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Monday, 30 January 2012

BLUE ANCHOR, Blue Anchor Court.

Blue Anchor Court
THE BLUE ANCHOR - Blue Anchor Court c. 1883
This photograph was taken when most of the surrounding properties had been
demolished to make way for the Harris Museum, Art Gallery and Library. The men
are standing in Blue Anchor Court, which was only a few feet wide.
The 'blur' in the top left of the image is thought to be the Parish Church (Minster).

1790                     Robert Pallmer   (Palmer)
1811 - 29             Mary Rigby  -  Died Sept. 1840 at her son's (the Rev. John Rigby) house at Barnsley.
1831 - 37             Mr. Corless - son, Elijah aged 16 years, d. 24.2.1831
June 1837   John Fisher -I think this man was at the "Blue Anchor Inn" Farington, and not here.
1837                   Thomas Threlfall - d. 4.12.1837 aged 50 years. Related to the Threlfall Wine and Spirit Merchants.  ["Auctioneer and Landlord" Manchester Times 9.12.1837]
1837 - 41            Elizabeth Threlfall
1846 - 51            George Bateman
1851                   Richard Maloney
1853 - 54            James Wignall
1855 - 60            David Anderton
1860 - 64            Richard Lofthouse
1864 - 67            Thomas Bailey
1867 - 71            Henry Stephenson
1871 - 82            William Gerrard   d. 16th June 1882
1882 - 83            Jane Gerrard   d. 3rd April 1883
1883                   Edward Davis Hindle and James Ward
Sept. 1883    Owned by the Corporation after compulsory purchase.
1883                Demolished
Blue Anchor Court, before the demolition of the whole of the east side of Market Place
to make room for the Harris Museum. The Court entrance is immediately below
the anchor. The Blue Anchor Inn was on the right hand side of the Court - see above.

The entrance to the Strait Shambles is situated at the other side of Carter's shop.
The following is a letter address to the landlord of the Blue Anchor in 1790.
(Taken from a collection at L.R.O. - unfortunately I haven't a reference number for it)

September 9th 1790
Dear Brother and Sister,            This comes with our kind love to you
hoping to find you in good health as we all are Bless God for it, and to 
let you no (sic) that your aunt Sarah and aunt Ruth is both dead and
I have got 8 children, but my eldest son is Listed in the Cambrig light horse 
and to beg the favour of you to let me no if you have any wall nuts in
your country, now if you have not I will send some and if you think they
will sell well I can come with about 2 hundred thousand for I have horses
and carts of my own unless you think they can come cheaper by the
waggon, but I hope you send me word by return of the cost for we have
got great plenty of wall nuts this year as ever was known.

Pray send an answer by return of post upon the account of buying them.
My daughter bet (sic) lives at service at Cambridge.

From you ever loving brother and sister Stephen and Sarah Pallmer.

Preston Chronicle  16th June 1838
Case at |Lancaster Assizes re:
Counterfeit Coins at the Inn.
...................Martha Melling is 12 years of age, and lives 
with Mrs. Threlfall of the Blue Anchor. She serves in the bar 
occasionally, and knows the prisoner. At about 7 o'clock on the
night of the 5th May, the prisoner came to the house and asked 
for a glass of ale, which she took to him, and he gave her a shilling. 
She returned the change, and on Mary Brown, the barmaid, coming
in, she discovered the shilling to be a bad one.
The prisoner was transported for 12 years.
Preston Chronicle   30th July 1842
On Saturday last, a young man who, on account of his theatrical 
propensities, has been distinguished by the title of the "Preston Roscius"
besides enjoying other sobriquets, which it is unnecessary to enumerate, 
was charged, at the Town Hall, with appropriating certain monies - 8s. we believe -
the property of Mr. Threlfall, sign of the Blue Anchor, Market Place.

It appeared from the evidence, that the prisoner, on the night of Monday week,
being in the bar of the Blue Anchor, had taken advantage of the momentary 
absence of Mrs. Threlfall and her daughter, to dip his paw into a glass or tumbler,
in which there was some silver, and to abstract therefrom the sum above named.

Mrs. Threlfall, however, happening to be coming towards the bar at the moment, 
heard the jingling of the glass and silver, and immediately taxed "Roscius" with
the peccadillo. He owned the "soft impeachment," returned the money, and was 
allowed to depart. 

Having subsequently, however, threatened an action for defamation, the result
was his being brought before the Mayor, on the charge mentioned. He was
committed to stand trial at the Sessions.
Preston Chronicle   10th February 1844
On Thursday last, a meeting of gentlemen anxious to re-establish Preston Races, was held a the Blue Anchor Inn, pursuant to a circular issued by the Licensed Victualler's Association. There was a numerous attendance, and resolutions in accordance with the object of the meeting, were agreed to unanimously. Upwards of £50 was subscribed by those present, and it was resolved to make a general canvas of the town, for further subscriptions, next week; after which the meeting adjourned until Tuesday next, at the Bull Inn.
It is intended to hold the races on the Holme, on the Wednesday and Thursday, the 1st and 2nd October.
Preston Chronicle   30th August 1845
Preston Chronicle   3rd January 1846
Preston Chronicle  2nd May 1846
An inquest on the body of Mary Bateman, daughter of
Mr. George Bateman, of the Blue Anchor Inn, Preston,
and whose death by falling into a pit of water in Grimsargh
was recorded in our last, was held on Saturday, when a 
verdict of "Accidentally drowned" was returned.
Preston Chronicle  12th July 1851
 Preston Chronicle  15th November 1851

INSOLVENT DEBTOR - to be heard at the Sessions House, Maidstone, before the Judge of the Count Court of Kent
On Tuesday the 5th October 1852, at 12 o'clock at noon precisely.
Formerly of "The Canteens" in the new barracks at Fulwood near Preston, Lancashire, licensed victualler, and also carrying on the business of a grocer and provision dealer at said canteens, and licensed to let post-horses and carriages; during part of the time, namely from October, 1849, to December 1850, being a licensed victualler, keeping the Royal Victoria Garrison Hotel, in Fulwood aforesaid, and also a farmer; afterwards of the Blue Anchor Inn, Market Place, Preston, Lancashire, licensed victualler; then occasionally lodging at the White Lion in Spear Street, Oldham Street, Manchester, Lancashire, out of business; and late lodging at 204 Blackfriars Road, Surrey, out of business and employment; then a prisoner for debt in the Queen's Bench Prison, Surrey, out of business and employment; then of Upper Stanford Street, Surrey, out of business and employment; then of High Street, Maidstone, Kent, out of business and employment.
Charles MORGAN,  Maidstone.
Insolvents' Attorney
South Eastern Gazette   21st September 1852

Preston Chronicle 29th April 1854
Preston Chronicle  7th April 1855
 Preston Chronicle  21st March 1857
 Preston Chronicle  4th April 1857

Preston Chronicle  12th December 1857
 Preston Chronicle  21st May 1859
Independent United Order of Mechanics 
The annual grand council of the above Order held its deliberations in the Britannia Lodge Room, Blue Anchor Inn, Preston, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th inst. All the deputies were present, the Grand Master presiding, and the Liverpool deputy occupying the vice-chair.
The reports from the various districts were of a very gratifying character, both as regards the increase of members and funds; of the former the addition had been to the extent of nearly 13%, and the latter to the amount of more than 5% upon the sick fund alone - the average of the said fund being about £4 per man.
The tribute fund has also largely increased during the same period, in consequence of the district being in such a position as not to require assistance, notwithstanding the number of those who are receiving permanent relief, several of whom have done so for a period of from 7 to 9 years, which is a benefit unprecedented in any other friendly society.
Carlisle Journal   24th June 1859
Preston Chronicle  24th December 1859
 Preston Chronicle  31st December 1859
 Preston Chronicle  3rd March 1860
Preston Chronicle  29th December 1860
Mrs. Lofthouse, landlady of the Blue Anchor Inn, was
charged with pushing and "calling" Mrs. Watson, 
daughter of Mr. Bland, Cannon Street, a charge she

Mrs. Watson had gone into the inn looking for her
husband, but had been met by Mrs. Lofhouse, who
pushed her out, saying, "Get away you little ............."
Mrs. Lofthouse denied it, saying that she said, "Go
away you nasty impudent thing, and don't annoy me
anymore." (laughter in court). She denied using any 

The Mayor said that under the circumstances of the case,
 justice would be served by Mrs. Lofthouse paying 2s 6d
costs, which she did.
Preston Chronicle 11th May 1861
 Preston Herald   7th May 1864
Preston Chronicle   23rd December 1865
Preston Herald   10th March 1866

 Preston Herald   20th July 1867
 Preston Herald   22nd April 1874
 Preston Chronicle  1st April 1876
DEATH:  On the 24th May, 1876,
William, aged 5 months, son of 
Mr. William Gerrard, Innkeeper,
of this town.
Preston Chronicle  27th May 1876
Preston Chronicle  18th November 1876
 Preston Chronicle  14th July 1877
Both above: Preston Chronicle  8th September 1877
DEATH:  On the 12th September 1878,
William, the only son of Mr. William Gerrard,
of the Blue Anchor Inn, aged 1 year 7 months.
Preston Chronicle  14th September 1878

LADIES and GENTS:  My term of office as your representative
in the Council being about to expire, I beg most respectfully to
again offer you my services; and should you again honour me with
your support, I shall continue, to the best of my ability, as I have
hitherto done, to attend to your interests.
I remain, Ladies and Gents,
Your obedient servant
Blue Anchor Inn, Preston Oct. 17th 1878
Preston Chronicle  19th October 1878
 Preston Chronicle  9th November 1878

Lancaster Gazette  4th January 1879
Preston Chronicle  24th June 1882
 Preston Chronicle  24th June 1882
 Preston Chronicle  1st July 1882
 Preston Chronicle  23rd September 1882
Exemption from closing at 11pm
on 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th January 1883


DEATH: On the 3rd April 1883, 
Jane, widow of the late William Gerrard
of the Blue Anchor Inn, Market Place,
aged 43 years.
Preston Chronicle  14th April 1883

Preston Herald   4th July 1883

 Preston Herald   4th August 1883
Elizabeth Threlfall                  45years                   Publican
Sarah Threlfall                       15                           Daughter

George Bateman                   39 years                  Publican                      b. Westmoreland
Margaret Bateman                14                           Daughter                     b. Preston

Richard Lofthouse                64 years                  Publican                       b. Goosnargh
Jane Lofthouse                     49                           Wife                            b. Lancaster

Henry Stephenson                41 years                 Licensed Vict.               b. Preston
Nancy Stephenson               45                          Wife                                    do

William Gerrard                   43 years                 Innkeeper                      b. Preston
Jane Gerrard                       41                          Wife                                     do
Mary Gerrard                     14                           Daughter                              do
?     Gerrard                        12                          Daughter                               do
Annie Gerrard                     10                          Daughter                               do
Alice Gerrard                        6                          Daughter                               do


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