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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

REGATTA INN, Fishergate Hill

Variously as -  Fishergate Lane;
Broadgate, Ribble Place;
59 Fishergate Hill
Once known as the  "Little Bridge Inn"
named after the small 17th century 
stone bridge over the River Syke close
to where it enters the Ribble.
Property owned by the Corporation.

1837                     Edward Gardner
1838                     William Gardner
1841                     William Gardner & Matthew Brown
1848 - 56              William Sergeant  d. 20.8.1858 aged 48 years, as landlord of Wellington Inn, Blackburn.
                                                                      - spelt Sargeant in the 1851 census.
1856 - 57              Thomas Gardner
1858 - 65              Edward Hunt
1865 - 80              William Winder
1880 - 82              Isaac Roberts
1883                     Thomas Westhead **
1884                     Emmanuel Wilson
1884 - 97             Thomas Barton
1897 - 1901         George Terry    d. 23.5.1901 aged 57 years. Drowned in the Ribble.
1901                     Eliza Terry
1901                     William Barker - may only have been temporary.
1902                     Arthur Aston
1904 - 13             Thomas Moore

1914   Demolished to make way for the new Penwortham bridge over the Ribble.
    **Thomas Westhead was married to Agnes Harrison, whose parents had run the Ship Inn at Freckleton. The Westheads went to the Regatta Inn from the Bull and Butcher in Lancaster Road, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  24th June 1837

At a meeting of the Corporation, a Motion was put forward by Cllr. Smith, with regard to the sewer at the bottom of Fishergate Hill:
'That the common sewer at the bottom of Fishergate, from the Little Bridge Inn, be carried into the river by means of a culvert.'
Mr. Smith said he had long seen the necessity of a tunnel being formed there; and that if it had been his own ditch, one would have been made six months ago. It was a receptacle and reservoir of every kind of filth. The expense of a culvert, he had calculated to be £40.
The Motion was seconded by Alderman Monk, and carried.
Preston Chronicle  24th February 1844

Preston Chronicle  3rd January 1846
At Mr. Sergeant's, The Regatta Inn,
On Wednesday 5th July 1848

The Schooner "Woodlands"  57 tons new, and 90 tons old,
measure; length 63 feet, breadth 167/10's feet. Built at
St. John's, New Brunswick, in 1837, well adapted for
the Ribble, or any coasting trade;  now lying in the
Timber Wharf, New Quay, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  1st July 1848
In a case at the Borough Court, William Sergeant of the
Regatta Inn, sued Henry Angles, foreman over the moulders
D at Messrs. Beveridge & Co

Apparently, on the 10th December 1855, a party of thirteen or 
fourteen moulders in the employ of Messrs. Beveridge and Co., 
came to the Regatta Inn a little before 10 o'clock in the morning,
and remained there drinking until 11 o'clock at night.

They paid ready money for some time, but afterwards went
"on strap," to the tune of £2 12s  7d.

The question arising was, whether the defendant made himself liable
for the whole of this sum, or each man was liable for his share.

After a long hearing, the jury gave a verdict for £1 15s 9d,
deducting 9s 10d for spirits, which are not recoverable by law, 
and 7s paid into the court.
Preston Chronicle  6th September 1856

 Preston Chronicle    10th July 1858
A storm, almost unparalleled in violence swept over the country.
Penwortham Holme was one unbroken sheet of water. All the
gardens behind the Ribbleside Inn experienced a general
submersion and nothing but a few desolate hedgerows indicated
that there had ever been any terra firma in the locality.
The road past Ribble Place was completely covered in water,
and "waves" positively flowed past the Regatta Inn and 
along Strand Road. The tramway there was out of sight,
and the gardens behind to the bottom of Stanley Terrace 
were partially deluged.......................
Preston Chronicle  25th October 1862
Preston Herald  16th April 1864
 Preston Herald  4th March 1865
Preston Herald  24th June 1865
 Preston Herald  19th May 1866
BEGS to return his sincere thanks to his friends and patrons
for the kind support he has received from them during the
past twenty years, and to inform them that he has again
commenced the above business, when he hopes that by
prompt settlements, and strict attention to the interest
of his employers, to again merit a share of their patronage.
Preston Chronicle  7th July 1866
Preston Chronicle  21st July 1866
Preston Herald  1st September 1866
Preston Herald  3rd November 1866
...............Mr. Winder of the Regatta Inn endeavoured to prevent,
by every contrivance in his power, the water gaining admittance
to his house, but by last evening the water had increased to the 
height of the window-sill of the lower storey, and it may, therefore,
be safely surmised that the water entered his house after all.
Preston Chronicle 17th November 1866
 Preston Herald  23rd March 1867
Mr. Winder, landlord of the Regatta Inn, was charged with
selling beer during prohibited hours on Thursday 23rd July.

PC Dawson said that about 3 o'clock in the morning of that
date, he, along with PC. Watson, visited the defendant's house,
and found a number of men drinking. The landlord had a
wooden vessel, containing about a gallon of ale in his hands
at the time. When told he would be reported, Winder said 
that there were extenuating circumstances.

The men had been launching a schooner at Mr. Smith's yard, 
and as they had knocked repeatedly at his door, he got up and
let them in. He said that all the men, with the exception of one
who was playing a cornopean, had all been engaged at the
ship launch, and he had acceded to their persistent request
for admittance.

The man who played the instrument was turned out as soon as possible

Winder was ordered to pay the costs of the case, but
wasn't fined for the offence.
Preston Chronicle  1st August 1868
In 1869 there was a "TO LET" notice
in the Preston Chronicle, with applications
to be sent to AMBROSE WINDER at the
Regatta Inn.
Preston Chronicle 6th March 1869
Preston Herald  24th September 1870
The species is now known as the "Angler Fish,"  Melanocetus sp.
Preston Chronicle  24th September 1870
Preston Chronicle  28th August 1880

Preston Chronicle   March 1883
ON SALE, one pure-bred Berkshire
BOAR;  also one white middle breed BOAR;
six months old each.
Apply - Regatta Inn
Preston Chronicle  2nd June 1883
Manchester Courier  17th December 1883
The Corporation is prepared to receive Offers for the
Tenancy of the REGATTA INN, situate at the corner
of Fishergate Hill and Strand Road, Preston. Particulars 
of the same can be obtained on application to the Borough Steward, 
at his Offices, 16 Church Street, Preston, to whom tenders,
sealed and endorsed "Tender for Regatta Inn" must be 
sent not later than noon on Monday the 14th February 1884.
The Corporation do not bind themselves to accept the highest 
or any Tender.
                                                           Henry Hamer, Town Clerk
Preston Chronicle  26th January 1884
At the Town Council meeting on Thursday next,
a motion will be made, recommending the Corporation
to accept the offer of Mr. Thomas Barton, as tenant of
the Regatta Inn, at the bottom of Fishergate Hill,
at an annual rent of £120, the tenancy to be yearly.
Preston Chronicle  23rd February 1884
Preston Herald   9th February 1889
Preston Herald  9th October 1889
 Lancashire Evening Post  13th January 1890
Lancashire Evening Post  25th August 1890
 Lancashire Evening Post  27th August 1891
Liverpool Mercury  2nd February 1892
Owing to the westerly gale which prevailed on Monday,
there was an extraordinary high tide at Preston; the river
overflowed its banks and inundated the low-lying land.
Small boats were sailing about the Regatta Inn. In fact,
a small cargo of shell-fish were unloaded in the inn yard.
The salt-water was two or three feet deep round the 
Regatta Inn, and the doorways had to be protected by
timber and clay.
Preston Chronicle  6th February 1892
 Preston Herald  21st December 1892
Preston Herald  13th May 1893
Manchester Courier  27th February 1899
Preston Herald   1st March 1899
Lancashire Evening Post  20th April 1900
 Lancashire Evening Post  23rd May 1900
 Lancashire Evenin g Post  12th July 1900
 Lancashire Evening Post  19th March 1901
Lancashire Evening Post  24th May 1901
Lancashire Evening Post  25th May 1901
 Lancashire Evening Post  9th July 1901
 Lancashire Evening Post  20th July 1901
Preston Herald  24th July 1901
 Preston Herald  21st December 1901
Lancashire Evening Post  13th January 1902
 Lancashire Evening Post  18th January 1902
 Preston Herald  25th January 1902
Lancashire Evening Post  6th February 1902
Lancashire Evening Post  4th August 1902
 Lancashire Evening Post  29th January 1903
Preston Herald  29th July 1903
Lancashire Evening Post   7th October 1903
 Preston Herald  10th October 1903
Lancashire Evening Post  16th July 1904

 Lancashire Evening Post  22nd May 1905
 Lancashire Evening Post  26th July 1906
 Lancashire Evening Post  18th March 1907
 Lancashire Evening Post  3rd May 1907
Preston Herald  4th May 1907
 Preston Herald  24th August 1907
Lancashire Evening Post  20th September 1907
 Preston Herald  5th December 1908
 Lancashire Evening Post  20th February 1909
 Preston Herald  7th February 1914 
 Preston Herald  30th May 1914
Lancashire Evening Post  21st March 1940

William Gardner                      52 years                 Sawyer
Nancy Gardner                       50                          Wife
Margaret Gardner                   23                  Daughter / Dress-maker
Alice Gardner                         20                          Daughter
Jane Gardner                          11                          Daughter
Nancy Gardner                        8                          Daughter
Thomas Cowburn                   22                         Boarder ? / Joiner
John Gardner                          27                         Boarder? / Sawyer

William Sargeant                     40 years                Victualler                     b. Preston
Mary Ann Sargeant                 38                         Wife                                    do
John Sargeant                         13                          Son / Scholar                      do        
Alice Jane Sargeant                11                          Daughter / Scholar               do
Richard Sargeant                     9                           Son / Scholar                      do
Sarah Sargeant                        7                           Daughter / Scholar              do
Mary Sargeant                        3                           Daughter                             do          
Margaret Sargeant                  1                           Daughter                             do 

Edward Hunt                         49 years                 Hotel Keeper                b. Walton-le-dale
Jane Hunt                              50                          Wife                              b. Preston

William Winder                     63 years                 Lic. Vict.                       b. Goosnargh
Elizabeth Winder                   63                          Wife                              b. Whalley
John Winder                         21                          Son                               b. Preston
Nellie Winder                       17                          Daughter                                 do
William Winder                      9                          Grandson                                do

Isaac Roberts                    32 years              Innkeeper         b. Ysbyty Ifan, Denbighshire
Rebecca Roberts  *              32                         Wife                              b. Haighton
Isaac Roberts                       16 months             Son                                b. Preston
William Alfred Roberts      3 months              Son                            do    [died 28.12.1881]
Margaret Daisy                   17                 General Servant       b. Monmouth, South Wales
    *  Almost certainly nee Winder - Yes, she was.

Thomas Barton                      57 years                Innkeeper                      b. Walton-le-dale
Jane Barton                           52                         Wife                              b. Haverthwaite
Richard Barton                      29                         Son                               b. Preston
Arthur Barton                        20                         Son                                         do
Ellen Barton                          18                         Daughter                                  do
Alice Sanderson                    29                         Step-daughter                          do
Joseph Sanderson                 21                         Step-son                                  do
Charles Sanderson                15                         Step-son                                  do

George Terry                        55 years                Lic. Vict.                        b. Rawtenstall
Eliza Terry                            51                          Wife                              b. Preston
Gertrude Terry                      12                         Daughter                                 do

Thomas Moore                    55 years                 Publican                         b. Preston
Betsy Moore                        55                         Wife / Assistant                       do
Emily Moore                        20                          Daughter / Dressmaker           do
Martha Ann Moore              14                          Daughter / Scholar                  do
Elizabeth Daley                    23                          Servant / Cotton Weaver         do
Thomas Johnstone            66 widower       Servant / Dock Labourer    b. Fleetwood


  1. I just found this post whilst searching for info on my GGG Uncle Isaac Roberts - very interested and pleased to see the cuttings you have here! I did not know about this incident. And his wife Rebecca was Rebecca Winder and Isaac's birth place was Ysbyty Ifan, Denbighshire. Thank you very much for posting, Ruth

  2. Thanks for that, Ruth. I've amended the birthplace for Isaac. It was illegible on the Census. I think Rebecca may have been a draper's assistant in Middleborough in 1871? I wonder how they met?

  3. According to the Preston Court Leet records it has been suggested that the Regatta Inn may have once carried the name "White Horse Inn"

  4. Thanks for this really interesting research! Because I have direct ancestors surname Gardner from Kirkham, I was interested to look up the census page you mentioned for.........
    1841 - William Gardner - 52 years.
    I know the old style handwriting is sometimes difficult to transcribe, but if you look closely at the image of the original 1841 Preston census page, I think you'll agree that William's occupation is recorded as Sawyer, not scavenger. Same for John Gardner 27 - Sawyer, not scavenger.
    The 1841 census page reference is HO.107/498/14. folio 36/page 15.

    1. Many thanks, CAS. Amended accordingly. Have a good Christmas.

  5. Cheers Steve, and Happy New Year!