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Thursday, 26 January 2012

AUGHTON ARMS, Aughton Street

Given variously as 17, 18 or 19 (later 30) Aughton Street.
1869 - 71      Moses Holmes
1877 - 82      Alice Holmes
1883 - 88      Richard Simpson
1888 - 97      Jno. Coupe
1897 - 98      Henry Daine
1898 - 99      Richard Touens
1899             Thomas Maguire
1899             Jane Dawson
1900             John Marsden
1900 - 02     James McClarnan
1902             William Breakell
1904   - 05   Arthur Best
1907             Robert Lupton
1909                                  owned by Herbert Johnson of the Eagle Brewery, London.
                                           An ante1869 license.
Thomas Atherton, alias "Star Gazer" was brought before the Bench for the
52nd time, charged with wilfully breaking a glass panel, the property of 
Moses Holden, landlord of the Aughton Arms beerhouse, Aughton Street. 
About noon the previous day the prisoner wished to go into the prosecutor's
house, but was not allowed, whereupon he broke the panel. He was
imprisoned for one month with hard labour.

NB. MOSES HOLDEN was a well-known Preston Astronomer of
some repute who died in 1864. The reference here is an error!. 
The landlord was Moses Holmes
Preston Chronicle 25th  November 1871
ON SALE, capital Freehold BEER-HOUSE, the
AUGHTON ARMS, with shop adjoining, in Aughton
Street, Preston. Well-accustomed. Free from Brewery.
Apply 34 Atkinson Street.
Preston Chronicle 22nd December 1877
Lancashire Evening Post  15th May 1906
Moses Holmes                        41 years                    Beerseller               b. Preston
Alice Holmes                           41                            Wife                       b. Longridge
Susannah Holmes                     9                              Daughter                b. Preston

Alice Holmes                          51 years                   Innkeeper                b. Longridge
Annie Holmes                         19                            Daughter                 b. Preston

John Coupe                            36 years                   Innkeeper                b. Brockholes
Margaret Coupe                     34                            Wife                        b. Preston
Robert Coupe                         4                              Son                                 do
Henry Coupe                          3                              Son                                 do

James McClarnan                   49 years                 Licensed Beerseller.      b. Ireland
Sarah Jane McCarnan             29                           Wife                                         ?
James Andrew McClarnan      23                           Son                                          ?
Priscilla McClarnan                  8                            Daughter                                 ?
Edith McClarnan                     3                             Daughter                                  ?
Ernest McClarnan                    1                            Son                                            ?

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