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Sunday, 29 January 2012

BLACK BULL INN, 13 Cheapside

13 Cheapside
The houses on the south side of the Market Place were pulled down, starting in 1855 
to make room for the new Town Hall that was erected in the late 1850's.

There is a bull-ring preserved  at the southern end of the current Market Place,
and this was in the same place when the pub was there, and right outside
the premises.
A note taken at L.R.O. reference QDV/1/6 read:
'In the 37th year of the reign of GEORGE 111, at the house
of WILLIAM BIRCHALL the Black Bull Inn in Preston,
being a convenient place in the county where the General 
Quarter Sessions of the Peace have heretofore or usually
been held agreeably to the appointment made by.........'

(1796 - 97)
1758                  Mrs Chorley   (possibly from 1745)
1791 - 98          William Birchall   - see above, "QDV/1/6".  Possibly here until 1801.

1801                  Mr & Mrs Pemberton  (see death notice, below)
1803 - 09          Mr. (John) Garth    Referred to as "Garth's Bull Inn"
1809 - 12          Mr. Whitehead
1812                 Elizabeth Edmondson
1818 - 20          Henry Hargreaves   d. 1.3.1820, see below.
1820 - 24          Mary Hargreaves
1825                  Thomas Douglas
1828 - 29           Thomas Collier  (given as John Collier in the P.C. of 29th November 1828)
1829 - 41           Elizabeth Collier - son, John, 33 yrs, died here 15.3.1833. 
                                                          Formerly landlord of Grey Horse, Church Street.
1842 - 43           Richard Pemberton - wife, Margaret, died 6.6.1843 aged 28 years.
1851 - 54           Jane Sutcliffe
1856 - 59           Elizabeth Dixon
1859 - 61           Thomas Coulthurst
London Oracle  23rd October 1794
1796 Election expenses due to this hostelry, were £158. 9. 0d
 Manchester Mercury   26th July 1796
 Manchester Mercury  1st August 1797
DEATH:  On Saturday 1st August, 1801, suddenly,
Mrs. Pemberton, wife of Mr. Pemberton, innkeeper,
in the Square, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  8th August 1801 
This may, or may not, be relevant to this public-house.
The other two 'in the Square' are the Castle Inn, 
and the Cross Keys.  It is less likely to refer to one of
those in the numerous alleyways 'off the Square'.  

Lancaster Gazette  15th June 1805
 Manchester Mercury  24th May 1808
Preston Chronicle 5th September 1812
Preston Chronicle 31st October 1812
DEATH:  On the 19th inst., in the 68th year
of his age, Mr. William Birchall, of Goosnargh
Hospital, formerly of the Bull Inn, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  30th March 1816
More confusion over what was meant by
the "Bull Inn".  It was always considered to
be a reference to the Bull and Royal, or White Bull,
on Church Street, but I have my (serious) doubts! 
DEATH:  On the 1st inst., at his father's house
in Blackburn, where he was on a visit for the benefit
of his health, Mr. Henry Hargraves (sic), of the
Black Bull public-house, Cheapside, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  11th March 1820
MARRIAGE:  On Sunday last, Mr. McCormack,
letter-press printer, Preston, to Miss Elizabeth Hargreaves,
daughter of Mrs. Hargreaves, of the Black Bull, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  9th December 1820
Lancaster Gazette  12th January 1828
Agreed and ordered that the County Arms, the Corporation Arms, and the Black Bull public houses, the property of this Corporation, be let by ticket for the term of five years each.
Preston Chronicle   17th November 1828 
To Mrs. Elizabeth Collier, of the Black Bull in Cheapside, and of the Weighing Machine, let for five years.
Preston Chronicle   16th June 1829
Preston Chronicle 16th April 1842
Preston Chronicle 2nd February 1839
Preston Chronicle 26th March 1842
Preston Chronicle 8th October 1842
MARRIAGE:  On Thursday 1st February 1849,
at St. Mary's Church, Manchester, Mr. Joseph Sutcliffe,
yarn agent, eldest son of Mrs. Sutcliffe, of the Black Bull
Inn, Cheapside, Preston, to Lavinia, eldest daughter of
Mr. Collier of Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester.
Blackburn Standard  7th February 1849 
Note the licensees in 1828 - 29.  Does the connection to
the Colliers go back to this date?
Preston Chronicle  2nd July 1853
Preston Chronicle 9th July 1853
WANTED  An in-door APPRENTICE to the drug and grocery
trade. For further particulars apply to
Mr. J.W. DIXON, druggist, Princess Street, Bury; 
or to Mrs. DIXON, Black Bull, Cheapside, Preston

Preston Chronicle  11th October 1856
T. COULTHURST, in thanking his friends and the public generally
for the many favours he has received at the Black Bull, Cheapside,
begs to announce that in anticipation of the pulling down of the 
Town Hall Buildings, he has taken and entered upon the 
CROWN HOTEL, Church Street, where he hopes, by strict 
attendance to the comfort of his customers, and by supplying
WINES, SPIRITS, ALE &c., of the first quality to merit a
continuance of their support. A newly-erected Assembly Room,
suitable for public meetings, large private parties &c. 
First class Stabling.
Preston Chronicle  21st December 1861
A portion of an article about the father of Aldermam
Walmsley, and his ownership of the Black Bull Inn.

Preston Chronicle  5th February 1870
Elizabeth Collier                65 years                     Publican

Jane Sutcliffe                    53 years  -  widow     Innkeeper                 b. Moon's Mill

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