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Thursday, 9 February 2012

DOVER CASTLE, Graham Street

23 Graham Street
1869               John Rawsthorne
1871               Thomas Fenton
1875               Christopher Oldfield
1875               Richard Walne
1877 - 86       William Aspden
1886 - 97       William Moorby
1898               Joseph Hodgkinson
1899 - 1900   John Whittingham
1901 - 02       James Pownall
1902 - 04       Joseph Lodge
1907              Mrs. Billington
1910              John Thompson
1913 - 17      Thomas Butler
1924              Charles Owen - the house belonged to the Cornbrook Brewery Company.  The police 
                                               opposed the renewal of the license on the grounds that there were three fully 
                                               licensed houses and three beerhouses within a radius of 339 yards, and that 
                                               this one could be taken away without causing any inconvenience. The other 
                                               licensed premises in the neighbourhood were all better suited structurally than
                                               the Dover Castle Inn.
                                               The only conviction against the house was 10 years ago (c.1914)

I have note saying that William Hoggarth was the landlord in 1914.
Preston Chronicle 19th September 1874
Preston Chronicle  19th June 1875
Thomas Fenton                  32 years                   Innkeeper                b. Preston
Ann Fenton                        32                            Wife                                do
Alice Fenton                       3                              Daughter                         do
Catherine Fenton                2                              Daughter                         do
Margaret Fenton                 2 months                  Daughter                         do

William Aspden                 58 years                    Beerseller              b. Salsburgh ??
Sarah Aspden                    56                            Wife                      b. Manchester

William Moorby                55 years                    Lic. Vict.                b. Preston
Martha Moorby                55                             Wife                       b. Adlington

James Pownall                  41 years                    Beerseller               b. Preston
Sarah J. Pownall               39                             Wife                               do
Ada Pownall                     17                             Daughter                        do

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