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Monday, 23 January 2012

ALBERT INN, 65 Pleasant Street

65 Pleasant Street
Pleasant Street ran south from Avenham Lane, so the Prince Albert (or Albert Inn) was on the western side of the street

Mine Hosts:
1840               Thomas Turner   - Owned by Joseph Robinson.
1841 - 42       James Thornborrow (Joseph Thornber)
1851 - 53       Thomas Brown 
1854               John Sleddon  
1857 - 58       Thomas Brown   d. 11.3.1858, aged 51 years. 
1858 - 69       Margaret Brown
1870              Margaret Bowers * believed to be Margaret Brown, re-married, or perhaps it is just an erroneous spelling?
1870 - 71       Joseph Huntington
1873              R. Ratcliffe
1877              John Earnshaw
1877              Edward Lang
1880 - 81      William James Alsop (Allsup)
1882 - 85      Margaret Duffy
1885 - 88      Margaret Kilbain  * believed to be Margaret Duffy, re-married.
1888 - 89      Edward Burton
1889              Robert Wilkinson
1889              Abel Cartmell
1889              Joseph Wainman
1890              William Pedder
1891              John Brown
1892              David Stewart
1892 - 97      Robert Wilkinson
1897              John Dunn
1898              John Dunderdale
1898 - 1903  Thomas McLaughlin
IF the CART left by James Smith, at the house
of Joseph Thornber, the Prince Albert Inn, 
Pleasant Street, on the 17th February last, be
not taken away in one month from this date, it
will be sold to defray expenses.
Preston. September 24th 1841
Preston Chronicle 25th September 1841
Preston Chronicle  24th September 1842
Joseph Thornber
Preston Chronicle  28th October 1843
Preston Chronicle 28th October 1843
MARRIAGE - On Thursday last, at the Parish Church, by the Rev. Mr. Hatfield M.A.,
Curate of St. Paul's, Mr. James Hoole, to Anne,
younest daughter of Mr. Thomas Brown, of the
Prince Albert Inn, Pleasant Street, all of this town.
Preston Chronicle 2nd April 1853
DEATH - On Thursday last, at the Prince Albert Inn,
Pleasant Street, Mr. Thomas Brown, aged 51 years,
formerly and for many years resident in Carlisle.
Preston Chronicle 13th March 1858
John Earnshaw, landlord of the Prince Albert public house, Pleasant Street, was summoned for supplying drink during prohibited hours on Sunday. Police Detective Welch and PC Swarbrick were passing the defendant's house at about half past eight on Sunday morning when they saw two men enter by the front door. The Constable followed and saw three men standing besides the bar. There was a quantity of glasses standing in the bar with ale in them, and there was also a gallon jug with about a quart of new-drawn beer in it. He told the landlord that he should report him, when he remarked, "Very well."
Mr. Blackhurst, who defended, called the men, who stated that no drink was supplied to them, and they had gone there for the purpose of having a walk with the landlord. The case was dismissed.
Preston Chronicle  5th August 18764
 Preston Chronicle  1st January 1881
Preston Chronicle  10th May 1884

Joseph Thornber              32 years                     Publican
Jane Thornber                  27                              Wife
Elizabeth Thornber            7                               Daughter
Laura Thornber                 5                               Daughter
Frances Thornber              3                              Son
Ann Thornber                    1                              Daughter

Thomas Brown                44 years                     Innkeeper             b. Huyton, Cumberland
Margaret Brown              50                              Wife                     b. Kirkandus
Susan Brown                   20                              Daughter              b. Carlisle
Margaret Brown              19                              Daughter                      do
Thomas Brown                13                              Son                      b. Preston

Margaret Brown             60 years                     Innkeeper             b. Cumberland
Margaret Brown             27                              Daughter              b. Carlisle
Thomas Brown               23                              Son                      b. Preston

Joseph Huntington           52 years                    Publican                b. Thirsby, Cumberland
Mary Huntington             44                             Wife                      b. Esk, Cumberland

William Allsup                 30 years                   Licensed Victualler   b. Preston
Margaret Allsup               35                           Wife                                 do
John B. Allsup                  11                           Son                                  do
William Allsup                   5                            Son                                  do
May Allsup                       3                            Daughter                           do

John Brown                    30 years                   Beerseller                 b. Scotland
Cath Brown                     ?                             Wife                         b. Charnock Richard

Thomas McLaughlin       33 years                   Publican                   b. Preston
Ellen McGlaughlin           29                            Wife                               do
William McGlaughlin        6                             Son                                do
John McLaughlin              2                            Son                                 do


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