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Sunday, 4 March 2012

PARK TAVERN, Dover Street

24  (later 38)  Dover Street
 The former Park Tavern
The former Park Tavern is the building with the gable end facing the street, with the family vehicle standing outside. I am given to understand that this vehicle, with the addition of a double seat, courtesy of Ribble Motors, doubled as a work and holiday vehicle.
It was no longer a tavern at this point.
 The left hand door was at one time the entrance to the Park Tavern

 William Grantham and his wife Susannah, with three of their eldest children. Mr Grantham had run the 'Preston and Longridge Railway Hotel' in Deepdale Street. His wife, Susannah, was nee Durham, a family that has recurred several times in my research
 An interesting (and absolutely unique) sketch of the view from the Park Tavern.
The Oddfellows Arms stood at the corner of Cunliffe Street, on the oposite side of Park Road.
The building on the left, at the corner of Dover Street, was the Durham Ox Inn.

1838                        John Carroll
1869 - 71                 James Armstead  (Armistead)
1872                        James Clarkson
1876 - 77                John Yates
1878                        Sarah Lovett
1879                        Robert Levett  (Lovett)?
1879 - 86                James Mounsey
1886 - 90                Reuben Hand
1891 - 97                Hannah Hand
1897 - 98                Joseph Durham
1899 - 1901            Robert Holker
1901                       Joseph Durham  -  owner since 1897.
1904                       Joseph F. Catterall
1907                       Thomas Dalton.  Owned by Joseph Durham of the Prince Consort on Stanley Street, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  23rd December 1876
Preston Chronicle  19th October 1878
Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season
James Armistead                    36 years                      Beerseller                 b. Preston
Elizabeth Armistead                31                               Wife                        b. Newsham
Sarah Armistead                     6                                 Daughter                  b. Preston
Margaret Armistead                2                                 Daughter                          do
        ?    Armistead                1 day                            Son                                  do

James Mounsey                     49 years                       Beerseller                b. Caton
Margaret Mounsey                31                                Wife                        b. Kendal
William Mounsey                   17                                Son                         b. Preston
James Mounsey                     15                                Son                                  do

Hannah Hand                        49 years                       Beerhouse Keeper   b. Cheadle, Staffs.

Robert Holker                       35 years                       Beerseller                b. Preston
Ellen Holker                          34                                Wife                                do

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