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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

TALBOT INN, Chapel Yard

1 Chapel Yard
 This image comes to us courtesy of Preston Digital Archives.
The building to the right of the lamp post is what was the Talbot Inn. The bricked-up area was a bay window.
I think that this tavern had a long and interesting history, a lot of which is still waiting to be discovered, but I think that in 1796 it was known as 'Kitty's Whim', and possibly before that 'Mattie's Whim' and 'The Duke of Cumberland'.
This plan shows the bay window quite clearly.
Use this map in conjunction with the sketch I've done below. 
1689                     See notes re: Bellingham below, although I have a suspicion that at that time there was a
                                                                       Talbot Inn on Friargate Brow.
1796                      William Whiteside
1838 - 41              John Johnson. -- owned by the College of Stoneyhurst?
1842                      James Fowler
1846                      Mr. Hind
1851 - 58              John Baines
1858 - 62              Felix Abbott  d.c.February 1866, aged 36 years.  See Notice 21.7.1866, below.
1862 - 65              William Hall
1868                      Henry Woods
1868 - 75              William Richardson
1875 - 81              James Singleton
1882 - 89              William Newsham
1889 - 92              Nicholas Walmsley
1893 - 94              Samuel Astley
1894 - 98              Ann Jackson
1899                     Albert Gilleade - played one first team game for P.N.E. over the Christmas period in 1888. In 1900 he took the Red Lion Hotel in Longton. Thanks to Ian Rigby, PNE Official Historian.
1900 - 02              John Iddon
1902 - 03              John Barlow
1904 - 05              Henry (Harry) Gardner
1907                     John Bond
1908                     William Dickinson - given as Richard Dickinson in L.E.P. 6.3.1908.
Preston Chronicle 31st October 1846 
Blackburn Standard   30th April 1851
Mr. Inspector Marriott applied to the Magistrates
for the condemnation of a carcass of sheep that was
unfir for human food, and which had been found in
a loft over a stable attached to the Talbot Inn.,
Chapel Yard, Friargate.

The sheep, which was dressed as if for food, had
been offered for sale by Mr. John France, Farmer,
of Whittingham, to a butcher, who apprised Mr. Marriott
of the fact, and of the whereabouts of the carcass.

Mr. Frankland, butcher, deposed that the carcass
was not fit for food, and the Magistrates condemned it.
Preston Chronicle 20th October 1855
Preston Chronicle 7th February 1857
Preston Chronicle  21st February 1857
Preston Chronicle 6th November 1858
Preston Chronicle 6th September 1862
Preston Chronicle 21st March 1863

Preston Chronicle 19th March 1864

Preston Chronicle 25th June 1864
Preston Chronicle 21st July 1866
Preston Chronicle 28th November 1868
Preston Chronicle 30th October 1869
Preston Chronicle 28th May 1870
Preston Chronicle 30th October 1875
Preston Chronicle 4th March 1876
Preston Chronicle 6th October 1877
Preston Chronicle 4th March 1882
Preston Chronicle 5th May 1883
Preston Chronicle 9th July 1887
Preston Chronicle  21st June 1890
five years old; also a BLACK COB, 
13.1, six-years old; quiet to ride or 
Apply N. WALMSLEY, Talbot Inn,
Chapel Yard, Friargate, Preston.
Preston Chronicle 24th October 1891
Lancashire Evening Post   7th January 1908
Lancashire Evening Post  6th February 1908
John Johnson                      50 years                        Innkeeper
Mary Johnson                     50                                 Wife
John Johnson                      15                                  Son
Eliza Johnson                      14                                  Daughter
Ellinor Johnson                     9                                  Daughter

John Baines                        40                                 Innkeeper                        b. Barnacre
Cicily Baines                      37                                  Wife                                b. Goosnargh
William Baines                    6                                    Son                                b. Preston
Mary Ann Baines                2                                    Daughter                                 do

at No 2 Chapel Yard
James Baines                      37 years                         Brewer & Ostler             b. Barnacre
Elizabeth Baines                  41                                  Wife                               b. Roseacre
Ellen Baines                         9                                    Daughter                        b. Gt. Eccleston
Patrick Baines                     7                                    Son                                b. Preston

Felix Abbott                       31 years                         Innkeeper                       b. Alston
Mary Abbott                      37                                  Wife                               b. Bilsborough
Mary A. Abbott                   9                                   Daughter                        b. Preston
Ellen Abbott                         7                                   Daughter                                 do
Peter Abbott                        5                                   Son                                         do
Jane Hornby                       23                                  Servant                           b. Lancaster

William Richardson             35 years                         Innkeeper                       b. Preston
Agnes C. Richardson          25                                  Wife                               b. Manchester
Ellen Richardson                  4                                    Daughter                        b. Preston
Lucy Cavannah                   18                                  Sister*                            b. Manchester
               * should this be sister-in-law? or was she married?

James Singleton                  35 years                         Lic. Vict.                         b. Broughton
Sarah Singleotn                  38                                   Wife                               b. Preston
Mary A. Singleton              10                                   Daughter                                  do
George Singleton                 9                                    Son                                          do
Robert Singleton                 7                                     Son                                          do
Ann Singleton                      6                                    Daughter                                  do
Catherine Cowley              24                                    General Servant             b. Wolverhampton

Nicholas Walmsley            41 years                           Lic. Vict.                       b. Fulwood
Jane Walmsley                   42                                   Wife                              b. Ingol
Elizabeth M. Walmsley       17                                   Daughter                       b. Barrow-in-Furness

John Iddon                        47 years                           Publican                        b. Tarleton
Elizabeth Iddon                  45                                    Wife                                       do

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