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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

BULL AND BUTCHER, 20 Lancaster Road (South)

3 Molyneux Square  (in 1818)
later  20 Molyneux Square 1865), and then
20 Lancaster Road (South) (1873)
 The street north of Gin Bow Entry was Molyneux Square, (later Lancaster Road South), and the area south of it, The Shambles, (again, later, Lancaster Road South.
1804                  Thomas Hope
1818 - 19           George Howard   -  d. 3.3.1819, see below.
1819 - 29           Dorothy Howard
1838 - 42           John Roe
1846 - 47           Richard Duckett   d. 22.6.1847  Aged 33 years. Son of Richard Duckett, tanner.
1847 - 49           Mrs. Mary Duckett
1851 - 55          William Hesmondhalgh
1857                  Ralph Threlfall
1859                  Thomas Wilding    d. 1859
1859                  Grace Wilding   -  widow of Thomas, above. 
1860                  Mrs Threlfall
1863 - 65          Thomas Draycott
1869 - 77          Edwin Illingworth
1877                 Betsy Illingworth
1881                 Thomas Westhead - went to the Regatta Inn, Fishergate Hill.
DEATH:  On Wednesday last, Mr. George Howard,
of the Bull and Butcher public-house, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  6th March 1819
At the Bull and Butcher public house, in Preston, Sir T.D. Hesketh
treated the staff of the Third Lancashire Militia, on the day of the Coronation ,
with a good substantial dinner, and each man with a pint of wine, with which
to drink health and long life to Her Majesty.
Preston Chronicle  30th June 1838
Preston Chronicle 2nd July 1842
In returning his sincere thanks for the kind patronage bestowed
upon him during the time he has been in business, begs to announce 
to his Friends and the Public in general that he has REMOVED from
his late premises, the "Bull and Butcher" Molyneux Square, to more
commodious premises, the "Golden Cross" Lancaster Road, where he
hopes by strict attention to his business to merit a continuance of the
favours so kindly bestowed upon him.

PS.  W.H. also begs to announce that he still continues his business as
HAY AND STRAW DEALER, and that he supplies gentlemen with
first-class Hay and Straw at wholesale prices.
Preston Chronicle   6th October 1855
DEATH - Yesterday, very suddenly, Mr. 
Thomas Wilding, of the Bull and Butcher Inn, 
Molyneux Square, aged 33 years.
Preston Chronicle 8th January 1859
It's not clear what his role was at the inn.
Rather carelessly I've not made a note of the date for the article, but it was
between 1869 and 1877 when the Illingworths were the licensees.
In 1877 the Bull & Butcher was owned by the Corporation
and let for £89 per annum. P.C. 4.8.1877
The Bull and Butcher was one of the nine pubs done away
with to provide the space for the Harris Museum and Free Library.
John Roe                      35 years                  Publican
Elizabeth Roe               30                            Wife
John Roe                      14                           Son
Sarah Roe                    10                            Daughter
Elizabeth Roe                 8                            Daughter                     
Margaret Roe                6                            Daughter
Mary Roe                      4                            Daughter
Frances Roe                  1 month                  Daughter

William Hesmondhalgh  37 years                Victualler                  b. Blackburn
Mary Hesmondhalgh     37                         Wife                         b. Lancaster
Elizabeth Hesmondhalgh  7                         Daughter                  b. Preston
Mary Hesmondhalgh       5 months             Daughter                           do


Edwin Illingworth         48 years                 Innkeeper                  b. Halifax
Betsy Illingworth          45                          Wife                          b. Longridge

Thomas Westhead       42 years                Lic. Vict.                    b. Lytham
Agnes Westhead          34                         Wife                          b. Freckleton
William Westhead         9                          Son                           b. Fleetwood
Grace Westhead           5                          Daughter                              do
Nancy Ellen Westhead   2                         Daughter                              do

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