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Wednesday, 8 February 2017


9  (later 27)  North Road
3 Lord's Walk, later 5 Lord's Walk.
1841                    Joseph Kendrick
1843                    James Smith (the owner)
1844                    Garneth Parker
1847                    James Smith
1849                    Mr. Kirkby
1850 - 51            William Spencer
1853                   John Holgate
1854                       ?      Holgarth   - probably the same man as Holgate, above.
1858                    Christopher Townson
1861 - 63            Richard Baines
1863 - 69            Joseph Singleton
1869 - 70            James Wilkinson
1870 - 71            John Ryding (Riding)
1871 - 72            William Nightingale
1877                    George Catlow
1877                    James Ormerod
   ?                       John Wilcock
1881                    Miles Dent
1882                    Thomas Hayton
1883 - 86             James Greenhalgh
1886 - 87             William Eaton
1887                     Lawrence McGeer
1888 - 94             Robert Barton Fitchie
1894 - 1904         Pilkington Bamber Parkinson
1907 - 13             Richard Turner
1913 - 18             Agatha Turner
On the 19th April 1918, whilst Richard Turner and his son William were away at War, Agatha Turner lost the licence to the house.
I have a note that Amelia Crook was fined on the 12th November 1915,
For allowing her licensed premises to be the habitual resort of
reputed prostitutes.
Chief Constable's Report of February 1916
Preston Chronicle  14th October 1843
Preston Chronicle  9th October 1847
Preston Chronicle  1st September 1849
 Preston Chronicle  29th May 1852
Preston Chronicle  30th April 1853
Preston Chronicle 2nd January 1858
TO BE LET, with immediate possession if required,
the above well-established INN, with a capital connection,
situate at the corner of Lord's Walk and North Road, in
Preston, and adjoining the Cattle Market, now in the
occupation of Mr. Christopher Townson. The stock is small
and may be taken at a valuation.
Apply on the Premises; or to Mr. PLANT,
Solicitor, Cannon Street.
Preston Chronicle  3rd July 1858
LOST, in the neighbourhood of Ribbleton Lane on the 9th instant, a BROWN RETRIEVER DOG, answers to "Jock". Anyone having found the same will be rewarded on bringing it to the Queen's Arms, North Road, Preston. Anyone detaining it after this notice will be prosecuted.
Preston Chronicle  20th June 1863
ALL that well-known PUBLIC HOUSE, the
Queen's Arms, situate in North Road and
Lord's Walk, together with a Five-stalled Stable
attached, occupied by Mr. Joseph Singleton. 
The present tenant is leaving owing to commencing
a wholesale trade.
Apply at the Black-a-Moors Head Inn,
Preston Chronicle  8th May 1869
Preston Chronicle  6th August 1870
Preston Chronicle  3rd March 1877
Preston Chronicle  22nd March 1879
 Preston Chronicle 1st October 1881
Preston Chronicle  4th October 1890
Taken from the P.N.E. Handbook of the 1898 - 99 Season
During the 1st World War, both Richard Turner
and his son William were away serving in the army,
and family legend has it that the licence was lost
during that period 'for running a disorderly house'.
Can anybody add to this account? 
This information has been sent to me by
William Turner's grandson.
William Spencer              26 years                       Publican                  b. Bamber Bridge
Alice Spencer                  29                               Wife                        b. Garstang
Mary Spencer                  10 months                   Daughter                 b. Preston
Frederick Pickle               11                               Nephew                 b. Gisburn
Bridget Kelly?                  23                               Servant                   b. Ireland

Richard Baines                35 years                       Innkeeper                b. Blackburn
Elizabeth Baines              29                                Wife                        b. Shap
Richard Baines                 7 months                     Son                         b. Preston
Agnes Baines                  71                                Mother / Widow     b. Westmoreland

John Ryding                    30 years                      Innkeeper                 b. Bretherton
Eliza Ryding                    27                               Wife                         b. Newton Stewart
Elizabeth Ann Ryding        9                               Daughter                  b. Bretherton
William Thomas Ryding  15 months                    Son                          b. Leeds

Miles Dent                      44 years                      Lic. Vict.                  b. Preston
Elizabeth Dent                 45                               Wife                                 do
Miles Barton Dent           21                               Son                                  do  
Thomas Dent                   15                              Son                                   do
Mary Waters Dent          11                               Daughter                           do
Emily Sarah Dent              5                               Daughter                           do

Robert B. Fitchie            36 years                      Publican                   b. Preston
Susan E. Fitchie              33                               Wife                                  do
Walter Fitchie                 11                               Son / Scholar                     do
Margaret E. Fitchie          9                           Daughter / Scholar                  do
Alice Maud Fitchie          7                            Daughter / Scholar                  do
George Fitchie                 5                               Son / Scholar                      do
Ethel Mary Fitchie           2                                Daughter                            do
Robert Barlow Fitchie     5 months                    Son                                    do

Pilkington Bamber Parkinson   49 years             Lic. Vict.                  b. Blackburn
Ellen Parkinson                       45                       Wife                        b. Preston
Mary Elizabeth Parkinson        21                      Daughter                           do
Christopher Parkinson             19                      Son                                   do
William Henry Parkinson          17                     Son                                   do
Eli Parker Parkinson                15                      Son                                  do
John Parkinson                        13                      Son                                  do
Agnes Parkinson                     11                       Daughter                          do
Albert Parkinson                      9                        Son                                  do
Edith Parkinson                       7                         Daughter                          do
Charles Edward Parkinson      5                         Son                                  do

Richard Turner                       45 years              Lic. Vict.                 b. Preston
Agatha Turner                        47                       Wife /                               do
                                                                          Assists in business
William Turner                        15                       Son                         b. Bolton
Annie Shorrock                      27                       General Domestic    b. Preston

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