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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

JERRY LOBBY INN, Salmon Street

2 Salmon Street
(2 and 3 Salmon Street in 1901)
You can see the "Jerry Lobby Inn" in this photograph.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I parked to photograph the Greyhound Inn. I glanced over to look at this rather attractive building, and there, preserved in the plaster work was the name of the Inn I'd only ever seen in a Trade Directory. I'd no idea that the building still existed. It was bought by Liquid Plastics Ltd., and when they expanded their property around it, they deliberately preserved the facia of the old inn.
I have reproduced a letter I got from the Chairman of Liquid Plastics, who had some interesting things to say about the old place.
1841                     John Hine
1851 - 65             Henry Blackledge
1867 - 87             Henry Sharples  -  Henry Sharples Snr. was the owner from 1887. He went to another  pub in North Road, and by 1892 was at 27 New Hall Lane as a
                                                         licensed victualler.
1887 - 96             Henry Sharples Jnr.
1896 - 1902         James Greenwood
1902                    Ann Greenwood
1902 - 04             Henry Holden
1907 - 13             Walter Lynch
1917 - 20             James Harrison  d. 6th October 1920. Aged 49 years.
1920 -                  Christina Harrison     wife of James.
1924                    Chas. Harrison
1926 - 36             James Halstead
1940    NO MENTION.


 The arched cellars referred to in the former Chairman's
letter, above.
On 4th December 1878, the Preston Borough Police
Court was packed with people, including numbers 
of men well-known in sporting circles. The first case
was the one against Henry Sharples of the "JERRY
LOBBY INN," Salmon Street.

PC. Inman said that on 21.11.1878, he, in company with
a man called William Flanagan, went into the kitchen of
the Jerry Lobby beerhouse, and there saw Sharples and 
another man. He heard Flanagan ask Sharples what he
would lay against a particular horse in the Manchester
November races, and he said six to one. He then asked
the odds on another horse.

The officer admitted that he had taken Flanagan for the
purpose of inducing Sharples to bet.

He was fined 40s. and costs.
Preston Chronicle  7th December 1878
Joseph Jackson and John Brown, two County Constables, were 
summoned by Mrs. Sharples, landlady of the JERRY LOBBY INN,
for having assaulted her on Tuesday 14th February. Brown came to
the house about 10.45pm. He asked her who was in, and she said,
'A young man.' He then went out, leaving the door open behind him.
At 11pm the house was closed, and her husband went to bed. 

At 11.15pm a violent knocking on the front door caused the witness
to ask, "Who's there?" The reply was that there were two constables
at the door, who said they had a right to be admitted. She refused. 

Mr. Sharples came down and shouted to the officers that it was past
the time for serving drink. Mrs. Sharples then went upstairs, looked
through the window, and saw that the two men were in 'plain clothes.'

She went back downstairs and opened the door. Both her and her
husband asked the men what they wanted. They wouldn't give a 
satisfactory answer, so her husband began to expel them.

He had got to them when Jackson struck him on the forehead, 
whilst at the same time she was pushed violently against the door
screen, bruising one of her arms badly. Subsequently, her husband
frightened them out by reaching for a poker.

Sgt. Sedgewick and Insp. Durham both gave character references
for the officers, the latter telling the Court that on the evening in
question, Sharples had reported to him that both officers were

Despite it all, the Bench dismissed the case.
Preston Chronicle  14th March 1885
Lancashire Evening Post  19th May 1902
 Lancashire Evening Post  4th December 1902
DEATH:  On the 20th January 1920, at the
Jerry Lobby, Salmon Street, Preston, 
James Kerr (Harrison), son of James and
Mrs. Harrison, aged 14 years, R.I.P.
Lancashire Evening Post  22nd January 1920
Within 9 months, James Senior was dead.
 Lancashire Evening Post   15th July 1937
John Hine                               35 years                 Retail Brewer
Elizabeth Hine                        15                          Daughter / Cotton Weaver

Henry Blackledge                  41 years                  Retail Beerseller              b. Walton
Margaret Blackledge             39                            Wife                              b. Preston
John Blackledge                    18                            Son                                         do
James Blackledge                  16                            Son                                         do
Margaret Blackledge             14                            Daughter                                 do

Henry Blackledge.            48 years.            Bestseller.                    b. Brindle
Ellen Blackledge               47.                       Wife.                             b. Preston
Mary Maymon.                  16.             Daughter / Scholar.                      do

Henry Sharples                     35 years         Beerhouse Keeper           b. Walton-le-dale
Margaret Sharples                34                           Wife                                b. Preston
Henry Sharples                     13                           Son / Scholar                  b. Fishwick
William Sharples                    8                            Son / Scholar                           do

Henry Sharples                    45 years widower     Beer Seller            b. Walton-le-dale
Henry Sharples Jnr               23                            Barman                           b. Preston

Henry Sharples                    33 years                    Beermaker                   b. Preston
Ann Sharples                       28                             Wife                                    do
Albert Sharples                    5                               Son                                     do
Margaret Sharples               2                               Daughter                              do

James Greenwood              69 years                    Publican                       b. Lowmoor
Ann Greenwood                 58                             Wife                             b. Preston
Isabella Greenwood            39                             Daughter                              do
Elizabeth A. Greenwood     26                             Daughter                              do
Eleanor Greenwood            22                             Daughter                              do
Margaret Greenwood         20                             Daughter                              do
James Greenwood              12                             Grandson                             do
Joseph Greenwood             11                             Grandson                             do

Walter Lynch                      44 years                   Beerseller                    b. Preston
Louise Lynch                      42                            Wife                                     do
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