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Friday, 2 March 2012

ODDFELLOWS' ARMS, Ladyman Street

1 Ladyman Street

Although most of us know this building as the Kendal Castle, it started life as the Oddfellows' Arms. The two premises co-existed, side-by-side, at numbers 1 and 2 Ladyman Street, until
around 1910, when the Oddfellows's Arms closed, and the premises became known as it was until recently. Possibly the two properties were combined, but, as yet, I've no evidence of that.
The above photograph was taken by Ray Williams of Washington D.C. in 2006.
- please see below for further contributions from Mr. Williams
My belief is that the more recent Kendal Castle was once the Oddfellows' Arms.
The current frontage to both Back Christ Church Street and Ladyman Street
seems not to have been interfered with. In 1910, or shortly afterwards, the
two would have been combined to make one larger premises.
1833    Believed to have been established by this date.
1841                      Edmund Halliwell * see family details, below.
1851 - 58              Edward Halliwell
1858 - 65              William Braithwaite - Mother, Mary Braithwaite, 69 years, died here on Sunday 16.1.1859
1869 - 73              William Brown  (Possibly here till 1875 - see article dated 20.11.1875, below)
1877                      Richard Bradshaw
1881                      Robert Howarth
1881                      Thomas A. Barnes
1882 - 88               John Wallbank
1888 - 93               Elizabeth Wallbank
1893 - 97               Samuel Harvey
1897 - 1902           Richard Mayor
1902 - 10               John Haddon Porteous 

Edward Halliwell was born November 30, 1791 in Chorley, Lancashire to Thomas & Mary (Fisher) Halliwell, innkeepers of Chorley.    He attended a school there in Chorley which was started about 1803 in the Lythe Barn, and hence was known as the "Lythe Barn Croft School", or simply as the "School Croft".    In his mid-20's he married Ellen Critchley, my ggg grandmother of course, on November 9, 1817 in St. Laurence parish church, Chorley.   The young couple continued to reside in Chorley for about 10 years, since their 1st  5  children, Joseph b. 1817, Thomas b. 1820, Edward (Jr) b. 1822, John b. 1824 d. 1825, John b. 1826, were all born in the farming community of Chorley.

At some point, even though he was the son of an innkeeper and the grandson of a butcher,  Edward Halliwell also managed to acquire the industrialization-relevant skills of a warper, and likely was employed in textile mills in the  nearby Preston area.   In any case, by the early 1830's he had removed with his growing family to Preston itself, to Ladyman St.   There he supplemented his cotton laborer income by also establishing ca 1833 the pub on Ladyman Street known subsequently as the "Oddfellows Arms".   

Edward & Ellen would go on to have 4 more children:  Thomas b. 1829, Henry b. 1833, Margaret b. 1836 and Richard b. 1839.   So, in the midst of all these boy arrivals,  there was just one lone girl,  Margaret -- who was destined to become my gg grandmother.   Then tragedy struck: when Margaret was  a small girl not quite 6, her father Edward died (19 April 1842, age 50, 16 Ladyman St., Preston).   But his little girl Margaret ("Maggie") had been the apple of his eye, as perhaps can be seen in his will (held at the Lancaster Record Office, Bow St., Preston) where he bequeathed special family heirloom items just to her.   

Will and Testament of Edward Halliwell


While Margaret's mother did remarry (to James Eccleston in 1846), she would live herself only another decade, dying at age 53 on July 2, 1852 at 10 Frenchwood St., Preston.

Margaret's older brother Edward ( 1822-1869 ) essentially took over the running of his deceased father's pub at Oddfellows Arms until the late 1850's.    Margaret herself is enumerated in the 1851 English Census in her older brother Edward's house at 16 Ladyman St.   However, after the death of her mother in 1853, teenager Margaret was restless, and decided to try her wings in the New World.     By at least 1858 she was living in Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she was a boarder  in a manufacturer's home, and worked as a milliner / dressmaker / mantua maker.   On the hillside town overlooking the Schuylkill River she met & married in 1860 fellow English emigrant James L. Hodson, a machinist in the textile mills of Manayunk.

GG Grandmother Margaret Halliwell Hodson was, to my knowledge, the only one of her immediate Halliwell family to leave England for America in the 19th century.  In fact, she and her new husband James L. Hodson returned to Lancashire for their honeymoon in the fall of 1860, in large part so that Margaret could reunite with her brothers, and James could visit family remaining in the Bolton area.
This fascinating and detailed insight into the early residents of the 
Ladyman Street "Oddfellows' Arms" has been provided by 
Mr. Ray Williams, of Virginia, Washington D.C.

Ray William's pedigree:-

Thomas Halliwell                                                                          Harry D. Oliver
  &                         -  Edward Halliwell             James L. Hodson               &             -   Florence Oliver
Mary (nee Fisher)      (1st Oddfellows' Man)                     &             - Blanche Hodson             &             - Oliver Williams
                                          &                     - Margaret Halliwell                                 Harry Williams             &                - Ray Williams
                                Ellen (nee Critchley)                                                                                                  Laura Slight
Although this has nothing to do with this pub, the
language contained within it would suggest that the
Braithwaite at the Oddfellows' was related in some
way to the Braithwaite in the advertisement. He
certainly originated from the Lakeland area.
Lancaster Gazette  28th February 1818
ALL that well-accustomed BEER-HOUSE,
called or known by the name of the
"ODDFELLOWS' ARMS" in Ladyman Street,
Bow Lane, Preston, and now in the occupation
of Edward Halliwell, as tenant.

Any persons having any demands against
Edward Halliwell, are requested to forward the
particulars to Mr. George Todd, Solicitor,
Water Street, Preston, and all persons indebted 
to Edward Halliwell, are thereby required to pay
the amount of their respective debts to Mr.Todd
without delay.
Preston Chronicle  7th October 1848
Preston Chronicle  27th July 1850
At the house of Mr. Edward Halliwell, the
Oddfellows' Arms, Ladyman Street, Preston
on 28th December 1857

THE before mentioned old-established and
well-accustomed BEER-HOUSE, called the
"ODDFELLOWS' ARMS," situate on the
west side of Ladyman Street, Bow Lane,
Preston, now in the occupation of Edward Halliwell

The premises are freehold of inheritance and
free from ground rent.
Preston Chronicle  19th December 1857
Better known as the "Important Fact"on account
of its purity and powerful efficacy as a tonic, is daily
acknowledged by his numerous and respectable
friends as the cheapest and best in the town.

Established 1833, Observe the old-established
house, in Ladyman Street, known by the sign
of the "Oddfellows' Arms."

N.B. The Oddfellows' Arms being conducted on the
most advanced priciples of honour and respectability,
the most fastidious should not be afraid of paying the
establishment a visit. The proprietor has fitted up a 
large Dining Room capable of accomodating 100
persons. Private Families can at any moment be
supplied with small casks of this fine "Sparkling
Ale" at a reasonable figure, containing from three
to nine gallons each.

A large Club Room to let (no dancing allowed)
Preston Chronicle  29th June 1861

Joseph Buck, landlord of the Volunteer Inn,
Bow Lane, was charged with having committed
an assault on Miles Braithwaite, assistant to
William Braithwaite, Oddfellows' Arms, Ladyman 

The two Braithwaites are building some cottages
and a brewhouse, behind the Oddfellows' Arms.
On Monday evening or early Tuesday morning,
the defendant went to a man named O'Leary, who
was guarding the works, and got hold of him, 
mistaking him for Miles Braithwaite.

John O'Leary then roused Miles Braithwaite, and
when the defendant saw him, got hold of him, 
placed his fists in his face in a menacing manner,
and struck him on the nose, and behaved in a very
indecent manner. It also transpired during the
hearing of the case, that it was not the only occasion
on which the defendant had annoyed the complainant
and his brother, owing chiefly to a little jealousy
existing in the defendant on business matters.

On the defendant promising not to annoy either
of the Braithwaite brothers again, he was discharged.
Preston Chronicle  5th October 1861
Miles Braithwaite, assistant to William Brown,
Oddfellows' Arms, Ladyman Street, was charged
with assaulting a little boy named John Dilworth, 
on Sunday evening last.

The boy had been standing with other boys, beside
a piece of land belonging to Miles Braithwaite's
brother. Braithwaite went up to him and beat him
with a cane, saying that he had thrown a stone at

In answer to the charge, Miles Braithwaite said
that his brother had bought a piece of land behind
the Oddfellows' Arms, and that he was building a
brewhouse and some cottages on it. He said that
the boy was the ring-leader of a lot of evil-disposed
lads in that neighbourhood. On the night in question
he saw the complainant, along with forty or fifty 
other boys, doing mischief on the land, and that
because he ordered them away the complainant had
taken a piece of mud and thrown it at him, who, by 
this time was in a hole which had been dug for building.
He admitted having struck the boy 4 or 5 times.

The Bench dismissed the case, for they considered that 
the defendant had only done what any one else would
have done in the circumstances.
Preston Chronicle  12th October 1861
Preston Chronicle 23rd October 1861
Mr. William Briathwaite Brown, son of
William Brown, brewer, Euston Street, and
late apprentice with Mr. L. Todd, Chemist,
Fishergate, successfully passed a major
examination of the Pharmaceutical Society
held on the 16th and 17th inst.
Preston Chronicle  20th March 1875
Preston Guardian  18th September 1875
Preston Chronicle 20th November 1875
Edward Halliwell                         28 years                         Retail Brewer             b. Chorley
Mary Halliwell                             29                                  Wife                           b. Oldham
John Edward Halliwell                  5                                    Son                                     do
Henry Halliwell                            27                                   Brother                      b. Preston
Margaret Halliwell                       16                                   Sister                                  do

William Braithwaite                      41 years                         Beerhouse Keeper     b. Hawkshead
Myles Braithwaite                        32                                  Brother                                do
Mary Jane Braithwaite                 46                                      ?                            b. Kendal

William Brown                             48 years                        Lic. Vict.                    b. Blackrod
Margaret Brown                          48                                 Wife                           b. Hawkshead    
William E. Brown                         18                                 Son                            b. Preston
Elizabeth Brown                           16                                 Daughter                              do
William Braithwaite                       52                                Brewer                       b. Hawkshead        Braithwaite was Brown's brother-in-law, so it may be assumed that Margaret was nee     
Thomas A. Barnes                       40 years                         Publican                    b. Stepney
Mary E. Barnes                            36                                 Wife                          b. Preston
William K. Barnes                        17                                  Son                                   do
Thomas W. Barnes                       15                                 Son                                   do
Joseph R. Barnes                         13                                  Son                                   do
Albert E. Barnes                          10                                  Son                                   do
Ellen H. Barnes                             8                                   Daughter                           do
Frederick S. Barnes                      5                                    Son                                  do

Elizabeth Wallbank                      51 years                          Publican                    b. Chipping
Sarah J. Wallbank                       18                                   Daughter                   b. Preston
Mary E. Wallbank                       15                                   Daughter                            do
May A. Wallbank                        13                                   Daughter                            do
Emily A. Wallbank                       11                                   Daughter                            do

Richard Mayor                             35 years                         Publican                    b. Hutton
Martha E. Mayor                          34                                  Wife                         b. Croston
Mary Mayor                                 13                                  Daughter                  b. Preston
Elizabeth Mayor                            11                                  Daughter                  b. Penwortham
Gertrude Mayor                             8                                   Daughter                              do
John Mayor                                    6                                   Son                                     do
Helen Mayor                                 1 month                          Daughter                  b. Preston

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