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Sunday, 12 February 2012

FALCON INN, Adelphi Street

95 Adelphi Street
1861                Richard Hays
1864                Richard Banks
1869 - 71        Robert Clapham
1877 - 88        Thomas Harrison  -  owner of the house.
1888 - 95        Edward Hothersall - Ground Rent £5. 3s 0d P.A. in 1893.
1895 - 97        Elizabeth Hothersall
1897 - 1900    Henry Hothersall
1900 - 02        Thomas Crook
1902 - 07        Joseph Thornber    - Trainer/Groundsman at PNE.
1910 - 17        William Bibby
1924 - 27        Mary H. Bibby
1930 - 36        David Jackson
1940 - 44        Margaret A. Houghton
1948               George W. Shawcross
N.B.  I'm not sure when, but one of the landlords 
of the Falcon Inn, evaded Customs Duty by
brewing beer in the bath, until he was caught
by the diligent officers of the Customs and Excise.
Preston Chronicle  16th August 1879
EDWARD HOTHERSALL, landlord of the Falcon Inn,
Adelphi Street, was summoned for allowing gaming on
his licensed premises.

It appeared that at 10.55pm on the night of the 8th
November, PC's Fairclough and Higginbottom went into
the defendant's house and found a number of men playing
"Nap" or "All Fours."

He was fined 20s and costs, but his licence wasn't endorsed.
Preston Chronicle  2nd December 1893
Taken from PNE Football Records Magazine up to the 1906 - 07 Season.
The advert relates to the year 1907.
Magazine provided by Ian Rigby, the Official PNE Historian

Whether the "Parched Pea Club" was synonymous with the original "Oyster and Parched Pea Club" is doubtful, but take a look at the following, interesting, link:

Richard Hays                      28 years                  Cotton Dresser              b. Blackburn
Catherine Hays                   28                           Wife                              b. Much Hoole
Susannah Hays                     6                            Daughter                       b. Preston
Lawrence Hays                    5                            Son                                       do
Elizabeth Hays                     3                             Daughter                               do
William Hays                       2                             Son                                       do
Joseph Hays                        1                             Son                                       do

Robert Clapham                 54 years                   Beerseller                      b. Burton-in-Lonsdale
Grace Clapham                  54                            Wife                                               do

Thomas Harrison                38 years                   Beerseller                      b. Howick
Catherine Harrison             72                            Mother                                   do
Jane Hothersall                   14                           Barmaid / cousin             b. Preston

Edward Hothersall             48 years                    Beerseller                      b. Preston
Elizabeth Hothersall            49                            Wife                                       do
William Hothersall              19                            Son                                         do
Henry Hothersall                17                            Son                                         do
Rachel Hothersall               15                            Daughter                                 do
Edward Hothersall             13                             Son                                        do
Catherine Hothersall          11                             Daughter                                 do

Thomas Crook                 39 years                    Innkeeper                      b. Preston
Mary Crook                     37                             Wife                                       do

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