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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

PARK HOTEL, East Cliff

East Cliff
*Understood to have first opened on the 4th September 1883
ie. 130 years ago.
When it first opened it didn't have an on-licence, and staff had to source its
alcoholic beverages from elsewhere to supply their resident guests.
If you're looking for the Park Hotel in Tulketh Road, Preston, 
Please click HERE
Former Park Hotel by greenpiano1
Overlooking the Ribble and Miller Park, this former home of the Simpson's Gold Thread Works
family, became a hotel, and more recently it's been taken over by the Lancashire County
Council and used as offices.
Lancashire Evening Post 29th December 2007
The Park Hotel and water feature in Miller Park.
1882 - 98       Henry Taylor   -  Licensee
1884 - 85       Alfred George COLLINS (Manager) - wife, Katherine Darricott Douglas, 39 year died 14.12.1884
1889 - 95      Alexander MALCOLM (Manager)
1899 - 1901  Arther Fitzroy Waters  -  Licensee
1901              Harold J. Weston  (Manager)
1904 - 10      Archie J. P. THOMPSON  (Manager)
1913              B.C.SLACK
1917              P.S. MESSAGE

1932 - 44      L.M.S Railway Company.
Preston Station footbridge plans to Park Hotel (image 3 of 4) by Preston Digital Archive
Preston Station footbridge plans to Park Hotel (image 2 of 4) by Preston Digital Archive
The plans for the proposed walkway from the railway station to the Park Hotel
Preston Station footbridge plans to Park Hotel (image 4 of 4) by Preston Digital Archive
Plan, showing the (glass-covered) walkway
directly to and from the station to the Park Hotel.
This plan shows the approach to the Park Hotel
from East Cliff Road, across 'Vicar's Bridge.'
Ironically, this bridge, as I post this plan, (February 2013)
is being demolished.
'Vicars Bridge' February 2013, in the early throes of its demise.
The Park Hotel, as was, can be seen in the background.
Photo courtesy of Middleford Miss, on Flickr:
Preston Chronicle  24th February 1883
Preston Chronicle  18th January 1890
 Preston Chronicle  27th August 1892
There follows a series of menus from the annual
dinners from 1902:
1902 (above)
1903 (above)
Note the humour.
1905 (above)
1906 (above)
Alexander Malcolm                      30 years                       Hotel Manager          b. Scotland
Maud Malcolm                             28                               Wife                          b. Abbotts Bromley, Staffs
Alexander Malcolm                        1                                Son                           b. Preston

Harold J. Weston                         30 years                      Hotel Manager          b. Dorset
Mary S. Weston                          24                             Wife / Manageress       b. Aston, Staffs.
Ethel M. Stafford                         20                               Book-keeper             b. Norfolk
Frances E. Petchell                      25                               Book-keeper             b. Turnhill, Salop.
Mary A. Simpson Opie               23                               Housekeeper              b. Newport, Monmouthshire
Willen Bruger                              25                               Chef                           b. Holland
Leon A. Leprin                           21                               Cook                          b. Vire, France
William Clark                              18                               Kitchen Porter            b. Preston
Albert A. Sullivan                        23                               Cook                         b. Chatham
Marin Lagmarie                           19                               Cook                         b. Paris
Maria Heavey                             45                               Scullery Maid             b. Kilkenny
Nathaniel Thompson                   21                               Kitchen Porter            b. Stockton-on-Tees
Mary Ann Smith                         24                               Stillroom Maid            b. Workington
Annie Rowbottom                      18                               Stillroom Maid            b. Crewe
Sarah Miller                               27                               Waitress                     b. Garstang
Emily Green                               23                               Waitress                     b. Holyhead
Mary Willan                               21                               Waitress                     b. Newry, co Armagh
Mary E. Edgley                          18                               Waitress                     b. Crewe
Mary Oakley                              18                               Waitress                    b. Dudley, Staffs
John J. Boyle                              25                               Porter                        b. Preston
William McClaren                      20                               Porter                        b. Edinburgh
Arthur J. Wynne                         19                               Porter                        b. Shevington, Cheshire
William B. Greatbanks                18                              Porter                         b. Nantwich, Cheshire
Thomas Norbury                        15                              Pageboy                     b. Hollinwood
Mary Lambert                            28                              Chambermaid             b. Sheffield
Caroline Smith                            20                              Chambermaid             b. Workington
Ada Mathwin                             29                              Housemaid                 b. Seacombe, Cheshire
Louisa Milton                             18                              Housemaid                 b. Dalton
Matilda Johnson                         20                              Housemaid                 b. Southport
George Caunce                          34                              Plateman                    b. Burscough
George Greatbanks                    15                              Pageboy                     b. Crewe




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