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Saturday, 13 June 2015


Chew's Yard (1841)
130 Friargate (Brow)
In a newspaper of 6th May 1871, it was referred to as "GREAT BRITANNIA INN"
1841                     James Eastwood
1846                     Mr. Whiteside
1851 - 54             Joseph Sedgewick
1861                     James Hothersall
1871                     Alice Billington
1871                     Bernard O'Hare (O'Hara)
1871                     Michael Gibbons
An inquest was held, on Monday last, on the body of
Edwin Salts. From the evidence adduced, it appeared
that the deceased was a school-master, having no
regular place of abode. On Saturday night last, he
went to Mr. Whiteside's beershop, the "Great Britain,"
 in Friargate. After staying there some time, he went
to the brew-house, adjoining the premises, where he
had had Mr. Whiteside's permission to sleep. 

On Sunday morning, about nine o'clock, the servant
 had occasion to go into the brew-house, and she there 
saw the deceased, lying on some straw, with a number
of sacks above him. She took hold of him to wake him,
when she found he was dead.

In consequence of some expressions used by the deceased,
and on account of a pill box being found in his waistcoat
pocket, labelled 'poison' a suspicion was entertained that he
had poisoned himself.

A post-mortem examination ascertained that he had died 
from inflammation of the brain, occasioned by natural causes.
Verdict: Natural death, by inflammation of the brain.
Preston Chronicle 11th July 1846
In the Preston Chronicle of 18th May 1872 there is mention of two shops that are "in the course of construction upon the site of the "Great Britain" beerhouse, a notorious place,which used to be approached by steps, which were so far worn in the middle that a few months before the building was demolished, they had been levelled by cutting away the ends."It was closed down in the months leading up to September 12th 1872
It is probable that a previous name for
these premises was the "SIR WILLIAM WALLACE"
MINE HOST:   1838 - 41   Stephen Pennington - Brewer.

Lancashire Evening Post 27th July 1940
James Eastwood              25 years                  Retail Brewer
Dorothy Eastwood           25                           Wife

Joseph Sedgewick           44 years                  Beerhouse Keeper              b. Cartmel
Betsy Sedgewick             43                           Wife                                   b. Winmarley (sic)
Henry Sedgewick            12                            Son                                               do
Catharine Sedgewick       73                            Mother                              b. Cartmel

James Hothersall             44 years                   Brewer                               b. Brindle
Alice Hothersall              46                            Wife                                   b. Preston
Mary Ann Hothersall        1                             Daughter                                     do

Bernard O'Hare             42 years                   General Labourer                b. Preston
Ann O'Hare                   42                            Wife                                    b. Ireland
Margaret O'Hare           12                            Daughter                              b. Accrington
Robert O'Hare               14                            Son                                     b. Ormskirk

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