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Sunday, 1 April 2012


I have, over the past TEN or so years, accumulated a lot of information about the hotels, inns, taverns and beer houses in Preston, prior to 1904. In a few instances the information has wandered beyond that year.
Family Historians have a reputation for weeding out the information from wherever they're looking, and I don't think this site will present any serious problems. The key is in the Index's, which I will endeavour to keep to the top of the Archive Lists, although they may not always be in alphabetical order. There are some limitations to using a Blogspot, but all considered they seem to be a fantastic way of sharing and gleaning information. You must consider using one.
 It's perhaps a deviation from a more orthodox blog, but there will be opportunities for readers to add to, or disagree with, any of the information given. I am sure that there must be a huge number of images of Preston's old pubs hidden away in Granny's attic, and I'm hoping that with your help they may, again see the light of day. Any of your images will be gratefully accepted, acknowledged, and shared on the blog.
It is inevitable that there will be errors
contained within the pages I have created.

Some will be careless typing, and others just plain wrong!

Please tell me about them.
In case you are wondering, the picture in the Header is the Blue Anchor that stood in Blue Anchor Yard off the Market Place. The Harris Museum now stands in its place.
I hope you enjoy your visits to the site!
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Posted by: Steve Halliwell

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