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Friday, 16 March 2012


31 Tithebarn Street
Also known as the  "BARN TAVERN"
The 'Tithebarn Street Tavern' is marked '2' just below centre on the map.
The one marked '1' is the 'Fruiterers' Arms'
1841 - 59               Henry Thompson    d. 27.2.1859 aged 41 years. He was a brick-setter.
1859 - 61               Ann Thompson
1864 - 69               James Croasdale
1876 - 84               Joseph Cuerden
1884 - 86               Edward Walmsley
1886 - 93               Christopher Bateman
1893 - 96               Thomas Savage
1896 - 97               Roger Milner
1897 - 1901           Lawrence H. Hornby
1901 - 13               Elizabeth Jane Hornby
1917                      J. Horam
I dont know if this is still relevant but one of my
Ancestors ran the Tithebarn Tavern on Tithebarn
Street (near Preston Bus Station) Preston, His
name was Henry Thompson.

The family still have a flagon from this public house
Henry was given it on his retirement!
It also calls the public house "The Bricklayers Arms"

If JINKS reads this, please get in touch with me.

On Monday, a Sparrow shooting match took place
at Mr. Croasdale's, Tithebarn Street Tavern, for
a pack of flour. A large number of crack shots
assembled, and some good shooting took place.

Mr. John Wilding of Penwortham, won the flour,
by killing all his birds

After the shooting a very pleasant evening was
spent by the various competitors.
Preston Chronicle 31st December 1864
Tithebarn-street Tavern, Tithebarn-street, owned by Ann Walmsley, Frenchwood Street, for whom Mr. Blackhurst appeared, and tenanted by Elizabeth Jane Hornby, was next objected to.
Inspector Clayton, describing the house as too small for licensed premises, but clean and in good repair. The rent was £30 a year, and the sales about 6 and a half barrels a week.
By Mr. Blackhurst: The house was well conducted. For its size and neighbourhood it was a "wonderful little house." Asked what he would suggest the tenant should do if deprived of her licence, Clayton replied, "Take another house." "Where?" asked Mr. Blackhurst, and the witness answered amid laughter, "Oh! there are any amount to let at present." The owner was the life tenant of the property, and the rent was all she had to live upon.
Lancashire Evening Post  14th February 1907
 Manchester Courier  1st April 1913

Ann Thompson                     45 years - Widow.    Beerhouse Keeper      b. Broughton


Joseph Cuerden                    40 years                   Beerseller                    b. Preston
Mary Cuerden                      40                            Wife                                     do
Margaret Cuerden                 18                            Daughter                              do
Annie Cuerden                      13                            Daughter                              do
Joseph Cuerden                      8                             Son                                     do

Lawrence H. Hornby           41 years                    Beerseller                    b. Preston
Elizabeth J. Hornby              43                             Wife                                    do
Thomas Hornby                   10                              Son                                    do
Harry Hornby                       8                               Son                                    do
Edith Hornby                        6                               Daughter                            do

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