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Sunday, 26 February 2017

BRIDGE INN,1 Maudland Road

1 Maudland Road
also 13 Maudland Road
NB.  According to the Licensing Court Records, this inn was known as the "Little Bridge Inn" at one point. Note the similar comment about the Bowling Green Inn on Ribbleside, and the Regatta Inn at the bottom of Fishergate Hill..

1828 - 29               Margaret Taylor  (At this time their was a Retail Brewer listed in Bolton Street by this name. No mention of the Bridge Inn though.
1834                      James Margisson
1838 - 43               Henry Dobson
1843 - 66               John Noble
1866 - 77               Sarah and Mary Ann Noble
1881 - 91               Mary Ann Noble
1891 - 94               Thomas Richard Aspinall  wife d. 5.2.1894 aged 32 years.
1894                      Thomas Hardacre
1895 - 96               Richard Fazackerley
1897 - 99               Elizabeth Wilcock
1899 - 1901           Joseph Hodgkinson
1902 - 05              Alfred Joseph Latus
1907                      William Barnes
1908 - 17               Robert P. D. Mason
1919 - 24               James Coonan - owner and licensee  d. 18.9.1924
1924 - 27               Catherine Coonan
1932      NO MENTION
and three high-backed FORMS.
Apply at the Bridge Inn, Maudland Bank.
Preston Chronicle  8th October 1859
Preston Chronicle  30th December 1865
 Preston Chronicle  27th July 1872
 Preston Chronicle  22nd December 1877
 Preston Herald  18th March 1885
MR. DEWHURST will offer for Sale by Auction
in lots, early in April next,
The VALUABLE PROPERTY, consisting of the BRIDGE INN, 
Maudland Road, Preston, and the adjoining HOUSES and SHOPS,
No's 10, 11, and 12 Maudland Road, No's 24 and 25 Cold Bath
Street, and No's 1 and 2, Bolton Street.
Further particulars in future advertisements.
W.A. & R ASCROFT, Solicitors
35 Winckley Square, Preston
Preston Chronicle  14th March 1891
 Preston Chronicle  28th March 1891
 Preston Herald  26th July 1893
 Preston Herald  7th February 1894
 Lancashire Evening Post  27th January 1902
 Lancashire Evening Post  9th December 1902
 Preston Herald  19th August 1905
 Lancashire Evening Post  22nd August 1905
TO BE LET, the Free Fully-licensed PUBLIC HOUSE, known as the "BRIDGE INN, " Maudlands.
Apply, Jos. Smith, Ltd., Southgate Mills, Preston.
Lancashire Evening Post  24th October 1905
 Preston Herald  24th October 1908
 Lancashire Evening Post  28th October 1910
 Lancashire Evening Post  18th November 1919
 Lancashire Evening Post  25th August 1932
Henry Dobson                25 years                   Publican
Margaret Dobson           60                            Mother

John Noble                     54 years                   Maltster &                           b. Penwortham
Mary Noble                    54                            Wife                                    b. Warton
Sarah Noble                   25                             Daughter / Barmaid             b. Preston
Mary Ann Noble            18                             Daughter / Barmaid                      do
William Noble                18                              Son                                             do
Mary Askew                  17                              Servant                                       do
William Shorrock           45                              Carter                                         do
William Noblett              40                              Brother-in-law                    b. Warton

Sarah Noble                   39 years                   Barmaid / Daughter              b. Preston
Sarah Eccles                   18                            Servant / Barmaid                186o

Sarah Noble                   45 years                  Head / Unmarried                 b. Preston
Margery Singleton           17                           Innkeeper         
James Noblett                 70                           Visitor / Retired farmer         b. Salwick
Jane Billington                 28                           Domestic Servant                 b. Plumpton
See notes below for further information re: Margery Singleton
Mary Ann Noble            52 years                   Innkeeper                            b. Preston
Mary A. Eccles              30                            Servant                                        do

Mary Ann Noble            65 years                   Lic. Vict.                            b. Preston
Mary Agnes Singleton    20                            Niece / barmaid                          do

Joseph Hodgkinson        32 years                   Publican                              b. Preston
Elizabeth Hodgkinson     31                            Wife                                            do
Agnes Hodgkinson          3                             Daughter                            b. Lancaster
Jane Halliwell                 55  widow                Mother-in-law                    b. Preston

Robert Paul Day Mason  48 years                 Publican                             b. Leeds, Yorks.
Beatrice Mason               39                          Wife                                          do
Margery Singleton was born 23 September 1853 [from the family Bible in possession of Hilary May-Hill of Cardiff]. Margery married Joseph Cole at St. Walburga, Preston on 27 April 1880 and died 10 July 1919 at Birmingham. Buried Lodge Hill Cemetery, Birmingham. Her mother was Agnes Noble, a daughter of George Noble.
The Cole family came originally from Wythburn, near Keswick. Margery could have known a lot of people in the area and her brother-in-law Richard Cole was tenant of the farm ‘’Hollin Brow’’ which was later demolished by Manchester Corporation for the Thirlemere reservoir scheme.
The April 1871 Census gives for Preston St. Peter's Ward No 13 Maudland Road [The Bridge Inn]
Sarah Noble, Head, unmarried, age 45, Innkeeper. Family were brewers in Preston, possibly on Back Lane, now Market St West.
Margery Singleton, unmarried, age 17, Innkeeper. [matches birth 23September 1853].
James Noblett, visitor, widower, age 70, Retired farmer, born Salwick,
Jane Billington, unmarried age 28, domestic servant, born Plumpton.
Details supplied by Trevor Kirkham.
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