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Thursday, 26 January 2012

AVENHAM TAVERN, Great Avenham Street

Great Avenham Street
This is almost certainly synonymous with the Avenham Park Inn
Both that inn and the Palatine Hotel stood on the corners of Great Avenham Street.
"Avenham Park" was only constructed in around 1866, so an inn would not have
been capable of adopting the name prior to that date.
1838 - 41         Henry Whittle
1851                Frederick Booth
1852                Mr. Robinson  [Preston Chronicle 3rd April 1852]
1853                John Davies Garnett
In the 1841 Census, Henry Whittle was shown as a BOOKSELLER rather than a BEERSELLER, but I suppose he could have been both. However, he was shown as a 'Brewer' in the Trade Directory.
Preston Chronicle  25th October 1851

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