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Thursday, 26 January 2012


62 Meadow Street (later 74 / 76)
The hotel can be seen here at the corner of Jutland Street.
1867               Thomas Turner
1868               Thomas Williams
1869               John Grundy Collins
1870               Thomas Sloane
1871 - 73       Thomas Stone  *  This is the same man as in 1870, but as yet I don't know which is correct.
                                                                   - SLOANE is the correct one; see two articles below.
1873               Edward Gardner
1873               Thomas Harrison
1877               Henry Hoyle
1879 - 87       John Pemberton
1887 - 91       Thomas Culshaw
1891 - 95       Mary Culshaw
1895 - 1902   John Harrison
1902 - 07       Thomas Tipping
1909 - 44       William Caton
1944 - 48       Thomas Ridge
DEATH:  We are sorry to record the death of
Mr. Robert Sloane, Founder of the Order of Foresters
in Preston, who for many years kept the Army and Navy Hotel, 
Meadow Street. d. 13th August 1873 aged 70 years.

He had 15 children, 11 still living, and 25 grand-children.
Preston Chronicle  16th August 1873
A DISPUTED VALUATION: John Pemberton, of the Army and
Navy Hotel, Meadow Street, sought to recover £2 12s 6d from 
Henry Hoyle, of the Harrison Hill Tavern, the value of certain seats
bought by the defendant, which did not belong to him.
Verdict for the Plaintiff.
Presumably from when the hotel changed hands.
Preston  Chronicle 13th December 1879
 Lancashire Evening Post  23rd September 1902
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian

Taken from the 1909 edition of Preston North End's Record Book.
Supplied by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian.

Lancashire Evening Post  20th May 1920
 Lancashire Evening Post  15th September 1920
Lancashire Evening Post  7th May 1940
 Lancashire Evening Post  12th May 1941
 Lancashire Evening Post  29th May 1941
 Lancashire Evening Post  11th December 1944
Thomas Stone                  67 years              Publican                   b. Woolwich
Elizabeth Stone                 61                       Wife                        b. Preston
Alice Stone                      34                        Daughter                         do
Jane Stone                       30                        Daughter                         do
Mary Stone                      27                       Daughter                          do
Ann Stone                        23                       Daughter                          do
Agnes Stone                     21                       Daughter                          do
Sarah Stone                      19                       Daughter                          do

John Pemberton               42 years             Beerseller                b. Leyland
Margaret Pemberton        38                      Wife                                do
Mary Jane Pemberton      16                      Daughter                          do
Elizabeth Pemberton         15                     Daughter                 b. Cuerden
James Robert Pemberton   7                      Son                         b. Preston
Herbert Pemberton            1                      Son                                 do

Thomas Culshaw            37 years              Beerseller                b. Preston
Mary ?? Culshaw           36                       Wife                        b. Dolphinholme
Jane F. Culshaw             10                       Daughter                 b. Preston
Annie Culshaw                 9                       Daughter                        do
Elizabeth A. Culshaw       5                        Daughter                        do

John Harrison                 44 years             Licensed Victualler  b. Preston
Mary J. Harrison             11                     Daughter                         do
Richard J. Harrison           9                      Son                                do
John S. Harrison               7                      Son                                do
Francis J. Harrison           5                       Son                                do

William Caton                  34 years           Innkeeper                b. Preston
Betsy Jane Caton             35                   Wife                         b. Chorley
Edith Caton                     11                    Daughter / scholar    b. Preston
William H. Caton              3                     Son                                  do
Mary Hargreaves            66 widow         Mother-in-law          b. Bulford, Wiltshire

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