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Monday, 20 February 2012


8  (later 4)  Fox Street
This was the site of the 'Hen and Chickens'.  A multi-floor Premier Inn now stands
in its place.
This should help you see the location
of the "Hen and Chickens" beer-house.
1835          Joseph Bray Barton & Sarah Barton (see below)
1841                      John Cook
1851 - 54               Thomas Jackson   -  died in Police custody. See Preston Guardian 8.7.1854
1857                      John Wilkins
1857 - 61              Margaret Wilkins
1864 - 65              William Pilling
1867                      James Wilkie
1869 - 71               Thomas Bailey
1873                      John Johnson
1873                      Thomas Wareing
1875 - 96               Thomas Bailey
1897 - 1900           James Allsup      -  Matthew Brown Brewery the owners.
1900                      Margaret Banister
1901                      Ann Bannister
1901                      James William Pearson
1902                      Thomas Parr
1903 - 04              Stephen Sales
1905                      Thomas Etchells
1907                      Henry Halsall
1910                      Walter Barnes
1911                      Mr. Howson
1913 - 17               James Billington
1919                       Elizabeth Annas Billington
1926     NO MENTION
L.R.O. ref: QSP/3030/14  -  1835
To the Overseers of the Poor and the Constable of the
Borough of Preston, and to all whom it may concern.

I, JOSEPH BARTON, now residing in Preston in the
County of Lancaster, and for six months last past having
resided at Ambleside in the County of Westmoreland,
do hereby give notice that it is my intention to apply at
the General Annual Licensing Meeting, to be holden at
the Town Hall in the Borough of Preswton, on the 27th 
August, next, a licence to sell exciseable liquors by retail,
to be drunk or consumed in the house or premises
thereunto belonging, situate on the west side of Fox Street,
within Preston, and on the north side of a road leading
past the North End of the Catholic School in the said street,
belonging to Mr. William Miller of Preston, aforesaid, at
present occupied by John Smith, Tailor, and which I intend
to keep as an Inn, Aleshouse or Victualler.
Signed: Joseph Barton
L.R.O. ref:  QSP/3030/15 - 1835
We the Undersigned do hereby certify that Joseph
Barton was Butler to the late Edward Pedder Esq., 
for upwards of twenty-five years, and remained with
him until his death. That he is a man of good fame, 
and a fit and proper person to be entrusted with a 
licence to sell Ale, Beer, and other exciseable liquors 
by retail.
Signed - James Pedder
            T. Fleetwood
          Jno. Clarke
                 John Fallowfield
       Jn. Parkin
           Jno. Clayton
L.R.O. ref: QSP/3030/16 - 1835
We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, being
occupiers of property near the Corn Exchange in 
Preston, are of the opinion that another Public House
near that Building would be a great convenience to
Farmers and others attneding the Market, a number 
of them being put to a great inconvenience for not
being enabled to get Stabling in the neighbourhood; 
and we think that the house now occupied by John 
Smith in Fox Street, with the Stabling behind the same,
would, if licensed, from its central situation, contiguity
to the Exchange and the expansive Corn and Coal Trade,
carried on in Lune Street, Wharfe Street and Fleet
Street, will be a great accomodation to the Public.
Signed:   Danl Dewhurst, Corn Merchant
John Dewhurst, Flax Spinner
James Blackburn (agent to K. McKenzie)
Roger Howarth (Agent)
and 5 others.
DEATH - On 9th January 1854, in the 61st
year of her age, in Knowsley Street, Preston,
Sarah, relict of the late Joseph Bray Barton, of
the Hen and Chickens, Fox Street.
Preston Chronicle  14th January 1854
QSP/3030/14 - 1835 - Joseph Barton notice to sell intoxicating liquor at a house in Fox Street


QSP/3030/16 - 1835 - Petition against the above

Thanks to Jeni McConnell for this information. She is involved with 

a project in the Fox Street / Wilfrid Street area. Visit:-

If you'd like to volunteer for the project.
A good CLUBROOM,  10 yards by 6 yards,
which, if required, can be extended to 16 yards
in length; will be let for club purposes only.
Apply at the Hen and Chickens, Fox Street.
Preston Chronicle  15th December 1866

Two breeding SOWS, 
just at littering.
Apply at the Hen and Chickens,
Fox Street, Preston
Preston Chronicle  9th August 1873
Preston Chronicle  18th November 1876
Preston Guardian  24th February 1877
Three Breeding SOWS, near Pigging;
also several young BOARS.
Apply, Hen and Chickens,
Fox Street, Preston
Preston Chronicle  30th September 1882

 Lancashire Evening Post  5th February 1919
Margaret Wilkins               47 years                    Innkeeper                 b. Rufford
Margaret Wilkins               11                             Daughter                  b. Longton
Mary Wilkins                      9                              Daughter                          do

Thomas Bailey                  27 years                     Publican                   b. Whittingham
Elizabeth Ann Bailey         23                              Wife                         b. Goosnargh
Richard Bailey                   2                               Son                          b. Preston

Thomas Bailey                  36 years                     Lic. Vict.                  b. Whittingham
Isabella Bailey                   32                             Wife                         b. Goosnargh
Richard Bailey                   12                              Son                         b. Preston
Robert Bailey                     4                               Son                                  do
Thomas Bailey                   3                                Son                                  do
Jane E. Bailey                    11 months                  Daughter                          do
Mary E. Bailey                  12                              Servant                    b. Chorley

Thomas Bailey                  47 years                     Lic. Vict.                  b. Goosnargh
Isabella Bailey                   43                              Wife                                    do
Robert Bailey                    14                              Son                         b. Preston
Thomas Bailey                   13                              Son                                  do
Jane Ellen Bailey                10                              Daughter                           do
Mary J. Bailey                    7                               Daughter                           do
Charles E. Bailey                9 months                    Son                                  do

Ann Bannister                   62 years                    Innkeeper                  b. Leyland Lane

Mr. Howson       3 males and 5 females living here.   No further details.

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