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Thursday, 31 January 2013

SUN HOTEL, Friargate

112 Friargate

1818 - 25              John Taylor
1826                      William Nightingale
1841 - 42              James Hull
1845                      John Shelliker and Elizabeth Shelliker
1851 - 53               James Moss
1854                      J. Storey
1857                      Samuel Halton
1858 - 60               William Arkwright
1861 - 71               James Rigby
1871 - 79               Richard Dobson
1879                      John Walsh
1881                      Charles T. Beckett
1881                      John Walsh
1882                      John Duckworth
1882                      Francis Pullen    -  owned by John Tinckler, Moor Park View/St. Thomas's Road,
1882 - 83               John Slater
1883 - 85              Arthur Blackburn
1885 - 94              Willam McGuiness
1894 - 95              John Aspinwall
1895 - 97              John Tinckler
1897 - 98              John Mayor
1898 - 99              William Burditt    -  owned by Catherine Grimshaw
1899 - 1900          John Tinckler
1900 - 02              William Gorse
1902 - 40              Edward Hacking
1944                     Mrs. Margaret Hacking
1957                     Thomas E. Hacking
1968 - 74              John Crook
Preston Chronicle   3rd February 1821
That the partnership heretofore subsisting between
us, the undersigned HENRY HULL, JAMES HULL,
and ROBERT HULL, as Bricksetters and Contractors,
at Preston, is this day dissolved by mutual consent,
so far as the said HENRY HULL.

All debts due and owing by or to the said late firm,
will be paid and received by the said JAMES HULL 
and ROBERT HULL, who will continue to carry on
the business in partnership together, from this date.
8th May 1838
Signed by the three
Witnessed by:  W. Charnley, Solicitor
Preston Chronicle 12th May 1838
This is thought to relate to 'our' James Hull
and other members of his family.

The Creditors of the late ROBERT SHELLIKER, of the
Sun Inn, Friargate, are requested to send in particulars of
their demands, and those who stood indebted to him at the
time of his decease, are requested to pay such Accounts
immediately, to his WIDOW, ELIZABETH SHELLIKER,
of the said SUN INN.
Preston Chronicle 19th April 1845
Preston Chronicle  29th November 1851
A youth, about 16 or 17 years of age, named James Watson,
was placed in the dock at the Town Hall, on Monday last, 
charged by Mr. James Moss, of the Sun Inn, Friargate,
with obtaining lodgings, eatables, and drinkables, at his
house under false pretences.

On the Monday previous he came to him, and represented
that he wanted lodgings for a few days, and that he came
from an uncle at Morecambe Bay. Mr. Moss told him he
would try and accommodate him, and up to Saturday last
supplied him wit all he requested, including tobacco, drink, 
and 3d for a post-office order he said he was going for on 
that day.

After he left the house to go for the order, he did not return,
and they heard nothing more of him till Sunday last, when a
woman came to enquire if they knew anything of him. This
led to his apprehension, when he stated that his father
resided at Bradford, and was a travelling Scotchman, to
whom he would write a note if they would allow him. He was
ordered to find good bail, or in default to be sent to the
House of Correction for a month.
Preston Chronicle 4th September 1852

William Cumpstey senior, and William Cumpstey junior, 
were brough up on Monday last, charged by PC. Ashby
with leaving a cart standing before the Sun Inn, Friargate,
for upwards of two hours on Saturday night last.

The policeman found the defendants in the public house, 
both drunk. Cumpstey Senior (with repentent visage):
"It's aw true, it's aw true; we both deserve finin';  
we'll pay."

They were mulcted in the penaly of 5s. each.
Preston Chronicle 27th November 1852
Preston Chronicle  5th March 1853
Preston Chronicle  24th February 1855
 Preston Guardian  30th August 1856
Preston Chronicle  3rd January 1857
Mary Livesey, a dirty, drunken-looking woman,
preferred a charge of assault against Mr. William
Arkwright, landlord of the Sun Inn, Friargate.

The complainant stated that she had been brought
up in "good behaviour," and on the previous mornng,
between one and two o'clock, she was at Arkwright's
house, when he "punched" her, knocked her down, 
and knocked some of her teeth loose. She was asked
if she had any witnesses, to which she replied, "Yes,
I have my dress." (laughter in court)  She was told
that her dress couldn't speak at all.

The defendant stated that the complainant was very
disorderly, and persisted in drinking the liquor of
other people, and his wife turned her out. She returned
and repeated her bad conduct, when he put her out

She appeared determined to come in, so he "shoved" 
her, and she fell. This occurred two or three times.
He had witnesses to prove that he hadn't "punched" her.

The case was dismissed.
Preston Chronicle  14th August 1858
A man of rather respectable exterior, named
James Greenall, was charged with stealing
£14 from a drawer in the Sun Inn, Friargate, 
the money of James Rigby, the landlord.

Miss Rigby said that on Wednesday afternoon,
the 22nd May, whilst upstairs in her father's
house, the prisoner came to her. She asked
him what he wanted, by he made no reply.

Immediately afterwards he went into another
room, and on seeing him put his hand into a
money drawer, pull out some gold and silver, 
and put them in his pocket, she rushed to him,
seized him, and threw him upon the floor. She
tehn gave an alarm, and her father came upstairs
into the room, and secured the prisoner.

Committed to the Sessions for trial.
Preston Chronicle 25th May 1861
On Monday, at the Police Court, a well-known
character, named Thomas Atherton, was
charged with stealing a weather-glass, the property 
of Mr. James Rigby, of the Sun Inn, Friargate.

Atherton went into the Sun Inn, and had two
glasses of ale on Friday the 21st inst. There was a
weather-glass, woth about £1, in the room where
he had the drink, and when he entered the place
it was safe, when he had gone, the glass was

On the night of the same day, PC. Shakeshaft saw
the prisoner at the Punch Bowl in St. John Street.
Atherton had a bag with him, which he said contained
some rags.  The officer, however, was suspicious,
and brought it along with the prisoner to the police 
station. The bag was found to contain the weather-
glass, and when charged with its theft he replied,
I thought I had borrow it from the Sunn Inn. I
intended to play some music on it."

He pleaded guilty and was sent to the House of
Correction for a month.
Preston Chronicle 29th October 1864
Richard Dobson, landlord of the Sun Inn, Friargate,
was summoned for having committed an offence against
the Licensing Act.

P.C. Edeson said that about 8.30 am on Sunday morning,
the 5th inst., he was on duty in Friargate, near to the Sunn
Inn. He said he saw the defendant at the brew-house door, 
and hand a pint bottle of whiskey to a man named Robert
Christy of 33 Edmund Street. Edeson stopped Christy, and
took the bottle back to the landlord, whom he told he should
be reported for a summons. Dobson admitted the offence, 
and the Bench, considering it a very deliberate violation of
the law, fined him 20s and costs.
Christy was fined 5s at a later court.
Preston Chronicle  18th August 1877
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian

Taken from the 1909 edition of Preston North End's Record Book.
Supplied by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian.
Margaret and Edward Hacking behind the bar at the "Sun Hotel".
The date is not known.
Eight-year old drowned at Lea
Derby Daily Telegraph  15th August 1911
James Hull                         35 years                         Innkeeper
Isabella Hull                       35                                  Wife
Ellen Hull                           15                                   Daughter
Christopher Hull                 12                                   Son
Isabella Hull                       10                                   Daughter
William Hull                         6                                   Son
Elizabeth Hull                       4                                   Daughter
James Hull                           2                                   Son

James Moss                       27 years                          Publican                    b. Preston
Mary Moss                        27                                   Wife                          b. Walton
William Moss                      3                                     Son                          b. Preston
William Moss                     59                                    Father                      b. Penwortham

James Rigby                       50 years                           Innkeeper                b. Plumpton
Agnes Rigby                       50                                    Wife                        b. Preston
Mary Rigby                        20                                    Daughter                          do
Ellen Rigby                         15                                    Daughter                          do
Agnes Rigby                       11                                    Daughter                          do

Richard Dobson                 34 years                           Publican                   b. Gainsborough, Yorks
Mary A. Dobson                33                                    Wife                        b. Preston
Thomas Dobson                  7                                     Son                                   do
James Dobson                     4                                     Son                                   do
William Dobson                  2 months                          Son                                    do

Charles Thomas Beckett    55 years                            Innkeeper                b. Mirton, Surrey
Margaret Beckett               54                                     Wife                        b. Chorley
John Charles Beckett         23                                      Son                         b. Preston
Albert Henry Gorton          16                                      Step-son                 b. Blackburn
Edith Jolly Gorton               11                                     Step-daughter                    do

William McGuinness          42 years                             Innkeeper                b. Ireland
Mary McGuinness             46                                      Wife                                 do
Eliza McGuinness              21                                      Daughter                  b. Preston
Frederick McGuinness      18                                       Son                                  do
Mary J. McGuinness         16                                       Daughter                          do
Annie McGuinness            13                                       Daughter                          do
James McGuinness            11                                       Son                                 do
Ellen McGuinness               9                                        Daughter                         do
Kate McGuinness               6                                        Daughter                         do
William McGuinness           5                                        Son                                 do

William Gorse                   48 years                             Wine Merchant         b. Blackburn
Sarah Gorse                      45                                      Wife                         b. Preston
Sarah A. Gorse                  16                                      Daughter                           do

Edward Hacking               47 years                        Publican                   b. Riston  (Rishton)
Margaret Hacking             41                                  Wife / Assistant        b. Preston
Thomas Edward Hacking  17                         Son / Cotton Spinner    b. Great Harwood
James Hacking                  15                     Son / Joiner's Apprentice    b. Riston (Rishton)
William Hacking                 7                       Son                         b. Preston     d. 13.8.1911
Elizabeth McGinnity          29                                      Domestic Servant    b. Barrow

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  1. Ref: 'A Young Rogue'. It seems Mr. James Moss may have been something of a soft touch, unless the youth was more persuasive than was the norm!