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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

GREEN MAN INN, Lord Street

34 or 35 Lord Street
The density of town centre drinking establishment is typified on
this map of the Lancaster Road / Lord Street / Tithebarn Street area
in the second half of the 19th century.
The "Joiners' Arms" on the map became the "Derby Arms" when
the house with that name was demolished in the 1890's.
1798         Mentioned in relation to the Elections of that year. See, also, Sale Notice dated 23.3.1850,
1807                   John Hogget     died w/c 13.4.1807. Notice said 'Formerly of the Green Man'
1818 - 21            Walter Foss
1825 - 29            Robert Hind
1837                   Mr. Worden
1841                   William Hayes
1850                   John Carter
1851                   Squire Wolstenholme
1853                   Mr. Graystock
1853 - 56           William Hayton
1856 - 67           John Aspden
1869                   James Seed
1871                   Robert Kirkham
1873                   Mrs. N. Morley & L. Gibson
1877                   Henry Gibson Thompson
1877 - 79           Adam Blackburn
1881                   Robert Wilkinson
1881 - 85           James Edward Billsborough
1885 - 86           William Thomas Bilsboruogh
1886 - 88           Elizabeth Alice Bilsborough
1888 - 89           Elizabeth Fell
1890 - 93           Alfred Geldeard (Geldeart)(Geldeard)(Geldard)
1893                  James Edward Bilsborough

Believed to have been closed on the 10th October 1894. There had been no application made to renew the licence on 29th August 1894.
DEATH: Last week, Mr. John Hogget, formerly
of the Green Man public-house, Preston 
Lancaster Gazette  25th April 1807 
Note the information given below Lot 5
Preston Chronicle 23rd March 1850
Preston Chronicle 2nd October 1852
Preston Chronicle  15th January 1853

Preston Chronicle  13th February 1858
JOHN ASPDEN, Green Man, Lord Street,
has now two first-class BOARS, to which he
calls the attention of all breeders of such animals.
Preston Chronicle  11th May 1861
Preston Chronicle 31st May 1862
A COWMAN, immediately.
Apply to Mr. ASPDEN, Green Man,
Lord Street, Preston.
Preston Chronicle  23rd March 1867
Preston Guardian  15th February 1879
William Hayes                  35 years                    Publican
Isabella Hayes                  34                             Wife
James Hayes                    10                             Son
Charles Hayes                   8                              Son
Ann Hayes                        3                               Daughter
Sarah Hayes                    20                              Sister??

Squire Westenholme        39 years ?                 Publican                   b. Heywood
Charlotte Westenholme    33                             Wife                        b. Upfield ?   Sussex
Margaret (Mary)? Westenholme     8                 Daughter                 b. Preston
John Westenholme            5                              Son                                 do
Squire Westenholme         3                              Son                                  do
Catherine B. Shay ?         22                             Domestic Servant    b. Limerick, Ireland.

John Aspden                  38 years                      Publican                  b. Rishton
Mary Aspden                 32                               Wife                       b. Yorkshire
Mary Jane Aspden          6                                 Daughter                b. Blackburn
Martin Aspden                5                                 Son                                 do

Robert Kirkham             31 years                     Publican                   b. Weeton?
Margaret Kirkham          25                             Wife                                  do

James Edward Billsborough     36 years           Publican                   b. Preston
Agnes Ann Billsborough           36                   Wife                         b. Westmoreland
Charles Billsborough                10                    Son                         b. Preston
Edward Billsborough                 1                    Son                                   do

Albert Geldeard              21 years                   Publican                    b. Preston
Robert Geldeard             45                            Father                       b. Whitworth
Margaret Geldeard          45                            Mother                     b. Preston


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