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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

SUN INN, Main Sprit Weind

35 or 37 Main Sprit Weind
It's hard to believe, but Main Sprit Weind was
at one time an important access route to the
town centre.
The "Sun Inn," as was, can be seen on the right-hand
side of the street, where you can see the hanging sign.
1796 -1818            John Clowes
1808                      John Webster  (not necessarily this 'Sun')  see death notice, below.
1808                      Mrs. Clowes 
1818 - 21               George Burns (Barnes)?
1825 - 28              William Kellett
1838                      Henry Forshaw  -  went to the 'Wellington' in Glovers Court.
1838 - 39              Robert Gibson
1841                     Betty Gibson
1844 - 46             Mr. Holland
1851                     Mr. Huntington
1851 - 52             William Snailham
1853 - 54             Richard Aspinall
1855 - 58             William Skelton
1858                    Henry Holmes
1858 - 67             Jonathan Westray  - death of wife, Mary A. aged 40 years,  reported in P.C. 20th April 1861
1869 - 71             Richard Hoyle
1875                    Joseph Edwards - Mr. Edelston, Solicitor, on behalf of the owners of the Sun Inn, objected to Mr. Edwards sub-letting the inn, but the magistrates saw no reason why he
  should not, and the matter was allowed to stand over till the next General
                                                                  Licensing Sessions, the applicant meanwhile to take possession. P.C. 5.6.1875
                                                                           It isn't known to whom it was sub-let, or who the owners were.
1875 - 79            William Edwin Mitchell
1879                    Miles Dent
1881 - 84             Joseph Edwards
1884 - 86             Henry Baldwin
1886                    Thmas Henry Hayward
1886 - 91             John Coward
1891                    Joseph Bond
1891 - 92            Thomas Harrison
1892 - 95             Joseph Denham
1895 - 96             Thomas Harrison
1896 - 97             Richard Bailey
1897                     Robert Harrison
1898                     Richard Bailey
1898                     Robert Harrison
1898                     Peter Yates of Peter Yates, Ltd., 1 Chapel Street, Oldham.
1904 - 40             Yates Bros.
NOTES: Written by J.H.Spencer of the Preston Herald in 1941:
To the ordinary pedestrian passing down Main Sprit Weind, this is just a narrow alley-way, dismal, steep and uninviting, overshadowed by large buildings on each side, and without interest. It is known that it was a popular residential quarter of the town years ago, though you wouldn't think so by modern standards. On the east side of the weind near the bottom, is a plot of land overgrown with bushes and weeds, enclosed with a high wall, and the place now (1941) appears to be used as a dumping ground for old bricks and coke breeze. This land is the remaining portion of the Old Coffee Garden referred to in the Court Leet Records, and famous in the annals of old Preston. In Rawsthorne's diary there are many entries recording visits to Swansey's in the Weind, and on two occasions Bellingham mentions the place.

Evidently they refer to an inn or place of refreshment which probably occupied the same site as the Coffee Garden of later years, for it had a bowling green attached to it where the diarist often bowled. It was a place of importance and considerable size, for in Rawsthorn'e diary there is an entry stating that 17 gentlemen dined there at one time. The name of this inn is not known, but apparently it was a much frequented place at the time of the diarists, (1689).

The Sun Inn was on the west side of the Weind, and next door to the Golden Ball, and opposite, on the east side was the New Town Hall Tavern. In the 1940's the Sun Inn had become the Yates' Wine Lodge, although the sign and name had vanished externally.
Lancashire Evening Post  15th October 2012
I have replied to the query in the above letter (LEP 16.1.2013)
in which I explained that the building dates back to the 1600's,
when the (thatched) roof will have been higher, and the slope of it more pitched - to dispel snow from the roof more readily.
The image wil have originally have been surrounded by 'sun's rays' and will date from a time when inns and taverns were known "by the sign of............" and identifiable thereby, to the illiterate.  
When the thatch was replaced, and the ridge lowered, the
sun's rays will have been lost.
This information has come from local historian, Colin Stansfield.  Thank you, Colin
  Lancaster Gazette  8th August 1801
DEATH  On Thursday se'enight (14th), 
Mr. John Webster of the Sun public-house
in Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  30th January 1808 
DEATH  On the 8th inst., Mrs. Clowes
of the Sun public-house, Preston. She was
a loving wife, a tender parent, and an
affectionate friend.
Lancaster Guardian  16th April 1808 
MARRIAGE:  On Thursday last, Mr. John Clowes,
of the Sun public-house, to Mrs. Medcalf, relict of
Mr. Medcalf, both of Preston. 
Lancaster Gazette  29th May 1813
 Lancaster Gazette  30th November 1816
DEATH:  On Sunday last, Mr. John Clowes,
innkeeper, and High Constable of Preston, aged 56 years.
Lancaster Gazette  18th April 1818 
by Private Contract
LOT 3    All that Public-house, known by the
sign of the Sun, situate in Main Sprit Weind,
in Preston, with Brewhouse, two Stables, and
appurtenances thereto, belonging, now in the
occupation of William KELLETT
Preston Chronicle  1st March 1828
Blackburn Standard  29th November 1837
Late of the Star Inn, Lawson Street,
BEGS to inform the Public in General and his
Friends in particular, that he has REMOVED
he hopes by care and attention to gain a share
of public patronage.
N.B. Good Stabling, and excellent accommodation
for travellers.
Preston Chronicle 24th November 1838
Preston Chronicle  30th March 1844
Preston Chronicle  18th April 1846
MARRIAGE - On Wednesday last, at the
Register Office, Mr. James Harvey, sergeant
of the 85th Regiment, to Alice, youngest daughter
of Mr. Huntington, of the Sun Inn, Main Sprit Wiend.
Preston Chronicle 29th March 1851
Has received instructions
On TUESDAY NEXT, the 9th November at 11am.
Brewing Utensils, and Bar Requisites, of
Mr. William Snailham, of the Sun Inn, Main
Sprit Weind, Preston, who is declining the public
For particulars, see poster.
Preston Chronicle  6th November 1852
Preston Chronicle 17th September 1859
A four-year old child, the son of Mr. Westray, Sun Inn,
Main Sprit Weind, yesterday climbed up a ladder, reared 
against a house in that street, upwards of two storeys high.
From that, he climbed up another placed upon the roof,
which was being thatched; and finally, gained the rigging,
upon which he sat with the self complacency of thousands
of other little fellows, who, in imagination, have "rode their
cock horses to Bambury Cross."

The young aspirant to an "elevated position" in his native
town was seen by a neighbour, who, in terror, informed the
child's father, whose feelings may be imagined on seeing 
his little favourite in so dangerous a position.

The child, however, seemed unconscious of the danger that
menaced him - indeed, his unconcerned demeanour suggested
the notion that he might have been more than a match for the
famous "Benicia Boy," in jumping hand-in-hand from a house 
top for the champion's belt.

With characteristic coolness, the father called to the child to
remain where he was, and he "would come and sit beside him."
The little fellow obeyed the command, and in less time than
it has taken us to relate the fact, he was brought safely to
terra firma.
Preston Chronicle 19th May 1860
Preston Chronicle 1st December 1860
Preston Chronicle  19th March 1862
Preston Chronicle 13th December 1862
Preston Chronicle 20th December 1862

BEER-SELLERS will be held on Monday next at
2pm at Mr. Jonathan Westray's, the Sun Inn, Main 
Sprit Weind, to take steps for the protection of the
local and general interests of the body, and to 
consider the propriety of forming an association
with that object.
C. SATTERTHWAITE, Secretary pro-tem.
Preston Chronicle 23rd April 1864
Preston Chronicle 16th July 1864
Preston Chronicle 1st October 1864
Preston Chronicle 12th November 1864

VOCALIST, and DANCER, for an
early date.
Enclose Carte.
Silence a Negative.
THE ERA.  22nd August 1869
Preston Chronicle  20th November 1869
The Era  19th December 1869
Preston Chronicle  30th July 1870
The Era  5th February 1871
Preston Chronicle 27th May 1871
Preston Chronicle 23rd December 1871
Preston Chronicle 6th July 1872
Preston Chronicle  21st February 1874
Preston Chronicle 20th November 1875
Preston Chronicle  26th May 1877
Preston Chronicle 21st July 1877
Preston Chronicle 1st March 1879
Preston Chronicle  25th June 1892
Betty Gibson                        20 years  ?                      Innkeeper
Margaret Gibson                  15                                        ?
Ann Gibson                          10                                        ?

William Snailham                  30 years                         Lic. Vict.                    b. Grimsargh
Ann Snailham                       32                                  Wife                           b. Longton

Jonathan Westray                38 years                          Innkeeper                   b. Workington
Mary A. Westray                40                                    Wife                          b. Liverpool
Mary Jane Westray             14                                    Daughter                             do
John Westray                      13                                    Son                                     do
Jonathan Westray                 8                                     Son                           b. Preston
Harry Westray                      7                                    Son                                     do
Martha Westray                   5                                     Daughter                             do
Hannah Westray                  3                                      Daughter                             do

Richard Hoyle                    32 years                            Innkeeper                  b. Preston
Elizabeth Hoyle                  30                                      Wife                                  do
Harry Hoyle                        7                                       Son                                   do
Richard Hoyle                     5                                       Son                                   do
Anne Hoyle                         4                                       Daughter                           do
Charles S. Hoyle                 1                                       Son                                   do

Joseph Edwards                51 years                             Publican                    b. Preston
Ellen Edwards                   51                                      Wife                          b. Higher Walton
Theresa Edwards              20                                       Daughter                   b. Preston
Alexander Edwards           19                                       Son                                  do
Joseph Edwards                18                                       Son                                  do
Mary A. Edwards              16                                      Daughter                           do
William H. Edwards           15                                      Son                          b. Farrington
John R. Edwards                11                                      Son                                    do

John Coward                    42 years                              Publican                   b. Preston
Margaret Coward             36                                       Wife                         b. Bleasdale
Ellen Sherratt                    29                                       Pianist & Singer        b. Manchester

Managed by Yates and Co. (Yates's Wine Bar)

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  1. 1859 to 1867 Jonathan Westray was my Great Grandfather.