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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

MARKET INN, Orchard Street

1, Orchard Street
This is a small portion of a map that had its origins in
the Market Superintendent's Office.

It purports to represent the situation of the Market Inn
at around 1870.

The only other evidence I've found is from the 1861 Census,
the details of which are shown below. They relate to the
address 1, Orchard Street, which the above plan appears
to confirm.

The building on the other side of Plant's Court is the
Black Horse Hotel, but it must be remembered that that
building was rebuilt in the 1890's; the rear of the old
building facing Plant's Court, now has a different shape.
Mine Hosts:
1853                    Edward Halsall
1861                    Alice Hough
1866                    William Kenyon   (Mannex's Directory of that year)
Alice Hough                         39 years widow             Beer-house keeper               b. Wray Green
Elizabeth Hough                     6                                  Daughter                              b. Broughton ?

1 comment:

  1. In my 1866 Mannex directory William Kenyon was listed as the proprietor of the un-named beerhouse at No. 1 Orchard Street ...