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Thursday, 26 January 2012

ASHCROFT ARMS, 23 Edward Street

23 Edward Street
Owned by Henry Ashcroft - Contractor.
1835       See the article dated 2nd September 1865, where it appears to suggest that the house had been licensed since around 1835. Edward Street itself was only
                                              formed and constructed in about 1830. 
1863 - 71      Nancy Morley  (in 1853 Oakey's Directory, with Elizabeth Hewitson) 
1871 - 75      Martha Hull
1875 - 81      Thomas Kirby   [By 1880 the property was owned by Matthew Brown & Co.]
1881 - 85      Edward Hunter
1885 - 88      Peter O'Malley
1888 - 89     George Eastham
1889             John Hindle
1890 - 91     Betsy Hindle
1891 - 92     Sarah Louisa Shuttleworth
1892 - 97     Margaret Swarbrick  - May have been Margaret [Wilkins] the widow of Thomas Swarbrick who had 
                                                                                             been landlord of the West Riding Railway Inn 1878 - 1879.
                                                                                              Thanks to Dave Swarbrick for this - can anyone confirm?
1897 - 99     Annie Dusonie
1899            James Threlfall
December 20th 1899.  Licence forfeited. James Threlfall convicted of permitting use of premises as a
DEATH: On 8th August, at Salwick, after a long illness, 
Jane, the second daughter of Mr. Henry Ashcroft,
Contractor, aged 19 years.
Preston Chronicle 15th August 1863
LEAD, WROUGHT IRON, and a large quantity of TIMBER, consisting
of Oak, Deal, and other timber, at the Ashcroft Arms, No 15 Edward Street,
the property of Mr. H. Ashcroft, contractor, Preston.

Mr. T.C. BREAKELL has received instructions to OFFER FOR SALE the whole
of the above on Wednesday November 23rd 1864, at the above place - Full particulars
in next weeks newspaper. Placards and catalogues may be had at the Castle Inn, 
Preston, or from Mr. T.C. BREAKELL, Auctioneer, Woodplumpton
Preston Chronicle 12th November 1864
Mr. Ashcroft supported the application of Nancy Morley, of the 
Ashcroft Arms, Edward Street, for a spirit licence. He stated that
the applicant had occupied the house for thirty years, and had never 
been fined. The house was built as a public house, and was well adapted for such.
Preston Chronicle 2nd September 1865
It would seem it was refused - see below 28.9.1867

Preston Chronicle 25th May 1867
At an adjourned hearing in respect of this application, the Magistrates
inferred they had visited the ASHCROFT ARMS, and decided that
with some alterations to the property a licence could be granted.

Since that visit, the Club Room had been made into two bedrooms, 
and two bedrooms behind the back. The Scullery had also been raised, 
and over that a bedroom erected.

Licence granted.
Preston Chronicle  28th September 1867
 Lancashire Evening Post  22nd January 1900
 Lancashire Evening Post  13th February 1900

 Lancashire Evening Post  2nd November 1904
 Lancashire Evening Post  20th December 1904
Edward Hunter                    43 years                    Licensed Victualler              b. Hull
Harriet Hunter                      46                             Wife                                   b. Hornby
Ann Hunter                          19                             Daughter                             b. Solom Lock
Ellen Hunter                         16                             Daughter                              .        do
Edward Hunter                    14                             Son                                                do
Jane Hunter                          11                            Daughter                              b. Leyland
Margaret Hunter                    9                             Daughter                                       do
Lawrence Hunter                   4                             Son                                      b. Preston
George W. Hunter                 1                             Son                                               do
Sarah H. Hunter                   18                             Step-daughter                               do
Thomas Hunter                     14                            Step-son                                       do
Elizabeth Hunter                     7                             Step-daughter                               do

Betsy Hindle                        63 years                    Publican                              b. Summercotes,
             Betsy Hindle was at the Bull's Head, Corporation Street in 1895.

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  1. The Margaret Swarbrick who held the pub between 1892 and 1897 may have been Margaret [Wilkins] the widow of Thomas Swarbrick who had been landlord of the West Riding Railway Inn 1878 - 1879.

    Dave Swarbrick [no relation]