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Friday, 24 February 2012

LAMB TAVERN, King Street

12, then later 34 King Street 
(afterwards 104  Manchester Road)
In the 1851 Census Return, it was described as the "Holy Lamb Tavern"

1851                     John Wilson
1861 - 70              Elias Ward - committed suicide on 19.3.1870. see below.
1870 - 71              Joseph Kirkham - 25.12.1870, fined 20s + costs, for breaching the Sunday Act.
1877 - 85              George Bell
1886                      Sarah Ann Bell
1887                      Robert Wilson
1887 - 89              Mary Walsh
1889                      Austin Grady
1890 - 92              William Bradshaw
1892                      James Hollinghurst
1892 - 94              Thomas Shaw
1894                      Mary Ann Shaw
1894 - 96              James Turner
1896 - 1904          William Harrison
This morning, Elias Ward, landlord of the
Lamb Tavern, King Street, committed
suicide by hanging himself. He has recently
several times been fined for serving drink
on  Sundays during prohibited hours; and this
 week he had to pay a penalty for a similar
offence. It was also thought that the person
owning the house wanted him out of it; and
these things seem to have driven Ward to
drinking. Early this morning he was found
in the house, with a rope tightly drawn around
his neck, and quite dead.
Preston Chronicle  19th March 1870
In 1870 Joseph Kirkham was brought
before the Courts for breaching the Sunday
Act, by serving on Christmas Day of that year.
Preston Chronicle 7th January 1871
Preston Chronicle 23rd March 1878
Preston Chronicle 6th July 1878
At the Police Station, Coroner Gilbertson held an
inquest on Tuesday, upon the body of a man named
John Haighton, a twister,  who lived at the Lamb
Tavern, Kind Street, and was 38 years of age.

The evidence showed that on Sunday, while walking
out, he was suddenly seized with dizziness, and that
afterwards he complained of heaviness of the stomach.
On Monday, whilst downstairs, he rose and went
upstairs, where he expired within about three minutes.
A verdict of "death from natural causes" was returned.
Preston Chronicle 10th May 1890
John Wilson                 40 years               Shipwright & Beerseller  b. Lancaster
Mary Wilson                39                        Wife                               b. Preston
Susannah Wilson          16                        Daughter                                 do
Hannah Wilson             14                        Daughter                                do
Thomas Wilson             11                       Son                                         do
Agnes Wilson                8                         Daughter                                 do
John Wilson                   6                         Son                                        do
Robert Wilson               4                          Son                                        do
Timothy Wilson              2                         Son                                        do

Elias Ward                  40 years                Beerseller                   b. Preston
Fanny Ward                38                         Wife                                    do
Thomas Ward             16                          Son                                    do
Robert Ward               15                         Son                                     do
William Ward              12                          Son                                    do
Elias Ward                   2                           Son                                    do

Joseph Kirkham          37 years                Mechanic                   b. Preston
Jane Kirkham              32                         Wife                                   do
William Kirkham         12                         Son / Scholar                      do
Thomas Kirkham         7                          Son / Scholar                      do
John Kirkham              5                          Son / Scholar                      do
Charles Henry Kirkham  2                       Son                                     do

George Bell                39 years                 Beerseller                   b. Preston
Sarah Bell                   40                         Wife                                    do
George Bell                 9                           Son                                     do
Sarah Bell                   9                            Daughter                             do
Alice Bell                    4                            Daughter                             do
William Bell               1                            Son                                      do
Sarah was nee Chippendale. When George died, she married Robert Wilson, and they went to the Fletchers' Arms. She continued to run it after Robert died.

William Bradshaw      39 years                  Beerseller                  b. Liverpool
Elizabeth Bradshaw    39                           Wife                          b. Preston
William Bradshaw      20                           Son                                    do
Thomas Bradshaw     15                           Son                                    do
Ralph Bradshaw         13                           Son                                   do
M. Akice Bradshaw   11                           Daughter                            do
Elizabeth Bradshaw     9                            Daughter                            do
Annie Bradshaw          8                            Daughter                            do

William Harrison        39 years                   Beerseller                  b. Preston
Ellen Harrison            29                            Wife                                  do
Mary Harrison           11 months                Daughter                            do
Ellen Hunter               11                            Niece                                do

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