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Friday, 27 January 2012

BAND OF HOPE, 46 Richmond Street

or should this read 'BUD OF HOPE'? see below
46 Richmond Street
[later became the ['Black Lion']
All the streets running west to east run into London Road.
1854               James Watmough
1861               William Thornley

For anyone wanting to know more about the 'Band of Hope' and the significance
of how it became the name of this beerhouse, there may be a piece of work available
as a result of this Ph.D
Preston Chronicle  5th August 1854
Note:  The name of the beerhouse being offered for sale
is given as "The Bud of Hope". Is this just a typing error?

Blimey! I've just had an email from a reader
suggesting that it should be 'Bud of Hope', and then I
came across the following piece from the Preston Guardian
saying the same thing.

I do have a good defence though. I got the original
information out of a Trade Directory. 
 Preston Guardian  26th April 1862
William Thornley                      40 years                        Beerseller                     b. Leyland
Mary Thornley                         49                                 Wife                             b. Wyresdale
William Thornley                      11                                 Son                              b. Preston

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