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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BOAR'S HEAD, Friargate Brow

Friargate Brow
This inn is marked on a 1694 Map
held at L.R.O. (see below)
Anthony Hewitson, however, wrote the following in
his notes to the Preston Court Leet Records,
"The "Boarshead" was an inn, and presumably was, or 
stood on the site of, the present 'Boar's Head Hotel,"
near the top of Friargate" He then gave the entry, 
taken from the Records:
"Thomas Worden, Landlord at Boarshead, for suffering 
prople's carts to stand in public street at night, without
any Light at his Door, and for every offence after notice,
we amerce him 6s 8d."
                                                                                                 Court Leet Records October 23rd 1782
The evidence from the 1684 map seems conclusive that
the Boar's Head was on Friargate Brow at that time, and
would seem to lend weight to it being there 100 years later.
Pers. comm.
1684     James Wittoll
1782     Thomas Worden
Fryer's Lane is now Marsh Lane.
The numbers in front of each of the premises is their frontage in feet.


  1. late 60,s landlady was a blonde who would eject undesirables by throwing them down the stairs. her husband seemed to spend most of his time reading the paper at the bar.

  2. This should appear on the page for the Boar's Head at 6 Friargate.

    It rather sounds as though the landlady was Jean Shipley, the one with a blonde bun in her hair. Stood no messing. I didn't even know she had a husband, so well did he keep his head down!

  3. i believe the old blackbull on friargate use to have a picture of the landlord at the entrance in the late 1950s early 1960s with a pair of boxing gloves on to deter trouble makers. do you no if this is true and who was the landlord at that time. many thanks mel

    1. Hello Mel

      I'm not sure about that one, but I can tell you that in the late 60's
      and early 70's the landlord was William (Billy) Reid, who was a former,
      I think, amateur boxer. I knew him quite well, and visited his widow in
      Fulwood after he died in the early 70's.

      It might have been there as a deterrent, but there were occasions it
      didn't have the desired effect, with the transgressors being allowed to
      rue their mistakes in Walco doorway!! Walco's was a shoe repair
      place next door, that is now the additional bit to the right of the pub.

      I've got a little bit to add to the blog. Billy was followed by Len
      Cherry, and Len by Stan Eaton, who is still the landlord. All men who
      you don't mess with twice.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind regards and all the best for Christmas and 2013.

      Steve H

    2. thanks very much for that information steve i am very interested in the
      rock n roll days of the 1950s and 1960s in my home town of preston.
      i was a little to young to knock around the pubs in those days but my older brothers tell me there was a great atmosphere about the town in the early 1960s and some of the pubs and clubs they mentioned are the NEW BRIT, DOG AND PARTRIDGE, OLD BLACKBULL, THE AD DANCE CUB AND THE TOP RANK. thanks again your doing a great job and its a fantastic website cheers mel