicle  14th February 1852
Preston Chronicle  5th August 1854
Preston Chronicle  10th February 1855
Preston Chronicle  6th October 1855
 Preston Chronicle  4th July 1857
Preston Chronicle  5th September 1857
 Preston Chronicle  5th December 1857
Preston Chronicle  30th January 1858
Preston Chronicle  2nd October 1858
We learn that in the north of Scotland the prospects
of the Grouse shooting are better than on the moors 
in England. A letter, addressed to Mr. Harrison of the
New Legs of Man Inn, in this town, from a gentleman
at Loch Treig, Invernessshire, says, "The Winter and 
Spring were very severe all over the Highlands; but in
April and May the weather was in favour of breeding,
especially in this part of the country. It has been, if
anything, too wet, but not to such an extent as to 
destroy eggs. There is, therefore, a prospect of excellent
grouse shooting; better, I am sure, for many years past."
Preston Chronicle  7th July 1860
 Preston Chronicle  29th September 1860
I am sure this should read "New" Legs of Man.
Preston Chronicle  27th July 1861
Tags:   Ancient footpaths, 
Preston Chronicle   10th August 1861
Preston Chronicle  10th August 1867
Both the above:
Preston Chronicle  26th September 1868
Preston Chronicle  8th May 1869
Preston Guardian  11th March 1893
This was, of course, the "NEW" Legs of Lamb. The premises were older than those of the "Old Legs of Lamb" opposite the Town Hall, but had clearly been known as something else earlier. By the time that the name was changed to the Legs of Man, it was, by that time, and to differentiate it from the "Old Legs of Man" given the title "New Legs etc."
Is that clear?
James Pickering                    50 years                    Publican
Nanny Pickering                   45                             Wife
James Pickering                    16                             Son
Margery Pickering                13                             Daughter
John Pickering                      10                             Son

James Pickering                    62 years                    Innkeeper                     b. Penwortham
Ann Pickering                       58                             Wife                             b. Farrington
Margery Pickering                22                             Daughter                       b. Longton
John Pickering                      20                             Son                               b. Preston
Catherine Pickering              16                              Daughter                               do

William Harrison                  57 years                     Innkeeper                     b. Inglewhite
Betty Harrison                     57                              Wife                             b. Warton
Ellen Dyson                         22                               Servant                        b. Ulverston

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