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Monday, 27 February 2012


125  (later 236)  Brook Street
This was the replacement for the original New Cattle Market, below.
Lancashire Evening Post Tuesday 7th October 2008
1865 - 66                 Robert Speight - 13.1.1866, fined 40s + costs for breaching the Sunday Act.
1866                        Robert Blacoe  -  should probably read 'Blakey'.
1869                        Joseph Singleton   - Preston Chronicle 21st August 1869
1869 - 70                 Richard Blakey  (Robert in the Preston Chronicle 7.8.1869)
1871 - 78                 Robert Blakey
1881 - 85                 James Brown
1889 - 1905             Henry Thompson
1907                        Jane Thompson
1910                        Jane Turner
1911 - 13                Jane Thompson
1917 - 27                Thomas Thompson
1930 - 48                Joseph Partington

NB. Court Records for this pub show that between 1882 and 1885, William Norris was the licensee. I am not sure where James Brown fits in. Could he have been the owner of the property?
Mr Robert Speight of the New Cattle Market Inn, Brook
Street, applied for a licence. It was said that the name
described itself to the Bench. It was near the new Cattle 
Market, and was the nearest house in the borough to
the market. With regard to the convenience of the place, 
they would see that by the plan it was well-suited for a
public house, and would be required when the Cattle Market
was built. It would not at all interfere with the Corporation
property, for it was about quarter of a mile from the 
handsome building the Corporation were erecting there.

The applicant retailed about £20 worth of ale per week, 
and nearly 300 carts passed the door every day, and the
road was becoming a great thoroughfare to Fulwood.
Preston Chronicle  2nd September 1865
125 Brook Street
Robert BLAKEY, the applicant, on whose behalf
it was said that it was hardly necessary to say that
the man was well-known in the town as of good
character. He had kept a beer-house in Fishergate
for a numbere of years satisfactorily.
He had in this case made extensive alterations,
and had made the house convenient in every
Preston Chronicle 18th September 1869
Preston Chronicle 28th August 1875
Preston Chronicle  16th February 1878
At Kirkham Petty Sessions, Henry Thompson, landlord
of the New Cattle Market Inn, Brook Street, and John
Porter of Burnley, were charged with having stolen an
alarm gun, value 10s 6d, and 15 yards of copper wire, 
from a wood at Salwick.

On the 26th December 1892, the two defendants had
skated up the Preston and Lancaster Canal as far as
the Clifton Arms. On returning Thompson and Porter
took off their skates at the big basin, Salwick, and went
across the fields. Later, they went into the Lane Ends
Hotel, where Thompson played dominoes, and Porter 
was explaining the mechanism of the gun.

On the night of the 31st December, Thompson was
 arrested at his home, and his house was searched,
but no sign of the property was found. Later in the
evening however, Thompson's wife found the gun in
one of his pockets, and took it to the police station.

When Porter was arrested he told police that he had
put it into Thompson's pocket.

Porter was committed for trial, and Thompson was
discharged through lack of evidence.
Preston Chronicle  14th January 1893
Robert Blakey                 51 years                        Beerseller                b. Barrowford
Ann Blakey                     54                                  Wife                       b. Colne

James Brown                  29 years                        Innkeeper & Builder b. Preston
Alice Brown                   23                                  Wife                                  do
Fanny Brown                   6                                   Daughter                           do

Henry Thompson           43 years                         Innkeeper                 b. Preston
Jane Thompson              45                                  Wife                                 do
Isabella Thompson         17                                   Daughter                          do
Thomas Thompson         5                                    Son                                  do
Ann Thompson               3                                    Daughter                          do

Henry Thompson           53 years                         Publican                   b. Preston
Jane Thompson              55                                  Wife                        b. Woodplumpton
Thomas Thompson         15                                  Son                         b. Preston
Ann Thompson               13                                  Daughter                          do

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