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Monday, 6 February 2017


20 or 22, Patten Street
- Referred to as the "MALT SHOVEL" in Preston Chronicle 18.4.1857 -
This map runs more or less north / south.  If you were to  walk from Great Shaw Street into Patten Street, the "SHOVEL AND BROOM"  was on the right, or east side of Patten Street.  Judging from the size of each property, I think the most likely site is the first building on the right hand side.
Also, counting the numbers of the properties, staring on the left hand side, and returning along the right hand side (in single numbers), will bring you to 20 - 22, which would appear to offer some confirmation of that theory.
The second plan shows it almost opposite the end of Pearson's Row, and by that means can, with a degree of certainty, locate it on te upper plan.
pre-1840                Amos Ogden   -  Noted as an Insolvent Debtor in Preston Chronicle: 15th February 1840
1840                       H. Seed  -  Wife, Alice, d. 4.3.1840 aged 42 years.
1841                       Thomas Wilson
1851 - 57                Jane Wilson
1861                       Elizabeth Wilson
1869 - 77               Thomas Wilson  - probably the son of the 1841 Thomas Wilson
1877 - 87               Patrick Sheridan
1887 - 89               Joseph Parkinson
1889 - 90               Thomas Mashiter
1890 - 92               John Hamer
1892 - 93               William Waterhouse
1893 - 94               William Whittle
1894 - 95               John Beaver
1895 - 97               Janey Beaver
1897                       Mary Ann Grady
1898                       Stephen Wareing
1898 - 99               Thomas Hollinghurst
1900                       Thomas Wicks
1901                       Edwin Wilson
1904                       Catherine Grady
1907                       Priscilla Moran
Preston Chronicle  15th February 1840
I think that 'North Road' in the above, should have read 'North Street',
and although this house wasn't in North Street, I have come across cases
where Patten Street has been referred to as 'North Street'.
Preston Chronicle 7th March 1840*
Preston Chronicle  18th April 1857
Preston Chronicle 13th January 1877

Preston Chronicle  31st December 1881
Reynold's News  1st January 1882
Preston Chronicle  2nd December 1882
Preston Chronicle 27th October 1883
 Lancashire Evening Post   6th February 1908
.......... Wilson?

Jane Wilson                          46 years                 Retail Beerseller              b. Lancaster  ?
Elizabeth Wilson                    10                         Daughter                         b. Preston
Thomas Wilson                       8                         Son                                          do
Margaret Wilson                     6                         Daughter                                   do
John Wilson                            4                         Son                                          do
William Harling                      63 widower           Brewer                           b. Clapham, Yorks.

Elizabeth Wilson                  20 years                  Beerhouse Keeper          b. Preston
Thomas Wilson                    18                          Brother                                    do
Margaret Wilson                  16                          Sister                                       do
John Wilson                         14                          Brother                                    do

Thomas Wilson                   32 years                  Tin Plate Worker            b. Preston

Patrick Sherridan                67 years                  Beerseller                       b. Ireland
Bridget Sherridan               55                            Wife                                       do
Catherine Sherridan            19                           Daughter                         b. Preston
Annie Sheridan                   16                           Daughter                                 ?
Martin Calpin                     28                           Son-in-law                      b. Ireland
Mary Calpin                       26                           Daughter                         b. Preston
Thomas Calpin                  10 weeks                  Grand-son                               do

John Hamer                       56 years                   Beerhouse Keeper          b. Manchester
Ann Hamer                        48                            Wife                               b. Preston
Betsy Beck                        43                            Sister-in-law                           do
Margaret Beck                   40                           Sister-in-law                            do

Edwin Wilson                    32 years                   Chemist and Druggist      b. Coventry
Hannah Wilson                  33                            Wife                               b. Tallontine? Cumberland
Doris Wilson                      1                              Daughter                        b. Preston

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