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Friday, 19 October 2012

FOX AND GOOSE, Bolton Street West

2 Bolton Street West
1838 - 42            James Margison
1851 - 54            Richard Jones
1856 - 61            William Fowler
1861                   William Thomas Blackoe (Blakoe)
1865 - 71            William Wilkinson
1873 - 77            Joseph Rigby
1881                   John Walker
1881 - 85            Isaac Clark
1885 - 90            Jane Campbell
27th August 1890   No application for renewal of licence. See article dated 2.4.1892 below.

Stood where the County Offices now stand.
At 9.30pm on Thursday 28th of June, an affray took place
at the house of Mr. Margison, the Fox and Goose Inn, 
Bolton Street. It appears that some Irishmen and Englishmen
were in company, and a quarrel having taken place on some
trivial point of difference, a fight ensued between one Englishman 
and an Irishman, in which the latter was worsted.

A signal being given, an additional number of Irishmen came
up from Dock Street, and Mr. Butler, who resides in Bolton Street,
of the firm Walker and Butler, having temporarily come out of his
house, one of the Irishmen with a spade in his hand, suddenly rushed
upon Mr Butler and cut him severely on the head, and different parts
of his body. He was much injured, but not so seriously as to place him
in danger.

We hope the ruffian who committed the cowardly assault, may be
immediately brought to justice.
Preston Chronicle 30th June 1838
Preston Chronicle  5th November 1842
Preston Chronicle  2nd November 1844
Preston Chronicle  3rd January 1852
Preston Chronicle  18th August 1855
Preston Chronicle  23rd August 1856
Preston Chronicle  11th August 1860
Note the 5,000 year's lease. I've not seen many of that length.
 Preston Chronicle  11th November 1865
Preston Chronicle  4th October 1873
 Preston Chronicle  7th July 1877
Preston Chronicle  4th February 1882

An alternative report from another newspaper.
Preston Herald  4th February 1882
 Preston Chronicle  20th July 1889
Preston Chronicle 2nd April 1892
James Margison                45 years                     Innkeeper
    ?    Margison                 45                              Wife
Catherine Margison            5                               Daughter

Richard Jones                   38 years                    Publican                     b. Mold, North Wales
Ann Jones                        44                              Wife                          b. Flackton, Yorks
Joseph Bunting                 41                              Visitor                       b. Bury
Ann Taylor                       28                              Servant                     b. Kirkham
Betsy Threlfall                   15                             Servant                     b. Cockermouth
Robert Peters                   28        Publican / Lodger / Shipwright        b. North Shields, Northumberrland
William Stevenson            29                              Mariner                    b. Newcastle-on-Tyne
John James                      25                              Mariner                     b. Lancaster  

William Fowler                43 years                     Innkeeper                   b. Manchester
Margaret Fowler             41                               Wife                          b. St. Helens
Hannah Johnson              15                               Niece                        b. Manchester
Lucy Mason                    13                               Niece                        b. Staffordshire

William Wilkinson            42 years                    Lic. Vict.                     b. Wigan
Mary A. Wilkinson          43                             Wife                            b. Preston

Isaac Clark                     39 years                    Lic. Vict.                     b. Preston
Sarah Clark                    36                             Wife                                    do

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