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Saturday, 18 February 2017

CROWN HOTEL, Church Street

7 Church Street.
The Crown Hotel was one of four inns that fronted Church Street
where the Arndale (Miller) Arcade now stands. After all the building  were
demolished, a new Crown Hotel was incorporated in the Arcade.
A trace can still be found [see below for photographs].
1827 - 34             William Cotton    d. 2.8.1834, see below.
1834 - 41             Grace Cotton
1842                     Thomas Buxton  -  came from the "Shakespeare Hotel" Strait Shambles.
1848                     John Chapman
1849 - 51             Miss Jane Chapman
1852 - 53             Ann Seddon
1853 - 54             William Mashiter (Masheter)
1856 - 58             Thomas Ambler - lived at 12 Charles Street, prior to coming to the 'Crown'.
1858 - 61             George Eastham
1861 - 65             Thomas Coulthurst - On 23.2.1862, Mary Elizabeth Kirkbride C., wife of T.C. died aged 32 years
1868 - 69             Richard Robinson
1870                    Jane Younghusband
1870 - 73             John Ladyman
1873                    Thomas Horn
1874 - 77            James Albert Tomlinson
1877 - 84             Henry Beesley 
1885 - 87            Peter Duckworth Yates
1887                    Mary Addison 
1887 - 89            Margaret Fiddler - died 19.1.1891, aged 52 years, at the "Brewers' Arms," Friargate
1889                   John Wainman
1889                   Edward Thomas Houghton
1890                   Mary Houghton
1890 - 95           Charles E. Brent
1895                   Nathaniel Miller (Owner)
1895 - 96            Thomas Bradley (Landlord / Manager)
September 23rd 1896  Licence abandoned - premises structurally altered.

1896 - 99            Nathaniel Miller
1899 - 1907        Frederick William Catterall
1910                   John Appleton
1913                   J. Seifert
1916                   Taken over by the military in October 1916 as a Records Office, but the licence was renewed. The fixtures, fittings, and wet and dry stock were auctioned in December 1916.

NOTES:   The owner in 1882 was Edward James Stanley, Quantock Lodge, Bridgewater, Somerset.

                From 1895, the premises were owned by Nathaniel Miller, Dentist, Fishergate.
Preston Pilot  13th October 1827
Respectfully inform the Public that they purpose, on Monday
31st instant, to commence running an elegant LIGHT POST COACH,
from Mr. Cotton's, the Crown Inn, Church Street, Preston, to the 
LANE ENDS HOTEL, BLACKPOOL, every day (Sunday excepted).

The Coach will start from the Crown Inn Coach office precisely at
quarter before four o'clock in the Afternoon, excepting Saturdays, 
on which days it will start at Quarter past four o'clock.
Kirkham 29th March 1834
Preston Chronicle 29th March 1834
DEATH:  On Saturday last, aged 56 years,
Mr. William Cotton, Crown Inn, in this town,
much respected.
Preston Chronicle  9th August 1834 
ALL persons to whom the late Mr William Cotton, innkeeper,
stood indebted at the time of his decease, are requested to send 
in their accounts immediately to Mrs. Cotton, Crown Inn, Preston;
and all persons indebted to the said Mr. Cotton, are requested to
pay the amount of their respective debts, to the said Mrs. Cotton.
Preston Chronicle  9th August 1834
On Saturday morning last, Thomas Leece, well-known as a 
porter, who has for some years attended the coaches, was found
dead in an outbuilding of the Crown Inn. An inquest was held the
same day on the body, before Thomas Troughton Esq., Mayor,
and a verdict of "Died by Visitation of God."
Preston Chronicle  15th November 1834
adjoining the Crown Inn

MEMBERS will be received each Evening during next week,
between the hours of eight and ten.

Subscription: One shilling and sixpence each month.

Committee Room, Saturday 2nd September 1837
Preston Chronicle  2nd September 1837
Preston Chronicle   7th May 1842
Preston Chronicle  11th July 1846
Preston Chronicle   23rd June 1849
 Preston Chronicle  12th January 1850
Preston Chronicle  6th April 1850
Marriage: on 10th September 1851
Mr. John Hesketh of Leyland, to
Miss Jane Chapman, of this town.
Not necessarily our Jane Chapman, but quite possibly.
Preston Chronicle 13th September 1851
Preston Chronicle  29th December 1860
Preston Chronicle   1st March 1862
Preston Chronicle   5th March 1864
Preston Chronicle   4th March 1865
Preston Chronicle   16th February 1867
Richard Robinson was landlord here at this time
Preston Chronicle   5th December 1868
Preston Herald   February 25th 1871
Preston Chronicle   18th March 1871
Preston Chronicle   22nd July 1871
THE ERA    3.9.1871
Proprietor: Mr. John Ladyman           Manager: Mr. J. Marsh

WANTED, to open on Monday, September 11th, 
VOCALISTS, and GENTLEMAN Comic; also a
Violinist and Pianist. None but genuine Talent need apply.
THE  ERA   22nd October 1871
Preston Chronicle   17th February 1872
Longworth's Advertiser  1873
Preston Illustrated News  23rd May 1874
Preston Chronicle   24th May 1879
Preston Chronicle   9th February 1889
Preston Chronicle   16th February 1889
Lancashire Evening Post  26th September 1900
It's there for all to see - but have you?
Next time you go to the Harris Museum, have a look for it.

If you'd like to know what it looked like through the doors,
click here.
Taken from a 1914 Preston North End Match Day Programme.
Supplied by Ian Rigby, PNE Official Historian.
Grace Cotton               55 years               Publican
William Cotton             15                        Son

Jane Chapman             28 years                Innkeeper               b. Yorkshire

George Eastham           36 years               Publican                 b. Clayton-le-Woods
Mary Eastham              38                        Wife                       b. Leyland

John Ladyma                30 years               Lic. Vict.                b. Preston
Jane Ladyman               25                       Wife                                do

Henry Beesley              54 years               Lic. Vict.                b. Woodplumpton
Elizabeth Beesley          39                       Wife                        b. Blackburn

Charles E. Brent           26 years               Lic. Vict.                b. Canada
Sarah E. Brent              25                        Wife                      b. Buxton
Henry C. Brent              3                         Son                       b. Oldham
Charles E. Brent            7 months              Son                       b. Preston

Frederick A. Catterall   44 years              Hotel Proprietor     b. Preston
Bridget Catterall            48                      Wife                       b. Ireland
Elizabeth Catterall         20                       Daughter                b. Liverpool
Cecil R. Catterall           19                      Son and                 b. Preston
                                                                 Hotel Manager
William P. Park            60    Boarder / J.P. County & Boro'  b. Preston
Dr. John Mannheim      26     Apprentice Engineering Draughtsman  b. Germany
Augusta Mannheim      22                        Wife of above        b. Germany
Louis E. Picken            28               Chartered Accountant    b. Clifton, Gloucester
Margaret Thornton       42                                                    b. Preston
Robert Ashhurst           74                       Solicitor                b. Liverpool
Dora Ashhurst              63                       Wife of above       b. Blackburn
Edward L. R. Hackwell  45                 Major in the Army    b. Bath, Somerset
S. Barneyy  (male)        34                                                   b. London
Charles Wilding            23               Cotton Manufacturer    b.     ?
Thirstana L. von  ?        30 (male)         Electrical Engineer   b. Sweden
Catherine L. von  ?       27                     Wife of above        b. U.S.A.
L. Gerraty                    29 (female)         Waitress               b. Preston
Elizabeth E. Clark         34                      Barmaid                        do
Ernest Fisher                21                       Barman                        do
James Burton               20                       Barman                        do
John Grogin                 19                       Waiter                  b. Rushton
Kate Murphy               18                       Pantry-maid         b. Barrow-in-Furness
Jane E. Bailey              20                       Waitress               b. Preston
Charles Hargrieves       62 widower        Boots                            do
Mary Cooney              38                       Cook                   b. Liverpool
Annie McCann            30                       Chambermaid       b. Whitehaven, Cumberland
Marion Kirk                22                       Housemaid           b. Formby
Mary E. Finley            25                       Waitress               b. Hull
Margaret Walsh          24                       Kitchenmaid         b. Limerick, Ireland

John Appleton              48 years              Hotel Manager       b. Kirkham
Annie Hayton               47                       Hotel Manageress  b. Lower Washford, Somerset.
Kathleen O'Ruddy       20                       Barmaid                 b. Dublin
Mary Ellenmian            30                       Servant                  b. Bruff, Ireland
Margaret Maychell       29                       Servant                  b. West Witton
Sarah Foley                 25                       Servant                  b. Truro ? Ireland
Thomas Turner            19                       Servant                  b. Preston
Alice Bishop                33                       Servant                  b. Barnsley
Gertrude Cato             23                       Servant                  b. Liverpool
Kitty Dunne                 26                       Servant                  b. Manchester
William Banks             20                       Servant                  b. Preston
Mary Clough               25                       Hotel Book keeper b. Higheler, Harris
Annie Horton              47                       Cook                     b. Ardwick, Manchester
Mary Ellen Lomax       37                       Servant                 b. Longton, Preston
Frederick Donohue     25                       Servant                  b. Ardwick, Manchester
John Cookson             20                       Servant                 b. Preston
Margaret Churnside    20                        Servant                         do
Nant Trenavin Body    33     Captain in Regular Forces        b. Devon
Mabel Florence Body  25                       Wife                     b. Burnley
Arthur James Vavasour Durell  39  Lt. Col in Army Pay
                                                          Dept - War Office    b. Fulbourne, Cambridge
Alice Margaret Durell    36                      Wife                    b. Richmond, Yorks.Audrey
 Hilda Vavasour Durel    7                       Daughter              b. St Margaret's, Middlesex
Dudley Vavasour Durell  5                       Son                     b. Mitcham, Surrey
Hilda Wales                   28              Nursery Governess     b. Hull, Yorks.

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