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Sunday, 7 December 2014

MITRE INN, Fishergate

18 Fishergate
 Just two doors away from Cannon Street, the entrance to the Mitre Hotel (Inn) can be seen
1790          Already well-established, the licence having been transferred form the Market Place "Mitre Inn"
1796                   John Taylor - A total of £329 19s. 7d was the total expenditure incurred at the Mitre Inn, in the lead up to the 1796 elections. DDK/1683/58
                                                                    John Taylor died 14.7.1816  -  see below.
1805 - 07           Henry Aspinall
1807 - 09           Mrs. Aspinall
1808 - 23           John Hilton
1825                   Michael Whitehead  -  April 29th 1826 - Bankruptcy hearing.
1828 - 32           Thomas Lowe
1833                   James Pearson
1836 - 39           Samuel Wood(s)  -  Moved from the New Cock Inn.
1840 - 43           William Mercer
1845 - 54           George Parker - Auctioneer also.
1854 - 61           Thomas Bibby   -  d. 12.4.1862, aged 38 years, after a lingering illness.
1865                   Henry Brown
1867 - 71           Thomas Bailey  -
1871 - 73           John Ryding
1873 - 81           Joseph Banks
1881 - 85           Thomas Wareing
1885 - 88           Isabella Wareing
1888 - 99           Henry Baldwin - Wife, Leah, d. 7.6.1890 at the Mitre Hotel, in her 25th year.
1900 - 01           Albert Redmond - my notes from the Court Register shows the name Albert Baldwin in 1900
1901                  William Ignatius Swarbrick
1901 - 07           Peter Crook
1910 - 17           James Hothersall
1924                   Richard Henry Jennings
1929 - 32           William C. Hayward
1936                   Charles Butler
1937                   Harold A. Spencer  - wife, Alice May, d. 21.11.1937 (see also, Hearts of Oak, Adelphi)
1940 - 48            Richard Rigby
MARRIAGE:- On Sunday last, Mr. Alexander Allen,
of London, to Miss A. Bengough, daughter of Mrs. Aspinall,
of the Mitre Inn, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  28th December 1805
Further Notes:
Reference was made above to the ownership of the premises
by Anthony Hewitson, the Proprietor of the Preston Chronicle.
Hewitson bought the premises in 1874, and it would seem likely
that he was still in possession of them at the time of his death
on the 26th October, 1912 - a total of 38 years.
This additional information has come courtesy of a great great niece of Anthony Hewitson, Margaret Dickinson. 
If you would like to know more about Margaret's eclectic mix of interests, then visit her website. Click here.
DEATH:  Mr. Henry Aspinwall, of the Mitre Tavern, Preston,
aged 37 years, after a short illness, on the 27th October 1807.
Lancaster Gazette  31st October 1807
DEATH:  On Wednesday, last, aged 57 years, Mrs. Aspinwall, 
relict of Mr. Henry Aspinwall, of the Mitre Tavern, Preston.
Lancaster Gazette  4th February 1809 
Lancaster Gazette  26th June 1813
Liverpool Mercury  3rd September 1813
DEATH:  On Sunday last, at an advanced age,
Mr. John Taylor, formerly of the Mitre Inn,
Lancaster Gazette  20th July 1816 
Lancaster Gazette  22nd March 1817
Lancaster Gazette  28th February 1818
Liverpool Mercury  12th January 1821
Lancaster Gazette  26th May 1821
Preston Pilot  12th November 1825
Derby Mercury  29th August 1827
Preston Chronicle 2nd March 1833
Mitre Inn, Fishergate, Preston, Innkeeper, will be paid
a Dividend of 5s in the Pound, on the amount of their
respective debts, on application at the Vaults of 
Mr. James Irving, Spirit Merchants, Church Street,
Preston, on or after Monday 15th instant.
Preston Chronicle  13th April 1833
See:  Thomas LOWE, below -
Preston Chronicle  18th February 1837
Preston Chronicle  6th July 1844
On Thursday 23rd April, George PARKER, of
the Mitre Inn, Preston, was appointed Mayor
of Tarleton for the ensuing year.
Preston Chronicle 25th April 1846
BEGS to inform her Friends and the Public that she
has taken the BILLIARD ROOM adjoining her house, 
lately in the occupation of Mr. Jos. Robinson,  (entrance
Cannon Street) and which will be RE-OPENED on 
MONDAY NEXT, the 9th inst. She has at considerable
expense, redecorated the room &c., she trusts that she
will merit a portion of public patronage and support, and
it will be her study to give every comfort and general
N.B. An experienced marker in attendance.
Mitre Inn, Fishergate.
Preston Chronicle 7th November 1846
.........In the same year (1715) the Shambles
leading out of Church Street were erected by
Thomas Molyneux, Esq., a Turkey Merchant,
who, with Sir Thomas Stanley, was a member 
of Parliament for the borough in 1695.

The rebellion also took place in this year (1715);
and on the 9th November the Pretender entered
Preston, and remained until the 14th. Immediately
on their entrance the rebels proclaimed James III
of England and VII of Scotland, after which a 
council was held at the Mitre Inn, Fishergate, 
which continued as their Head Quarters during
their stay here.
Preston Chronicle  10th November 1849
This seems very early for the Fishergate Mitre Inn.
Was Whittle correct?

MARRIAGE:  On Tuesday 22nd August 1854,
Mr. Thomas Bibby, Innkeeper, to Miss Mary Smith,
both of this town.
Preston Chronicle 26th August 1854
Lancaster Gazette  23rd September 1854
DEATH:  On Thursday 24th September 1857, 
Mary, wife of Thomas Bibby, of the Mitre Inn, in
this town, aged 27 years.
Preston Chronicle  26th September 1857
DEATH: On the 16th January 1859,
Frederick, only surviving child of 
Mr. Thomas Bibby of the Mitre Inn,
aged 4 months.
Preston Chronicle   29th January 1859

Longworth's Advertiser 1873
Preston Chronicle  2nd May 1874
Mr. PETER CROOK wishes to inform his numerous friends and the public generally,  that he has now taken possession of the Mitre Hotel, Fishergate, Preston, next door to Liptons, and hopes that they will favour him with a call.
Lancashire Evening Post  4th October 1901
 Lancashire Evening Post   27th November 1929
 Lancashire Evening Post 19th November 1930 
Was this the former home of William C. Hayward - see
article, above. 
 Lancashire Evening Post  9th September 1933
 Lancashire Evening Post  22nd November 1937
 Lancashire Evening Post  26th November  1937
 Lancashire Evening Post  29th September 1938
William Mercer                   25 years                  Publican
Jane Mercer                        30                           Wife
John Mercer                        7                             Son
James Mercer                      4                             Son
Mary Mercer                       3                             Daughter
Jane Mercer                        1                              Daughter

George Parker                    48 years                   Auctioneer & Approaiser   b. Hoole
Sarah Parker                       37                            Wife                                  b. Lancaster
Fanny Parker                       14                            Daughter                           b. Preston
George Parker                     7                              Son                                            do

Thomas Bibby                    37 years                   Innkeeper                           b. Walton-le-dale
Isabella Bibby                    21                             Wife                                   b. Preston

Thomas Bailey                   34 years                    Innkeeper                           b. Preston
Mary Bailey                       34                             Wife                                           do
Richard Bailey                    11                             Son                                            do
William Bailey                     9                               Son                                            do
Elizabeth Bailey                   7                               Daughter                                    do

Thomas Wareing                38 years                    Innkeeper                 b.Bamber Bridge
Isabella Wareing                 38                             Wife                                 b. Preston
Florence M. Wareing          2                               Daughter                                  do

Henry Baldwin                   39 years                    Lic. Vict.                          b. Burnley Wood?
Jane Hill                             30                             Servant / Barmaid             b. Blackpool

Albert Redmond                35 years                    Publican                            b. Burnley
Mary Redmond                 34                             Wife                                  b. Preston
Willie Redmond                 12                             Son                                             do
Walter D. Redmond            9                              Son                                             do
Jane Godkin                       69                             Mother-in-law                  b. Longridge

James Hothersall   NOT YET TRACED - 

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  1. The William Ignatius Swarbrick who held the licence briefly in 1901 was a chartered accountant with offices in Chapel Street.

    He was my 1st cousin, 3 times removed.

    Dave Swarbrick